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Dec 19, 2014 1:31PM  Disneyland Resort News Land
FYI: Some announcements for this weekend (December 19-21):1) The Main Street Opera House and "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln" will be closed all day Friday (12/19) for a Cast Member event. 2) Starting Saturday, December 20th, Anna and Elsa will be moving over to the Animation Academy for their Meet and Greet. Like before, FPs will be available starting at park open at   More...

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Thanks! - keepmovingforward  125.2 #2959 4:17PM

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Dec 9, 2014 10:58AM  Disneyland Resort News Land
 Best Post of the Day 12-9-14
#NEWS- “Fantasmic!” Fast Pass and New Dining Plans All-in-One Information Post! Starting Friday, December 12th 2014, “Fantasmic!” will be offering a Fast Pass option for a reserved viewing area and new dining packages. But first, due to this change, the Nighttime Entertainment Schedule will be altered.  This is  More...

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Just an FYI-DCA GC is being scheduled to help with Fantasmic since we work WOC. I personally have a shift on Monday 12/15 and I'm excited but nervous. I'm excited that I'll be working on the DL side doing a show I've never done before. I'm excited that I get to help fellow CMs with something that is new to them. I'm nervous because of all the push back and assumptions I'm hearing from everyone before this new system even starts. Disney is constantly looking to improve the guest experience, not make it worse. No one seems to like change but we all adapt quickly and things always seem to work out for the better. As Walt said himself, "Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world." I can tell you first had that every CM I know strives to preserve Walts vision, tradition and legacy daily. We do it because it's what makes Disneyland magical. Ok-I'm off my soap box, LOL  - CM_Tamstirr  548.2 #326 10:53PM
thank you!  - BaseballMickey_CM  6335.0 #12 11:04PM
I hope you all have a blast!   - secretagentangel  1303.2 #103 11:41PM
That's really great they are bringing you guys over.  I feel like WOC is down to a science, so I'm sure you all will train them well! - Sarafina  456.1 #411 8:34AM
Great info. Thanks. We are doing the Aladdins Oasis package this Saturday so I'm excited to see the changes! - missmimi90  1539.4 #87 12:01PM
be sure to give us a report! - draven898  455.6 #413 3:32PM
draven898 I definitely will! I hope to report the best but will report the worst if necessary. I am confident though - missmimi90  1539.4 #87 3:37PM
I really dont know about the Aladdin Oasis. Please post all info cause im confused Lol. Is it like a restaurant i've never heard of, after all this time ๐Ÿ˜.  - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY  734.7 #219 7:33PM
iLOVELUCYnDISNEY- its a sitting area in Adventureland, next to the exit of the Jungle Cruise.  - BaseballMickey_CM  6335.0 #12 8:37PM
Re: WOC - been 12x but have yet to actually see it because no matter if I pay for a seat. I am disabled & people are told to stand in front of me No matter how many times I have talked to Guest Relations this cannot be solved. - DisneylandLady  35.2 #5003 7:11PM
You can get a front row seat at Cove Bar! You won't be able to see all of the projections, but it's a great place to watch the show.  - Atora  2181.3 #56 6:42AM
So, how did it go this weekend. I would love an update as I want to pick one of these options for my upcoming trip. This is my son's favorite show!  - LaPearleNoir  1248.6 #108 6:48AM
    DisneyVacationLover    made a post as did       @missmimi90  think. Crowded, communication needed to be better, food looked good, walkways clearer by HM, and fast passes gone quickly.missmimi90 - secretagentangel  1303.2 #103 3:54PM
Yes indeed I wrote a long review about how this new system worked for us. If you can get through it, more power to you lol - missmimi90  1539.4 #87 4:07PM
Oh,   TinkerSchelle  Has one also!! - secretagentangel  1303.2 #103 4:17PM
Thanks. I'll check them all out. - LaPearleNoir  1248.6 #108 7:15PM
I'll let you all know how the walkways work with my double wide stroller, watch your feet folks - pikarich  3114.3 #34 12:57AM
Look forward to when we get to review the process using the mobility scooter. - Sugarbuzz  159.6 #2433 5:39PM
Yep-I wrote some navigating advice in the comment section on my post for those NOT using FP - TinkerSchelle  1200.6 #118 3:42PM

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Dec 5, 2014 9:49AM  Disneyland Resort News Land
#News- Starting January 7th, 2015- "Frozen Fun" will debut at Hollywood Land in Disney California Adventure Park. Some of the highlights include:  - "For the First Time in Forever- A Frozen Sing a Long Celebration" in the Muppet Vision 3D Theater- "Olaf's Snow Fest"- in Stage 17- an immersive winter wonderland straight out of Aredelle- Wandering Oaken's  More...

