lakers unofficial
 13.7 #7632 (DL Qual #2403

Sep 13, 2014 3:07PM 
I saw that Christmas time at Disneyland begins November 13th and we are planning a visit November 11th and 12th. Figures. What I am curious about is what happens on the days just before the big changeover. Are the decorations up but the Christmas parade hasn't started? Will IASM be closed until the 13th? Please help! Thanks so much!
In my experience, the fireworks were Xmas already but the parade doesn't start Until the official date. IASW has been open prior to the start date also but there may be times it isn't. I would wait to see what the calendar on Disney says for it to be official - brodysmommy  335.6 #626 3:15PM
And yes pretty much all the decorations are up since they have to do it every night. There may be new ones the night before hit for the most part they are all up. They usually tape the parade for Xmas day the weekend or 2 before so most of then need to be up for that - brodysmommy  335.6 #626 3:16PM
In not sure about IASW or the parade, but I'm pretty sure most of the decor is up a few days before (maybe just a few last minute touches missing), so you'll have the Christmassy feel.   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  529.3 #331 3:18PM
The transformation for Xmas time at the. Parks begins very early. The parks start being decorated for Xmas time starting in mid October...the back portions of the parks are decorated first and make their way towards the will see snow on the castle before October is over and holiday merchandise in stores...after Halloween Time ends its a mad dash to place the final decor for the holidays in the front portions of the will see most holiday decor up before the official start of the holidays and the Xmas tree is put up too :-) IASM holiday version opens up as Xmas time in the parks officially begins :-) - uscdisneyteacher  7162.2 #5 3:21PM
Thanks everyone! I will be so sad if we don't get to go on IASM. :/ - MamalovesMinnie  13.7 #7632 3:40PM

 186.9 #2024 (DL Qual #1267

Dec 25, 2013 9:23AM 
Good morning MW and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Who else is enjoying the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade?
Me!!!  - ythdudette  944.0 #157 9:27AM
Yay!  - loved26LovesDLand  186.9 #2024 9:32AM
Merry Christmas. Pirates will enjoy Disneyland today too - GrumpyPirateDad  1783.7 #70 9:35AM
Merry Christmas!  All the best to you and yours! - DreadPiratesRogers  806.0 #189 11:44AM
It came on at 7am HST!!!  Only saw the last 1/2 hour!  Merry Christmas! - msdizmaui  623.1 #272 12:29PM

 4.7 #16696 (DL Qual #6883

Dec 25, 2013 9:06AM 
Merry Christmas MW...for all of you at home abc is showing the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade
Merry Christmas to you!  I'll turn the parade on now... - BombFrogFormerCM  694.2 #227 9:13AM
Merry Christmas! ✨ - cinderella5  333.1 #634 9:44AM
Love it. - HuntingwithHank  3.9 #21330 9:46AM
Merry Christmas!  All the best to you and yours! - DreadPiratesRogers  806.0 #189 11:44AM

 8.0 #10650 (DL Qual #6212

Dec 20, 2013 9:37AM 
Hello everybody! I created my MW account a few years ago, but never really posted much and then I was away for a while, but now I decided to rejoin the fun! So for starters, I guess I should introduce myself :) My name is Sharida and I'm from Bakersfield, CA. There is nothing in the world that I love more than my family, dancing, and Disneyland. I love Disneyland with all my heart. It is so much m  More...
Hi and welcome! - ShariRenee  4124.9 #22 9:38AM
Welcome And make yourself comfortable!!!! - TheHubs  206.2 #1781 9:55AM
Welcome to the MW family!!! - Superspacemountainfan  74.2 #3750 1:58PM
Hello and welcome back:) - hatgal76  401.2 #475 1:59PM

