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Oct 11, 2016 1:49PM 
MouseWait's 7th Reunion/Birthday Bash ALL IN ONE INFO POST! We are still confirming locations/events, but the Reunion will take place November 18-20 at the Disneyland Resort. Please see Raffle info below:Everyone loves the Raffle (and this will be the only one for 2016) so don't miss out! Thank you to everyone who participates. Your donations real  More...

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I've attended every main event since May 2013, the first meet up I attended was Oct 2012 during the bday bash. This one happens to fall on my bday & that isn't stopping me from attending. I encourage everyone who is considering attending to please stop by, you won't regret it. Just ask @@DLKenCA even though he met me at his first MW event he still sticks around. I travel from Utah to spend time mingling with my MW friends because the friendships I've made on MW mean so much to me. Please come & say hiΒ  - UTDISNEYFAMILY  2071.3 #89 5:59PM
What he said...haha. Very true - DLKenCA  3088.2 #51 6:03PM
@@UTDISNEYFAMILY. Looking forward to meeting you in person on Saturday  - Goofytom  3163.1 #49 6:05PM
Very well said and I totally agree! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ Disneyland and Friendship.. pretty awesome☺️ - misschurro  8029.7 #14 6:10PM
Looking to meet my pre sticker party buddy also. @@misschurro  - Goofytom  3163.1 #49 6:14PM
Goofytom absolutely!! ☺️ gotta meet my Tuesday crew - misschurro  8029.7 #14 6:26PM
For some reason the previous donation pages aren't working on mobile, but they work on the web version. I put the links on the Raffle Form so they can be accessed via mobile. Just press on the Raffle Form links in my post and you will see them, thanks! - Admin 8:17AM
Who's attending that's never been to a major event? - UTDISNEYFAMILY  2071.3 #89 9:53AM
I guess nobody  - phillip...rocks  1409.5 #134 1:02PM
Wait till later dude it's only 1 o'clock!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ - secretagentangel  8890.4 #11 1:09PM
...phillip... maybe nobody can see this because they've all got me blocked - UTDISNEYFAMILY  2071.3 #89 3:35PM
Me major or minor. Have meet a couple of MW people but not at a event - Goofytom  3163.1 #49 7:05PM
I know I have you blocked.  - phillip...rocks  1409.5 #134 7:33PM
I have never been to a major MW event, just a few meetups - dsnylvr1975  566.0 #399 7:44PM
We might be, just depends on roads  - montanapixies  89.3 #3918 8:19PM
me. i never been to one. whats it like ? - Hecky  33.9 #5965 12:48AM
dsnylvr1975, montanapixies Hecky Hope you can make it! it is LOTS of fun to meet the people in the lounge, chat, laugh, and play at Disneyland!  - misschurro  8029.7 #14 6:15AM
Where will everyone meet up?  I have never been to a event. - Bambim44  137.3 #0 1:28AM
He'll announce the different meetup places as the event gets closer!  - secretagentangel  8890.4 #11 2:17AM
Super fun!! Hope you can make it!! - misschurro  8029.7 #14 7:17AM
Yeah, it's like a rave. Secret Location will be announced the day of.  - phillip...rocks  1409.5 #134 9:08AM
Or maybe not - phillip...rocks  1409.5 #134 9:08AM
'Cept no whistles or binkies πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚  - misschurro  8029.7 #14 9:42AM

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Oct 27, 2016 9:54AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Frightfully Fun Parade Dancers

 6610.1 #21 (DL Qual #20

Oct 27, 2016 8:17AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Throwback to Mickey's Halloween Party. My husband and daughter as Hat Box Ghost and the Attic Bride 😊 Really enjoying everyone's pictures of the party this year. Sad we couldn't make it this year. Like my sports teams, there's always next year! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ #MickeysHalloweenParty #mhp

Amazing costumes, what a great job. With the Padres, it will always be "next year". But there is a glint of hope for the Chargers!! - jacdanfan  14044.8 #4 8:27AM
 costumes! - DisneyDiane316  1001.9 #211 8:39AM
Wow. Amazing costumes!!!  - sultan  57.2 #4740 8:40AM
Great costumes!  - makeitbluesaysmerriwether  371.2 #666 9:43AM

 4646.2 #33 (DL Qual #12

Oct 27, 2016 8:13AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Buzzy Buzz!