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Here's my thoughts about this- with a new change coming to Hollywood Land, this will attract more guests of all ages to the area. Over the last few years, Stage 17 has never been used to what it's really built for: large events. Okay, once in a while, there will be big events like Dancing with Disney, the Gospel Celebration, AP and CM events, but its mostly empty throughout the year. Its a really big building that you can pretty much start from scratch in there. Also, attendance in the Muppets theater has (sadly) decreased, thus having two big empty buildings in a land. Across the way, the Toy Story Zoetrope (sp?) also had decreasing numbers of the years. How do I know that? For a whole day last year, I had to walk around Hollywood Land and count all of the guests in certain landmarks to help out our industrial engineering department and most of the time, nobody was over in that corner looking at the display. With the Animation Academy exiting to that corner, it makes a perfect place to move Anna and Elsa over there, giving a more private area than the current place in Fantasyland. If you think they're over doing it, I don't think so. First, this movie is the top earning animated movie of all time. With all of the competition in animation, not any company can say that, expect Disney. It was Walt that actually wanted to do this story in the 1940s/50s, but instead did Cinderella. Secondly, it still has a big following. Merch from not just the parks, but around the world is still selling well. The soundtrack is still being listened to on iTunes, Spotify and other sites as well. To see the other perspective of this, what if Frozen was a flop in the theaters and Disney was stuck being behind other companies at the box office? We would probably be back to the early 2000s when the animation studios was in rut, trying to crank out any film they could to get to be a hit. In conclusion, its a great idea and I really look forward to seeing it all. Just my thoughts... - BaseballMickey_CM  6335.0 #12 12:01PM
I totally agree!  I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but the demand is absolutely huge and all these things WILL be popular. - Sarafina  456.1 #411 12:07PM
Mad T wasn't my cup of tea, (no pun intended), so seeing change is nice - BaseballMickey_CM  6335.0 #12 12:14PM
You are totally right. Plus I think when something becomes EXTREMELY popular like frozen, people are bound to repel themselves away from it purely due to success. I can't say I'm thrilled about anna and elsa being in the animation building (though I know it's original purpose was for rotational meet and greets) but Disney knows to steer toward where the money is coming in. They are a business after all not a nonprofit. - missmimi90  1539.4 #87 12:14PM
It makes perfect sense. People love Frozen, and it's as big as ever. It's also a perfect winter seasonal attraction list. And with prep being done in DL to. Get ready for the 60th, it's a nice way to keep busy across the esplanade.  - chrismis21  469.3 #397 3:10PM
Numbers don't lie!  ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ - MeridaFan  3429.8 #29 6:39PM
Just because a movie earned a lot of money doesn't mean that the movie itself is actually good. All it means is there were a lot of people who got suckered into seeing the movie at least once. - NotNKansasAnymor  283.8 #917 7:06PM
I agree! I never understood the Mad Tea Party.  I think the Frozen area will be a good thing. - Thumper13  426.8 #447 9:52PM
excellent points! Disney is a business, they need to do and keep doing whatever increases and benefits their business. This is obvious to me. I get it!  - Duchess_SMK  5778.1 #14 6:35AM
Agree with you both!  I preferred Tron over Mad Tea, but as far as Frozen...I've let it go ๐Ÿ˜‚ - DisneyPrincessT  63.9 #4027 11:19AM
Where do you think the lines will be for the meet & greet? That area isn't very big without going into the main lobby of Animatoin Academy - TinkerSchelle  1200.6 #118 5:11PM
So I guess there was no one in the Disney board room willing to say, "Okay guys, let's not over do it." - NotNKansasAnymor  283.8 #917 11:36AM
The Emperor's new clothes. - debbiev  866.4 #184 12:29PM
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ debbiev - Spoonful_O_Sugar  549.9 #322 12:41PM
Welcome to the blessing/curse of having Disneyland be our home! In DisneyWorld - they can add attractions, because of limited space, we have to lose stuff from time to time. Change is always hard. Glad to see Stage 17 used for something though!  - TinkerSchelle  1200.6 #118 4:31PM
Look forward to seeing the changes during our visit next year  - quote  20.4 #0 6:00PM

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Nov 26, 2014 11:12AM  Disneyland Resort News Land
#NEWS- This year's guest narrator for Disneyland's Candlelight is Beau Bridges. 

Mr. Bridges is known for his roles in the CBS Comedy television series "The Millers" as well as his roles in the films Max Payne and The Descendants

Candlelight will take place on both Saturday, December 6th and Sunday, December 7th at 5;30pm and 8pm.

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would also be better if his brother did it as the Dude - Dave  11824.2 #2 2:06PM
Now that is more like it!  - JenGwen323  1349.0 #101 9:55PM
hey man there's a cocktail here! - draven898  455.6 #413 10:35PM
In a robe!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ - RatalouieNFranguini  154.0 #2520 1:49AM
Maybe they weren't privy to his skills.  - chrismis21  469.3 #397 4:45PM
there's alot of in's and outs to this case maude - draven898  455.6 #413 10:21PM
My daughter Emily will be in the CM choir again this year on Sunday, the last performance. It's a beautiful event if you can handle the crowd.  Very surprised there wasn't a different narrator each night as usual.   - snowwannab  692.5 #239 12:47AM
Joe (used to be oregonducksfan) is in the CM choir too and has asked anyone there to take video please! - secretagentangel  1303.2 #103 2:08PM
Do you know what night, or performance he is in secretagentangel?  I was hoping I could find someone to video or take photos also on Sunday night.  - snowwannab  692.5 #239 8:26AM
I thought he said both nights, I'll try to text him.  So calling all MWERS, we need video and photos of the CM Choir both nights of candlelight processional if you please!!! If I go I will try my best too!! - secretagentangel  1303.2 #103 6:36PM
He said Sunday! - secretagentangel  1303.2 #103 12:18AM
Glad to hear she is in it again this year.  - RickChavez  3276.1 #31 1:34AM
Thanks @RickChavez, me too!  She is guaranteed a spot on the tree again, and she is really excited.  I still appreciate the video and pics you and others took last year.   - snowwannab  692.5 #239 4:21PM
Very awesome they are both in it!  I hope someone gets pictures!  Have fun!  ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ - MeridaFan  3429.8 #29 4:36PM
If any of you wonderful photographers are going to the last Candlelight on Sunday, may I ask if someone could get an up close picture of my daughter Emily?  Also Joe!  Emily will be in the very middle of the tree, 4th row from the bottom.  Not sure how she gets so lucky!  Joe is about the same row on one of the ends.  I would appreciate it so much.  I don't know if I will get a spot to see her, don't have a good camera and have limited vision, not great odds lol.  Thank you in advance.  Hope to see some of you there.  - snowwannab  692.5 #239 8:53AM
Bump for @Dfans4evea - missmimi90  1539.4 #87 2:35PM
Anyone going to the second SUNDAY show, please take photos and video(see snowwannabe's above comment) we have two CM MWERS in the Christmas tree this year!  And post all video and photos too please!! - secretagentangel  1303.2 #103 2:53PM

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Nov 7, 2014 5:25PM  Disneyland Resort News Land
Candy cane schedule so far.