 3023.8 #32 (DL Qual #22

Dec 7, 2013 3:48PM 
The Christmas Holiday Parade at 3:30 has been CANCELLED

Thanked by:  OhanaPhoto 3143.6 #30  
 6039.9 #12 (DL Qual #3

Dec 5, 2013 11:21PM 
#News- #Candlelight 2013- Disneyland Park This weekend marks the annual tradition at Disneyland Park where the resort holds its annual Candlelight Processional ceremonies.  Dating back to 1955, this annual tradition was started by Walt Disney as a thank you gift to those who had contributed to the Company in various ways. The ceremony includes a live orchestra, various choirs from   More...
Planning to go tonight for the second show. My two fave things in one place, Church & Disneyland! Hope the rain is gone by then!  - breathe_in_the_happiness  544.2 #316 8:54AM
My heart is so broken that I won't be there. After being in the cast choir for two years it's killing me that I'm missing it. I hope everyone there enjoys it! It truly is spectacular.  - lostgirl7988  692.4 #230 11:35PM
Wish you could be there Becca. Emily took your place this year, and is really enjoying being in the choir. I admire the CM's and their dedication.  It takes a lot of time, adjusting work schedules, and more to be in the choir.  Just another thing CM's do to make magic happen for their guests.  Can't wait to see it for the first time.  - snowwannab  674.2 #244 5:52AM
It was by far my favorite part of being a CM. I talked with Emily when the season started and she seemed to be enjoying it. I hope the weather holds this year.  - lostgirl7988  692.4 #230 8:57AM
This is a totally silly question, but why would Captain EO be effected? - msdizmaui  623.1 #272 2:10AM
They are using it for the choirs. - snowwannab  674.2 #244 7:45AM
Not sure. Maybe they use that venue for the choir to prepare and leave belongings?  - NoHolds  7.6 #10981 7:46AM
Before each show the choirs gather and like up there before processing   - lostgirl7988  692.4 #230 11:52AM
I was part of Candlelight last year and we had practice in there the day of the performance. (Big room with lots of seats, and a stage for the conductor.) - piratelife4me  799.8 #194 1:41PM
Got it.  Thanks!  You forget how close it actually is to Main Street! - msdizmaui  623.1 #272 6:47PM
We have never seen this before. Sounds awesome. How long beforehand should we show up to experience this? - wanderingbutnotlost  189.2 #1993 9:49AM

 1114.4 #127 (DL Qual #68

Nov 19, 2013 7:40AM 
Good morning! Here's a photo of Lady Tremaine looking "fabu" during the Christmas parade! πŸ’ƒ taken Sunday 😁 #christmasfantasyparade
fabulous pic! always one of my favs :) - OrtensialovesOswald  31.8 #5115 7:42AM
Anastasia and Drizella are my faves 😁 - MEHlanie_Mouse  1114.4 #127 8:07AM
Work it - carminaire  545.4 #315 7:52AM
She looks fab - Linzee  869.2 #173 8:16AM
Doesn't she? I love all the holiday dresses during the princess segment! - MEHlanie_Mouse  1114.4 #127 10:34AM
Beautiful.  - erinten  464.3 #393 8:33AM

 5.7 #14047 (DL Qual #3414

Nov 10, 2013 7:31PM 
Taping of Christmas Day parade. Woody rocks!
I went to fliming both days - mickeyfan4ever  183.6 #2065 7:36PM
Ahaha! Rocks. Yeah, I get it. Heehee - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  3975.9 #24 7:45PM
Awesome pic!! - iLUVdisney19  29.4 #5276 8:25PM

 5.7 #14047 (DL Qual #3414

Nov 10, 2013 10:02AM 
Christmas day parade filming. fun

Thanked by:  BCDisneyFreak 7.5 #11164  
 5.8 #13811 (DL Qual #4377

Nov 9, 2013 11:08PM 
Got to see Jordin Sparks and her fiancΓ© Jason Derulo perform for the ABC Family Disney Christmas Day Parade taping front the pits :)
They are like the cutest couple  - Cinderellaaa  164.7 #2345 11:21PM
Great picture!😊 - Missymoo  628.1 #268 11:22PM
Cool! I was in the pit on the other side. - JenGwen323  1154.4 #118 1:25AM
yeah they are the cutest couple and yeah being in the pit was so awesome  - Benzygirl  5.8 #13811 2:56PM

 31.4 #5135 (DL Qual #1704

Nov 9, 2013 9:19AM 
Christmas Day Parade taping today!
Oooh I wouldn't mind catching Mary J. Blige and David Foster! Too bad my mini has a fever. To all who can make it--enjoy! - brigeet  380.1 #509 11:23AM
Have fun to all that are there! I'm looking forward to all the pictures  - leftmyheartinwonderland  359.9 #554 11:47AM

Nov 8, 2013 10:53PM 
Demi Lovato and Jordin Sparks are supposed to perform tomorrow at the Christmas day parade filming. Not sure how accurate this is but it doesn't seem too far-fetched.
Been waiting all week of this thanksπŸ˜€ - Missymoo  628.1 #268 11:02PM
Also Mary J Blige and Jason Derulo from what I've heard - RickChavez  3250.8 #29 11:03PM
Thanks so much for sharing this info. Makes the decision to go or not so much easier for us! - TinkerAli  228.8 #1490 11:27PM
My sister is going to be SOOO psyched for Demi ! - weloveLA16  165.6 #2327 2:13AM

 273.7 #991 (DL Qual #1443

Nov 8, 2013 10:38PM 
Christmas Day Parade filming! ! Hi everyone!! I don't know if it's been posted already but does anyone know the schedule for this weekends filming? It will be my first year attempting to go and I would really love any pointers :)

 6.7 #12162 (DL Qual #4133

Nov 8, 2013 10:45AM 
Disneyland being prepped for Christmas Day parade taping on Saturday and Sunday.