- NvNana  214.3 #1910 8:18AM
Have fun! - sultan  57.2 #4740 8:21AM
TO INFINITY...AND BEYOND! Have fun today!  - DisneyDiane316  1001.9 #211 8:39AM
..I want to play...  - makeitbluesaysmerriwether  371.2 #666 9:49AM

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Oct 27, 2016 12:36AM  Disneyland Talk Land
The Boys waiting for the Fireworks the other Night.

nice shot - Hecky  33.9 #5965 12:49AM
Thanks.  - Winnie111286  25477.2 #1 9:30AM
They have the best view in the house - LaPearleNoir  2646.0 #58 7:03AM
    - DisneyHeidi09  303.7 #970 7:29AM
- makeitbluesaysmerriwether  371.2 #666 9:48AM

 4646.2 #33 (DL Qual #12

Oct 27, 2016 9:38AM  Disneyland Talk Land
NEW Holiday #pin set! $29.99 before AP discount!

Very cool - ChristopherRobin661  280.9 #1140 9:40AM
That a cool set but the big white one isn't holiday theme very well - pikarich  6689.3 #19 9:47AM

Thanked by:   ChristopherRobin661   jacdanfan  
 8029.7 #14 (DL Qual #4

Oct 27, 2016 6:58AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Happy National American πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈBeer Day! There are more than 2,100 breweries that manufacture beer in the United States. They range in size from industry giants to brew pubs and microbreweries. Here is our own loverly JenGwen323 enjoying a Red Trolley Ale, a Tower 10 IPA from the Hearthstone @ The Grand about to be enjoyed by ShariRenee, and 2 places in DCA to get your brews on. Have you tried an  More...

Good morning!  My 1st official  mousewait  day/national  day and I  don't  drink beer I'm  a wine drinker - picturepassport92  10.6 #11502 7:04AM
Good morning! About the only time I'd have a beer is with Maryland bluecrab eating fest. And, it'd have to be light. And, I cannot finish one πŸ˜‚ #lightweight - misschurro  8029.7 #14 7:08AM
  My husband and I like the Red Trolley Ale at DCA.  At home, when we drink beer, we like The Black Stuff (Guinness, room temp, of course!) and Firestone's 805.  I usually only drink beer when we get together with friends for BBQ.  Generally though, I'm a wine girl (Zin, Pinot Noir, Cabs, etc.). - DisneyHeidi09  303.7 #970 7:38AM
Oh yum, we have similar beer tastes.  We love Guinness and Murphy's, esp during the fall!  Our Costco had 805 in cans for awhile, but they quit carrying it, boo  - Spoonful_O_Sugar  671.1 #335 7:43AM
Bummer!  805 is tasty!  Firestone is one of our local breweries (our biggest, in fact). - DisneyHeidi09  303.7 #970 8:11AM
Yeah! Let's go get wasted! - phillip...rocks  1409.5 #134 9:30AM
We're going streaking!  (Pretend that's Frank the Tank) - Spoonful_O_Sugar  671.1 #335 9:34AM
Cheers to those who like beer 🍻 - makeitbluesaysmerriwether  371.2 #666 9:45AM

 1014.4 #207 (DL Qual #105

Oct 25, 2016 4:33AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Want to "grow" your own pump-"cake" patch? All you need is 85 lbs of rice krispy cereal, 48 lbs of marshmallows, 34 lbs of butter, 55 lbs of milk chocolate, 180 lbs of fondant, 300 lbs of powdered sugar, and 54 lbs of egg whites. Oh my! πŸŽƒπŸŽ‚πŸŽƒ