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           ๐Ÿšถdon't ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ’จ for your safety - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4459.8 #21 5:26PM
So my family uses the ๐Ÿ’จ to indicate passing I was Lmao ๐Ÿ˜‚!! Don't break wind for you safety.  - DisneyPiratePrincess  124.3 #2980 12:50PM
That's so funny, that's how we use it too! It had a whole new meaning when you look at it that way! - Gage  10.1 #9385 5:40PM
๐Ÿ˜ that makes you an awesome person! - DisneyPiratePrincess  124.3 #2980 6:10PM
- MermaidHunter  96.9 #3449 7:38PM
That's a pretty big gas cloud for such a small guy!๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ’จ - debbiev  866.4 #184 5:47PM's a corn dog thing.  LOL - TinyDancerTay  22.8 #6067 1:53AM
Bump candy cane info - missmimi90  1539.4 #87 12:47PM
So I'm hoping to be able to purchase one of these this year. Can someone let me know the cost and if it typically is done by way of wristband distribution? Hoping to go Sat. to Trolley Treats! Thank you! - FrankenweenieVelinee  1558.9 #85 9:10AM
Usually around $13, no discounts,2 per person. That is how it has been other years. You line up but not sure if magic morning people get to get in line first as they would all be gone. You get a wristband if you make I think the first 75?   Then they tell you what time to come back to pick them up. At DL you can watch them being made, not sure on DCA . Not sure if they are changing anything I this though!! - secretagentangel  1303.2 #103 11:04AM
thanks for the info secretagentangel  - FrankenweenieVelinee  1558.9 #85 11:43AM
bump - draven898  455.6 #413 11:40PM

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Nov 6, 2014 2:11PM  Disneyland Resort News Land
#NEWS Beginning December 12, a โ€œFantasmic!โ€ FASTPASS will be required to gain access to the showโ€™s reserved viewing space. Beginning at Disneyland park opening, โ€œFantasmic!โ€ FASTPASS distribution will take place along Big Thunder Trail in Frontierland. They will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis until one hour prior to show time or while supplies last, whichever comes fi  More...

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I'm just going to say this on behalf of ALL CMs resort wide.  This change is happening as we head into the busiest time of the year.  Probably not the best time to test it out, but that's the date that has been decided.  There will be a lot of changes and adaptations as they learn what does and doesn't work for the area.  Expect there to be increased traffic in Adventureland/Frontierland/New Orleans Square.  PLEASE be patient with the CMs!  Chances are, whatever you're upset about, it's not their fault!  I don't know if I will be trained on the changes to Fantasmic directly, but I'm sure @CM_Shadowgamer will be and will update us as more information becomes available.  Please don't hesitate to ask questions and we will all try to find the answer for you.  Thank you for your patience and understanding! - IDVandalSkipperCM  2204.5 #53 7:39PM
yes, please support our wonderful CM's!  they are doing their best for everyone!! - secretagentangel  1303.2 #103 7:54PM
Thanks you Erika! From working in the same area as you, we will see the area get impacted as these changes are happening. And unfortunately, I've seen that some things that shouldn't happen anywhere, even at DL. But the only way to test anything out is to do it full scale.  - BaseballMickey_CM  6335.0 #12 8:33PM
I got your back! I'll yell at guests who yell at CMs - SpiritOfAdventure  1025.5 #151 6:56AM
SpiritOfAdventure๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ and while I am there, I'll help out by doing guest control with 2 churros!  - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4459.8 #21 7:50AM
I don't envy the CMs on the west side... - BombFrogFormerCM  780.6 #202 1:35PM
Well, that sucks.   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  549.9 #322 2:22PM
Preach it sister! - PrincessDuckie  735.4 #218 7:42AM
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘  I realize they had to change something since that area is so crazy-crowded.  DL is growing and changing, which is good, but a downside is that it's getting harder to be spontaneous.  I'm just a bit sad to lose one of our traditions-I hated the way they handled the WOC FP situation, lol.   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  549.9 #322 8:11AM
So you won't be able to stake out a Stage Door table to watch Fantasmic while you are eating dinner? - PrincessDuckie  735.4 #218 10:12AM
No, that area should still be open - BaseballMickey_CM  6335.0 #12 10:56AM
Sweet! - PrincessDuckie  735.4 #218 5:52PM
Bump for all asking about fantasmic fast passes!! - secretagentangel  1303.2 #103 10:06PM

 2204.5 #53 (DL Qual #58

Nov 5, 2014 12:38PM  Disneyland Resort News Land
#NEWS Indiana Jones fastpass machines will be closed until 11/12 or so due to construction and maintenance. As a result, most of the queue will enter through the stand by queue. If you have a DAS card, rider switch pass, or re-admission pass you will still enter through the fastpass queue. Sorry for the inconvenience explorers!

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Thank you for letting us know! Very appreciated :)  - brguest85  173.4 #2214 12:50PM
Great photo - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4459.8 #21 1:23PM
It is, isn't it? Nice little path for a bike ride - philliprocks  903.2 #171 1:41PM
Love it too. Should put is as my screen saver. Agree with you philliprocks - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY  734.7 #219 2:13PM
Look at all those leaves on the ground  - UTDISNEYFAMILY  1401.2 #96 2:32PM
Such quality content - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4459.8 #21 3:35PM
Just follow the crowds haha! - urbangold408  12.6 #8235 8:50AM
one of my favorite paths in the parks! - DisneyDavidEMT  1603.0 #82 5:46PM

Here are the Weekly Top 10 TRIVILATOR Players. Find people to play here. Play Disneyland Trivia with your friends on iOS. Play on any device with our new web version here.