 6039.9 #12 (DL Qual #3

Nov 8, 2013 10:08AM 
Stage is set for tomorrow's taping of the ABC Christmas Day parade
I seriously can't !! - Cherry91  434.3 #427 10:45AM
Any idea who will be on it? - Song  1547.3 #81 10:50AM
Yes! Any info on who's performing would be awesome ! - weloveLA16  165.6 #2327 11:19AM
Any ideas on times?  Would be so much appreciated!  I knew I could count on you BaseballMickey_CM!! - Timmysmom  230.9 #1462 12:50PM
Get here at park open and expect lot of waiting because they do several takes of the same thing.  - BaseballMickey_CM  6039.9 #12 1:48PM

 230.8 #1463 (DL Qual #312

Oct 9, 2013 3:04PM 
Hello MWπŸ˜ƒ Disneyland will be taping their 2013 Christmas Day Parade on November 9th – 10th. As far as actual times and which celebrities will be there Disney has not released that information yet.
wait..the parade isn't live on Christmas Day?? - BaseballMickey_CM  6039.9 #12 3:07PM
Spoilers!! - sleepyhead_CM  572.2 #299 3:14PM
Oh-oh... Well... They film it early to be able to add extra 🌟pixie dust🌟 - MickeyPrincess  230.8 #1463 3:15PM
Does that mean Santa comes down from the North Pole for early meet and greets? - wickedlyraven.  408.2 #465 3:11PM
πŸŽ…πŸŽ„that would be nice! - MickeyPrincess  230.8 #1463 3:16PM
Ahh! I shall get started on my minis outfit! Thank you πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽ - UndefinedEeyore  184.8 #2050 3:46PM
Hopefully we'll have great weather this year. It is best to arrive very early Saturday morning and be prepared to sit and wait for long periods of time. Sometimes they film several takes. You'll notice some of the floats are different from the regular Christmas parade at the park.A lot of Christmas decorations will already be in place on main street except the tree and the street wreaths that hang in the middle of Main Street since some of the floats have the giant balloons. - MickeyPrincess  230.8 #1463 3:49PM

 11306.3 #2 (DL Qual #4

Oct 3, 2013 12:29PM 
Just saw that MousePlanet is reporting that the Christmas day parade will be filmed at Disneyland on  November 9, with November 10 as a back up date in case it rains

 7162.2 #5 (DL Qual #2

Feb 28, 2013 9:11PM 
#Throwback Thursday...These are some pictures from the Christmas Day Parade Taping that took place on November 11, 2010...these are from the performance that was taped in front of the castle...Big Bad Voodoo Daddy performed and dancers from Dancing with the Stars performed as well :-)
:-) - uscdisneyteacher  7162.2 #5 10:50PM
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is one of my favorite bands! How fun! - Mimmy  1442.3 #88 2:39AM
It really was so much fun to see and be part of the audience that day :-) - uscdisneyteacher  7162.2 #5 6:43AM

 1789.5 #69 (DL Qual #41

Dec 28, 2012 3:08PM 
Guys and Gals. For those of you who missed the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade at ABC, download the ABCPlayer app on your iOS device (I am not sure if this is available in android) and you can watch it! It will expire 4 days from now.

 8.4 #10240 (DL Qual #4311

Dec 25, 2012 8:58AM 
Merry Christmas everyone getting ready to watch Disney parks Christmas day parade... :-) hope everyone has a wonderful day
Nick Cannon is awful. - MennisDiller  620.7 #274 9:33AM
My husband was just saying that.... - pinksally  8.4 #10240 9:36AM
I missed the parade. Who was the host last year? - leftmyheartinwonderland  359.9 #554 3:06PM
Merry Christmas! - IMissDisney  1195.5 #112 8:59AM
merry merry christmas!!! - OhanaPhoto  3143.6 #30 3:30PM
Merry Christmas! - waltfan  241.8 #1327 5:41PM

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