- teapotsandteacups  2359.6 #75 5:05AM
- dianaaa  441.7 #541 5:26AM
I'd need multiple trips to the store just to bring all that home! - redsoxcarlos  4291.7 #38 8:38PM
I wonder how long it took them to make that? They certainly did an incredible job, especially with all the tiny details such as the leaves. It looks so real!  - DisneyDiane316  1001.9 #211 9:45AM

Did you know that almost everything in MouseWait can be found with a few taps in the MagicSearch bar? Did you know that we add things to MagicSearch weekly (i.e. requests from you--see below)? MagicSearch enables ONE-THUMB searching to help you find individual menu items, vegetarian or gluten free food, reviews, wait times (even restaurant wait times), exclusive insider Disneyland tips, annual pass holder, parking info, Star Wars Park info, celebrities, Disneyland news, Hidden Mickeys, crowd forecasts (unFORECAST), Photopass, birthdays, refurbishment info, and amazing content from almost a million pages of original content in the MouseWait Lounge. 

This is an  app. Thank you @@@@Admin - LiveLaughLoveDisney  343.8 #0 2:46PM
Thank you LiveLaughLoveDisney! - Admin  5:59PM
Love this tool - Chumash28  1746.0 #110 5:02PM
Cool app. But can't find info when they start Christmas holidays decorations  - DDTINK57  405.9 #601 5:44PM
Usually the first week of November. - Bambim44  137.3 #0 7:25AM
November 11.  - secretagentangel  8890.4 #11 3:44AM
The search bar is amazing - UTDISNEYFAMILY  2071.3 #89 4:57PM

 14044.8 #4 (DL Qual #36

Oct 27, 2016 7:35AM  Disneyland Talk Land
#TBT It's been five years since we've been on vacation, so when I opened our luggage last weekend I find this! Yay for free souvenirs! Well, not exactly free.

I think we still have those but I know for sure we have a paper plate from the 50th  - UTDISNEYFAMILY  2071.3 #89 8:01AM
@redsoxcarlos Thought you would get a kick out of this! - jacdanfan  14044.8 #4 7:36AM
Yay... More treasured napkins!  - dianaaa  441.7 #541 9:44AM
Time to go on another vacation.  - sultan  57.2 #4740 8:03AM
Yes it is! - jacdanfan  14044.8 #4 8:04AM
That is why I was opening luggage!! - jacdanfan  14044.8 #4 8:05AM
jacdanfan where are you going and can I come? 😜 - sultan  57.2 #4740 8:14AM
WDW! Can you fit in my carryon? - jacdanfan  14044.8 #4 8:28AM
Yes. Zip me up. - sultan  57.2 #4740 8:34AM
How exciting. One day I would love to go. Have to wait until the kiddos grow up a little first. I don't want to be kicked off the plane.  - sultan  57.2 #4740 8:36AM
So cool to find those kind of treasures! You guys are going for the Wine & Dine  event, right? Have lots of fun and good luck! Can't wait to see pix of you and @@goofygal at WDW - DisneyDiane316  1001.9 #211 8:47AM

 4117.8 #42 (DL Qual #15

Oct 26, 2016 9:06PM  Disneyland Talk Land
These ornaments are beautiful. I saw them at China Closet today and I believe they were $19.99 each before discount. #Christmas

Is it called China closet because everything was made in China? - phillip...rocks  1409.5 #134 9:19PM
makes sense to me. lol. - PumpkinweenieVelinee  4117.8 #42 9:35AM
Thank you for posting. I love ornaments! - catlikesmouse  183.8 #2307 9:20PM
welcome! - PumpkinweenieVelinee  4117.8 #42 9:34AM
Hard to resist ornaments, very nice. - jacdanfan  14044.8 #4 5:36AM
I bought the White House ornament at the post office this week. It's an old-fashioned fire truck with tree. Reminded me of the fire truck on Main St. - jacdanfan  14044.8 #4 5:38AM
I bet it's cute! I have been adorning our Christmas tree with vintage trucks with Christmas trees that are on top. LOVE. jacdanfan - PumpkinweenieVelinee  4117.8 #42 9:33AM
Pretty 😍 - LaPearleNoir  2646.0 #58 6:53AM
thank you my 49'er buddy. :) - PumpkinweenieVelinee  4117.8 #42 9:44AM