1. DisneyMakesMeSmile

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4. emily.northcutt.94

5. Goofytom

6. SplashLover24

7. Boundin

8. DonaldRox

9. Tom

10. DarthTinkerbell


What the! I made a top 10 list! I lose like half my games but at least I play. Atora should know, she made a fool of me. What was it 28 to 12? - philliprocks  903.2 #171 6:51PM
Ouch! She's pretty tough to beat. - sawman911  665.2 #251 10:19PM
Ready for a rematch? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ - Atora  2181.3 #56 5:49PM
If I say yes, I'm lying. If I say no I'm a sissy  - philliprocks  903.2 #171 7:46PM
Hahahaha!  - apesandmonkeys  7554.5 #4 6:51PM
Woo woo! Look at you! - BellesLibrary  402.2 #491 3:36PM
You're just the 9th loser! Loser - SnoopMousyMouse  41.3 #0 1:11PM
And you're a sissy anyway - SnoopMousyMouse  41.3 #0 1:11PM
I smell a recount due to dangling chads @philliprocksโš  - MickeyLumboCM  761.8 #210 7:06PM
Wow congrats Phillip! You're moving on up!  - BellesLibrary  402.2 #491 5:41PM
Annnnnnnnnd.... ur gone - SpiritOfAdventure  1025.5 #151 11:24PM
Whaaaaaa??? I'm on The List! I...... I feel so honored! I don't know what to say! Id like to thanks my parents for.... Lol jk. Kind of shocked. I usually lose. - BellesLibrary  402.2 #491 11:34PM
It's inconceivable!  - DonaldRox  31.8 #5206 11:29AM
DisneylandOrBust, DonaldRox and MadLeota are fun players!!! I am learning a lot!!!!! - Boundin  533.9 #337 6:20PM

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Nov 2, 2014 11:06AM  Disneyland Resort News Land
#News As of today, we maids and butlers at The Haunted Mansion are distributing FastPass.

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The word from leads and trainers is that FP is here for the "forseeable future". - CM_Shadowgamer  2373.8 #48 3:32PM
๐Ÿ‘€ - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4459.8 #21 3:41PM
๐Ÿ”ฎ - MarshaMouse  4073.5 #24 8:00PM
I still prefer it without the fast pass , this ride already loads an impressive amount of park guests due to the onimover ride system and the lines moved pretty quickly - pikarich  3114.3 #34 11:03PM
We've been destroying our counts without FastPass and were surprisingly doing it today with it as well. Funny thing is that with FastPass we actually load less in to the Stretching Room than without it. - CM_Shadowgamer  2373.8 #48 11:10PM
- LaPearleNoir  1248.6 #108 6:50AM
Guess what tomorrow is!๐Ÿ˜‚ @CM_Shadowgamer - MadameLeota  1833.4 #72 10:39AM
Our birthdays, in which I'll be at Mansion. - CM_Shadowgamer  2373.8 #48 12:36PM
๐Ÿ‘ - MadameLeota  1833.4 #72 1:25PM
  - jacdanfan  7435.2 #5 6:23AM
๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‚ - RadiatorSprings4Ever  895.9 #174 7:41AM

 3238.1 #32 (DL Qual #19

Oct 28, 2014 11:18AM  Disneyland Resort News Land
#News #AP "Wednesdays with Walt" Disneyland next week kicks off a 10-month series of "Wednesdays with Walt" events designed for annual passholders. The events take place each Wednesday between November 5, 2014 and July 22, 2015, with the exception of Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. Each features a screening of highlights from the "Disneyland" television series which began airing in 1954. The scre  More...

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I wish that they would hold AP events on the weekends once in a while for those of us who work M-F and can't make it there after work.  - Oodalolly  12.6 #8261 12:40PM
Very cool! I hope to make it out to at least one of theses events. ๐Ÿ˜„ - Miss-E-Mouse  1388.8 #97 11:32AM
This is so cool, I absolutely loved that show and looked forward to it every week!! I hope to catch a few of these!!  - adisneyfamily  721.3 #224 7:29AM
Looks like I'm going to have to make sure I have all Wednesdays off thru July! LOL - NotNKansasAnymor  283.8 #917 11:01PM

 6335.0 #12 (DL Qual #4

Oct 28, 2014 10:28AM  Disneyland Resort News Land
#News- Steakhouse 55 to debut a new menu starting October 29. Menu includes New York Strip, king salmon, lamb chops, truffled mac and cheese, duck-fat fries and a new three course dinner that includes salad, braised short rib (pictured) and creme brulee. To read the full post from the Disney Parks Blog, click   More...

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looks like its getting a touch of Marcel. This sounds great, esp the Duck Fat fries! you truly have not had french fries unless you have had them fried in Duck fat..So amazing if done properly - Dave  11824.2 #2 1:26PM
Sounds so good!  - mickeyat78  1504.0 #90 8:45AM
enter me please.  - Butterlina  1479.5 #91 9:53AM
enter me please.  - Butterlina  1479.5 #91 9:53AM
I need to get there for sure.  Has been on my bucket list to long - Luv-Mickey  25.7 #5714 7:24AM

 3100.4 #36 (DL Qual #26

Oct 21, 2014 10:55AM  Disneyland Resort News Land
#NEWS From EW: "Get ready for another Disney heroine to obsess over: Disney Animation announced today that it will release its 56th animated feature, Moana, in late 2016. Moana is described as a โ€œa sweeping, CG-animated comedy-adventure,โ€ and takes place in ancient Oceania in the South Pacific. The film will tell the story of its titular character, a teenage girl and โ€œborn navigatorโ€ who  More...

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I wonder if they'll mix in any of the Tiki Room with this. According to the pre-show, the tiki god Maui is "The Mighty One, I tame the playful Sun and gave my people time. Now they set their clocks by mine, for I am tropic standard time". Ironically, the god they meet in this film is named Maui too.  - BaseballMickey_CM  6335.0 #12 11:07PM
Yeah, Maui is a figure in Hawaiian mythology: he slowed down the sun, I think.  So the Tiki Room Maui was inspired by the legend, and they're using that character here, too.   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  549.9 #322 7:40AM
I was thinking that too โ€“ about Maui - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4459.8 #21 8:57AM
I want to be excited about this but something is holding me back. - ThorIsMyThunderBuddy  29.0 #5423 11:57PM
can't wait for this movie - missesmeralda  49.0 #4427 7:33PM
I want to be excited about this but something is holding me back. - ThorIsMyThunderBuddy  29.0 #5423 11:57PM

 6335.0 #12 (DL Qual #4

Sep 10, 2014 10:19AM  Disneyland Resort News Land
#News- Christmas Time at the Disneyland Resort returns November 13 through January 6, 2015! The returning classics include "A Christmas Fantasy Parade" and "its a small world Holiday", along with hits from last year like "Viva Navidad!" at Paradise Pier and "World of Color: Winter Dreams". More information will be shared later as we get closer to November. To read more, click   More...

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I heard the Tree is already up - Dave  11824.2 #2 11:00AM
It's been up since July! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  628.3 #275 2:53PM
The tree is up? Certainly not in Town Square. Maybe backstage. They can't put it in Town Square until after the parade shoot! - DizKahuna  205.8 #1807 1:42PM
My absolute favorite!!! It just isn't the holidays for me without a chance to see my favorite place decked out in all it's holiday beauty  - TheDroidYouAreLookingFor  405.6 #482 10:29AM
Same here. I can't wait to see all the Christmas decorations. - VfxGenie  1509.0 #89 9:34AM
Awesome - Sportinali  4.6 #17647 11:53AM
What is Raver day? We'll be there Dec 6-9. Excited at the chance to see Candlelight Processional but apprehensive on what kind of crowds to expect. Thoughts? - Melainemw  3.3 #30684 2:45PM
It's a fun day with some awesome people. Was there last year and it was great, but a little crowded, that time a year that should be expected though. You can Google Raver Day if you want to know more. - BeatleMike  564.5 #313 10:41AM

Thanked by:  TheDroidYouAreLookingFor 405.6 #482   pikarich 3114.3 #34   IDVandalSkipperCM 2204.5 #53   draven898 455.6 #413   RatalouieNFranguini 154.0 #2520   bonedaddy909 1169.2 #125   Thumper13 426.8 #447   DisneyMakesMeSmile 452.3 #419   MinnieMousewife 770.6 #206   LittlePixie 151.7 #2545   OhanaPhoto 3277.5 #30   Bunnie 465.9 #401   MrsPrinceCharming   MsSnowWhite 309.8 #761   jimsarahd 13.2 #8004   HARR_E 2263.1 #50   FantasticPoohski 9.7 #9663   JennDeville 67.4 #3943   leopardditz2000 435.9 #435   Miitiimewitemouse 2.1 #56092   secretagentangel 1303.2 #103   UTDISNEYFAMILY 1401.2 #96   redsoxcarlos 1190.4 #119   CastawayjoeCM 279.2 #952   keepmovingforward 125.2 #2959   Atora 2181.3 #56   PrincessTianna 262.5 #1121   erinten 478.3 #386   Bria95 10.8 #8965   MeridaFan 3429.8 #29   hatgal76 405.3 #484   islandgirlrocksjjj 54.6 #4255   disneygirl09 30.2 #5330   los3fariaz 4.2 #19924   Tom 7372.9 #6   missariel33 1600.1 #84   HauntedMansionDiva 274.2 #1005   Boundin 533.9 #337   Duchess_SMK 5778.1 #14   stevesdisneyprincess 110.3 #3246   kconnell 12.5 #0   AmberleHolly 80.3 #3698   MickeyPrincess 232.6 #1455   iLUVdisney19 29.8 #5357   MickeyLumboCM 761.8 #210   Leykis101alumni 51.1 #4355   4ladiesandalittleman 71.8 #3853   splashmtn 147.9 #2599   CinderellE-79 909.2 #170   DCMAGurl 118.5 #3094   DreadPiratesRogers 822.8 #192   lovebelle 150.4 #2564   magicalflash 9.1 #10060   pixiedreamer 136.4 #2799   mrschuckbonk 39.8 #4773   PrincessCindy 109.3 #3265   Midasgold 571.8 #311   MadameLeota 1833.4 #72   notw12 164.7 #2366   catlikesmouse 33.6 #5101   619HeatherMouse 246.8 #1274   GibsonGirl87 326.7 #675   calidream1 397.4 #502   littlemanowen 136.3 #2803   tinksmom 222.8 #1582   DisneyHeidi 6.8 #12450   Melainemw 3.3 #30684   TheHubs 207.9 #1783   richiii3 300.5 #814   Mariela_ela_ela 104.4 #3343   goofycorps 32.6 #5147   Ericksenator 376.1 #536   TangledMess 7.9 #11018   Pigletlover154 3.3 #28614   bvellutini 0.1 #40145   BlaineNY 243.2 #1329   Nikkia2020 7.2 #11843   bigpete 277.2 #971   JanAriel 9.6 #9716   ColoradoSoprano 39.2 #4797   ChristopherRobin661 269.0 #1063   junior92 3.4 #28606   veronikajab 7.8 #11167   Melodycc74 199.0 #1889   moomerz 17.6 #6893   disneymommy13 6.7 #0   Courtps 6.8 #12399   Disneypirategirl 84.5 #3627   DonaldRox 31.8 #5206   mckelfam 28.9 #5426   ThinkTink23 26.7 #5611   cynniemouse 0.0 #104467  
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Sep 2, 2014 10:06AM  Disneyland Resort News Land
#News- Its official- Oswald is coming to DCA! Starting Sunday, September 14, guests can meet Oswald the Lucky Rabbit on Buena Vista Street. For more info, click here. (Source: Disney Parks Blog)

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Hope Duffy goes bye bye real soon.  Never liked him. - Winnie111286  1944.3 #66 10:46AM
I Saw That His Photo Area Was Removed!  - DisneyCat  68.7 #3919 4:20PM
Head to Tokyo Disney .. then you'll understand :) - Mad_Tea_Party  877.3 #180 5:31AM
Duffy is cool, you did not read his book. His mini key chain makes great mums for homecoming for my Texas nieces - Plumiegirl  8253.7 #3 10:49PM
I'm talking him home with me , now i just need Xmas stitch  - pikarich  3114.3 #34 11:09AM
I look forward to meeting him.  - TrueFromOzLovesDisney  451.6 #422 9:50PM
Only one more week agghhhhh - pikarich  3114.3 #34 12:59PM
I can't wait either. I'm considering going on Tues. afternoon for this. - PrincessTiannaBeignet  262.5 #1121 10:30PM
Me too - pikarich  3114.3 #34 7:23AM

Thanked by:  HandMeAChurroImmaFaint 4459.8 #21   CaptainMouse777 12.9 #8132   MadameLeota 1833.4 #72   Admin   Winnie111286 1944.3 #66   OhanaPhoto 3277.5 #30   pikarich 3114.3 #34   leopardditz2000 435.9 #435   MinnieMousewife 770.6 #206   RadiatorSprings4Ever 895.9 #174   zbgirl00 64.7 #4004   missariel33 1600.1 #84   brguest85 173.4 #2214   turkeylegman 618.1 #279   draven898 455.6 #413   ImGoingToDisneyland 29.5 #5375   Chumash28 1069.4 #142   carminaire 595.3 #294   marisadel 12.1 #8427   Sugarbuzz 159.6 #2433   zulee12 3.8 #22618   lordvader88 103.8 #3358   MinnieJ 281.9 #933   HauntedMansionDiva 274.2 #1005   Mikesaxclar 546.3 #327   LittlePixie 151.7 #2545   MinniePhoms 25.0 #5799   SassyKittyMeow 411.8 #471   evilemohand 375.8 #537   MJmouse 272.7 #1026   Bassplayerswife 183.1 #2087   richiii3 300.5 #814   TheHubs 207.9 #1783   PrincessCindy 109.3 #3265   susieq 118.3 #3097   adisneyfamily 721.3 #224   DCMAGurl 118.5 #3094   mouse-ears0716 0.9 #0   uscdisneyteacher 7223.1 #8   keepmovingforward 125.2 #2959   Miitiimewitemouse 2.1 #56092   splashmtn 147.9 #2599   TaySwift 41.6 #4692   MinnieMouseMom 3.0 #42768   MarshaMouse 4073.5 #24   KingdomKeeper1210 29.0 #0   DumboLov 21.2 #6278   CastawayjoeCM 279.2 #952   Dream-To-Be-CM 3.5 #0   JediKitty 715.0 #227   Disney_Girl30 3.9 #21760   webtink 22.9 #6051   tinksmom 222.8 #1582   PrincessDaisy 307.5 #777   TangledMess 7.9 #11018   piratelife4me 841.0 #187   marshall008 28.3 #0   bambirn 108.8 #3274   Boundin 533.9 #337  
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Aug 19, 2014 10:41AM  Disneyland Resort News Land
#News- UDPATE- This will open on October 6th! Starting early October, Studio Disney 365 in Downtown Disney will be re-themed to "Elsa & Anna's Boutique". More details are on the way, but here's the logo for the new location. Also, the Pirates League returns again this Halloween, starting September 12 at the Halloween Carnival at Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree.&nbs  More...

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Here's my thoughts on this: first, Disney locations in Downtown Disney don't change very often (stores like World of Disney, Vault 28, D Street, etc) and it's nice to see something new in the area, especially where Studio 365 is located, in the heart of DTD and right outside the Grand. Secondly, this is a great chance to bring out the Frozen merchandise outside of the park and dedicate a location that will always have some merchandise from the film. As we all know, the merchandise sells quickly, so having a designated location will be better than having multiple locations having it time to time. Thirdly, with having the makeovers in Downtown Disney, this will allow more people the chance to expierence the Elsa or Anna makeover without spending the extra money to come into the park. Some people are already asking if there will ever be a Frozen attraction in the park? We'll have to see and wait for that if the craze and popularity will last another 5.10, or 20 years plus. But this new location will serve as that "attraction" for now and see how long the Frozen craze will last.ย  - BaseballMickey_CM  6335.0 #12 3:41PM
I completely love this for those exact reasons! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  945.8 #161 1:34PM
I think Froen is already a Disney Classic. Even though it is new, the quality and "feel" is there.  - Tom  7372.9 #6 4:37PM
Frozen is the new titanic - pikarich  3114.3 #34 12:22PM
I hope that is in a good way - BaseballMickey_CM  6335.0 #12 1:01PM
Or is Titanic the old Frozen? Mind ๐Ÿ’ฅ - BellesLibrary  402.2 #491 10:52AM
Either way everyone tired of it - pikarich  3114.3 #34 11:35AM
pikarich So what scene/pose will you and MrS do for a Frozen picture? LOL - MrsSchnooks  2833.0 #37 7:51AM
Both have ice!  - redsoxcarlos  1190.4 #119 8:28PM
I've never looked at it like that. There a love story, ice, music, and a red head. It totally is! Haha - poohbearandyy  65.1 #3995 11:37PM
And a jerky fiancรฉ haha - Spoonful_O_Sugar  549.9 #322 7:32AM
Aww, no Anna makeover for @@Dave ๐Ÿ˜ข - Jess0  132.6 #2853 9:01PM
Update: this will open on October 6th!  - BaseballMickey_CM  6335.0 #12 10:35AM


1. MelodyMouse

2. Stitch_Legacy


4. ShariRenee

5. Plumiegirl

6. Winnie111286

7. luxkitty

8. chads018

9. Dave

10. spicy


I adore Disneyland! - MelodyMouse  3460.8 #27 8:58AM

 5778.1 #14 (DL Qual #6

Aug 8, 2014 8:22AM  Disneyland Resort News Land
A message from CHOC Walk in the Park: Taste of Downtown Disney® BenefitPlease join us on Thursday, August 14, 2014 as we taste and savor the flavors of fine cuisine, wine and spirits while enjoying the unique ambience and flair of the Downtown Disney® District in Anaheim.Th  More...

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Wow, 100% goes to choc. That's great. Eat, drink, and be charitable. - JenGwen323  1349.0 #101 8:47AM
Right?! I love that it's a 100% fundraiser for Choc! Disney and that hospital seem to have quite the relationship! Wish I could go!  - Duchess_SMK  5778.1 #14 7:34AM
JenGwen323 will you  e attending? - missariel33  1600.1 #84 11:33AM
Wow that's tomorrow! Sad I won't be there.  - JenGwen323  1349.0 #101 8:31PM
did anyone go tonight? - draven898  455.6 #413 12:12AM
Soooo   Did anyone go?!? - carminaire  595.3 #294 8:18AM
Did anyone go? - Boundin  533.9 #337 9:35PM

 6335.0 #12 (DL Qual #4

Aug 6, 2014 7:15PM  Disneyland Resort News Land
#News- "Big Hero 6" characters coming to Disneyland this fall!Starting Fall 2014, guests will be able to meet the characters from the newest film out of Walt Disney Animation Studios "Big Hero 6". This new comedy adventure features Hiro Hamada and his robot friend, Baymax, who together must transform their diverse group of friends into a band of heroes. Stay tuned for   More...

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Are we allowed to throw ourselves at the big white hero to see if we bounce off of him,LOL!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ - secretagentangel  1303.2 #103 9:45PM
hee hee perfect !!  - Eeyorelvr  108.2 #3286 10:00PM
Ok video to follow of me trying - pikarich  3114.3 #34 6:44AM
^^crying  - Eeyorelvr  108.2 #3286 11:32PM
The white thing looks like the StayPuffed Marshmallow Man. :-) - redsoxcarlos  1190.4 #119 8:03PM
Did someone say he say Mr. staypuft? - GhostbusterCA  23.8 #5945 7:06PM
Yes !!!!! Who are you gonna call ?? - Eeyorelvr  108.2 #3286 11:33PM
Looked cute the first time I saw the trailer.  But after 6 times (before Maleficent) I'm tired of it!  I'll probably feel different by the time it's released. - msdizmaui  632.1 #270 7:43PM
My son will enjoy seeing them. He's psyched about the film! - webtink  22.9 #6051 3:05PM

 6335.0 #12 (DL Qual #4

Aug 1, 2014 8:15PM  Disneyland Resort News Land
FYI- Some announcements/reminders to kick off August- 1) The Adventureland Trading Company has moved into the jungle and is offering their guests the chance to discover the stories of the juju. Come by and visit the Indiana Jones Outpost (next to Bengal BBQ) to find out more. Tip: come in the morning as supplies are limited everyday.......2) World of Disney in Downtown Disney is now selling "Tsum   More...

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Thank you kind sir for the updates :-) - uscdisneyteacher  7223.1 #8 8:17PM
Yay!! tsum tsums! We are tsum tsum crazy now๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜• - RatalouieNFranguini  154.0 #2520 9:37PM
Thanks for the info - pamntink  35.9 #4961 8:11AM
Are Tsum Tsum only avaiable at WOD?  - MrsMinnie  58.5 #4148 11:55AM
Yes - BaseballMickey_CM  6335.0 #12 3:40PM

Thanked by:  uscdisneyteacher 7223.1 #8   UTDISNEYFAMILY 1401.2 #96   OhanaPhoto 3277.5 #30   RadiatorSprings4Ever 895.9 #174   adisneyfamily 721.3 #224   jacdanfan 7435.2 #5   MowgliLovesBaloo 23.9 #0   goofygal 7254.7 #7   jimsarahd 13.2 #8004   secretagentangel 1303.2 #103   RatalouieNFranguini 154.0 #2520   stitchohana 181.2 #2117   katiesarahmommy 224.5 #1559   ShariRenee 4545.6 #19   islandgirlrocksjjj 54.6 #4255   Joeysariel 19.4 #6566   MeridaFanHasNoAP 3429.8 #29   SafariSkewerJessica 1289.2 #107   DisneyMakesMeSmile 452.3 #419   lifeguardette 117.6 #3110   Eeyorelvr 108.2 #3286   marisadel 12.1 #8427   iloveprinceEric 254.2 #1200   PrincessCindy 109.3 #3265   Duchess_SMK 5778.1 #14   boogiemouse 9.6 #9730   PrincessDaisy 307.5 #777   FoolishMortal138 326.6 #676   FrankenweenieVelinee 1558.9 #85   Mommadisneyfan 36.9 #4913   piratelife4me 841.0 #187   Bunnie 465.9 #401   MinnieMousewife 770.6 #206   TheZaragozaFam 12.8 #0   brguest85 173.4 #2214   Willierose 2035.6 #58   E-Ticket 1189.0 #120   TDDisney 12.6 #8236   TheRealDaisyDuck 0.1 #0   MiamiMickeyMom 132.7 #2851   SPandEvLover 3100.4 #36   Thumper13 426.8 #447   iDreamAboutDumbo 307.6 #774   AriellesMom 91.8 #3513   leopardditz2000 435.9 #435   HauntedMansionDiva 274.2 #1005   robmurow 3113.2 #35   Chriski918 60.3 #4100   Tom 7372.9 #6   mini_MINNIE  1010.5 #156   WeAreNicePirates 35.3 #4995  
 780.6 #202 (DL Qual #81

Jul 21, 2014 2:24PM  Disneyland Resort News Land
Paging all military MWers! I just saw a news release on that days Disney will continue to salute members of the armed forces with discounted tickets and hotel stays! This is great to hear, just remember to have your ID/CAC card with you! I wish you all fair winds and following seas and a great time at the resorts!

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i like that they continue this free one! however, it keeps on increasing its price! ( but the WDW ticket is a GREAT DEAL at all!) - otilegna  1842.3 #71 3:44PM
$132 a piece for my family of four to have 3-day hopper prices is a great deal! - BombFrogFormerCM  780.6 #202 3:47PM
My favorite is WDW. I bought it for $167 (something like around that price, i know it is less than $170) here at MWR. it is 4-day park hopper ticket. If you buy it at the ticket office, it will cost me $377! Also, the Military ticket can be use until the duration of the promotion! - otilegna  1842.3 #71 4:02PM
coz at WDW, after your first day of use, you need to use the remaining ticket days WITHIN 14 days....... If you buy the Military Salute ticket, after 1day of use, it WILL NOT expire within 14 days, rather it will expire within promotional time! - otilegna  1842.3 #71 4:04PM
Oh I like that! - BombFrogFormerCM  780.6 #202 4:12PM
yes! that was the thing i like with the WDW version of Military salute! save me big bucks and i was able to do some quick trips down there!  - otilegna  1842.3 #71 7:41PM
My kid brother was able to use his military hopper during Thanksgiving and then again on Presidents' Day weekend at DL/DCA - BombFrogFormerCM  780.6 #202 8:21PM
Does anyone remember years ago if military personnel wore their uniform in the park they could get in free. I wish they still did that.  - Bassplayerswife  183.1 #2087 8:57AM
That was back in the 80's if I remember correctly...  I wouldn't want to wear my uniform in the summer, I'd sweat too much but mpgonzales1991 looked pretty good in his for Dapper Days! - BombFrogFormerCM  780.6 #202 10:58AM
We took advantage of this last weekend when our granddaughters were visiting. Both my husband and I are retired AF.  - sisterfrog1  8.9 #10173 5:00PM
That's great! - BombFrogFormerCM  780.6 #202 8:58PM
I'm glad they extended it, but the changes they made this year cause me not to use. I was always able to use my AP for myself & salute tix for my family, but won't be able to do that anymore. Only 1 person can buy them now, not the spouse and the member. I expected the price increase, but not the new rules - gothicchic21  148.2 #2598 8:27AM

 596.2 #293 (DL Qual #186

Jul 14, 2014 1:05PM  Disneyland Resort News Land
#NEWS #AP From July 16-18th Annual Passholders can receive a poster honoring Splash Mountain's 25th anniversary while visiting the attraction

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Distribution will be near the exit of Splash Mountain near Pooh Corner. You do not need to ride the attraction in order to receive a poster. Just show your valid AP. - sleepyhead_CM  596.2 #293 1:16PM
Phew ๐Ÿ˜‚ - Linzee  896.6 #173 1:19PM
Don't worry, you're safe ๐Ÿ˜‚ Linzee - sleepyhead_CM  596.2 #293 1:35PM
I'll be wearing my ๐Ÿ” chicken badge with pride on Thursday ๐Ÿ˜‚ - Linzee  896.6 #173 1:53PM
I'll ride it an extra time just for you!! - sleepyhead_CM  596.2 #293 2:15PM
that's very cool but I wish there was some sort of consideration for AP holders who aren't able to visit very often....:) - CVDisneyland  381.9 #520 1:02PM
I agree!! - adisneyfamily  721.3 #224 1:05PM
You mean besides buying them off eBay from locals who selfishly grab a bunch of them at one time? ๐Ÿ˜‚ ย (not talking about nice peeps who take a couple to give to out of town friends--that's very kind). - Spoonful_O_Sugar  549.9 #322 7:51PM
Totally agree with this! - CuriousAsAlice7  69.7 #3892 5:42PM
They were scanning badges, apparently.  I think they should have offered them to regular attendees as well.   - bluefairy  643.3 #261 9:47PM
Yes S_O_S, agree on both counts... - CVDisneyland  381.9 #520 7:45PM
They still have them today!!!   - heidnseek  200.4 #1874 11:47AM
Got mine on Sat! So glad they still had some! - HauntedMansionDiva  274.2 #1005 4:17PM

 6335.0 #12 (DL Qual #4

Jul 8, 2014 12:45PM  Disneyland Resort News Land
#News- Starting July 18, fans of country music and the hit ABC show "Nashville" can enjoy a new entertainment experience called "The Music of Nashville", every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree.  A popular local country band, The Kelly Rea Band, will headline this concert, performing country tunes from the TV show along with some of your favorite countr  More...

Tagged in: NEWS  
I love this show, it's one of my guilty pleasures. I sure do wish I could see it. Enjoy! - PrincessDuckie  735.4 #218 1:13PM
One of my guilty pleasures as well, and I don't like country music! But the plot is soooo good! - nicealex77  613.7 #282 1:33PM
I'm not a huge fan of country either but I do admire the talented singers in Nashville.  - PrincessDuckie  735.4 #218 12:34AM
This post has been moved to Disneyland Resort News - MouseWaitOfficialAccount 1:01PM
Will Deacon and Rayna be there?  Love that show! - msdizmaui  632.1 #270 2:19AM
Deacon - Drool emoji here! - PrincessDuckie  735.4 #218 8:40PM
๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ’ฆ - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  4459.8 #21 6:35AM
Yeeeeeeeehaaaaawwwwww! - NascarDave  293.7 #856 12:06AM

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