 4646.2 #33 (DL Qual #12

Oct 27, 2016 8:50AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
I was totally in the way of the cameras! I better be on TV! πŸŽ₯πŸ˜‚

They doing a story on people lifestyles of the pin and tsum tsums collectors staring luxkity - pikarich  6689.3 #19 8:55AM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - luxkitty  4646.2 #33 8:57AM
I would totally watch that.  - phillip...rocks  1409.5 #134 9:15AM
You're perfect for that. - picturepassport92  10.6 #11502 9:00AM
Probably the Holiday Commercial. - Winnie111286  25477.2 #1 9:26AM
It's a new reality series called...people who go to Disneyland every Thursday morning. - DLKenCA  3088.2 #51 9:26AM
Nope...I wasn't here last Thursday! - luxkitty  4646.2 #33 9:44AM

Thanked by:   pikarich   miadawn128   jacdanfan  
 14044.8 #4 (DL Qual #36

Oct 27, 2016 8:03AM  Disneyland Talk Land
#TBT #WDW Goofygal and I taking pix of each other, lol, things you can easily do on the PM!! Bring back the PeopleMover!

So cute! #bringbackthepeoplemover  - DisneyDiane316  1001.9 #211 8:41AM
This is great! - dianaaa  441.7 #541 9:41AM

Thanked by:   OhanaPhoto   sultan   DisneyHeidi09   DisneyDiane316   disneybob49   dianaaa  
 1409.5 #134 (DL Qual #108

Oct 26, 2016 8:58PM  Disneyland Talk Land
I sent a certain pumpkin girl on a mission to get me the 60th smashed penny collection. Today I received the last of them and along with them came all kinds of amazing bonuses. I felt a public thank you was necessary. THANK YOU

I am gonna go out on a limb and guess @@@@PumpkinweenieVelinee. 1. She is a pumpkin 2. She is pretty helpful 3. She puts up with you. - RadiatorSprings4Ever  2640.5 #60 9:02PM
You're a good guesser. And you put up with me too. Thanks - phillip...rocks  1409.5 #134 9:03PM
I'm a pumpkin. HEHE. RadiatorSprings4Ever Thanks?? - PumpkinweenieVelinee  4117.8 #42 9:36AM
Very nice of the pumpkin girl! Great items and collection you have. - jacdanfan  14044.8 #4 9:04PM
  She's so  - DisneyHeidi09  303.7 #970 8:15AM
Mr. Piedras, you and the Mrs. are very welcome. Once in awhile, my pumpkin-shaped heart, warms up to the least of these. haha! SHUT IT.  - PumpkinweenieVelinee  4117.8 #42 9:40AM

 1343.3 #0 ( Qual #60

Oct 26, 2016 9:54AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Toy story Alien Ooooh for my son's Halloween party at Scouts.

- sultan  57.2 #4740 10:08AM
Ooooooh, great job!  - BriarRose406  452.1 #531 10:21AM
so CπŸ‘€L - dianaaa  441.7 #541 2:15AM
- vellybelly  13.6 #0 4:35AM

 4291.7 #38 (DL Qual #104

Oct 27, 2016 5:49AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Is it too early for a Xmas TBT? Think this was in the 90s when the tree was still real. Not sure what inspired that look; can't say it's very warm and friendly. πŸ™ Anyway, have a great day! πŸ˜€

Call it a moment of reflection. :) - DeadliestPassholder  399.8 #612 6:26AM
Someone missing their red Sox hat - pikarich  6689.3 #19 7:28AM
Probably explains the look. - jacdanfan  14044.8 #4 7:33AM
  Love it πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌ and, it's neat to see the 90s tree up close, too!  - Spoonful_O_Sugar  671.1 #335 7:40AM
You mean the tree's not real anymore?πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰ - dianaaa  441.7 #541 9:36AM

See what Kate can do for you, and experience Disneyland like a VIP! Get your own Virtual Plaid in the App Store today, it's FREE! http://apple.co/1WL7y9I

- RetroDisneyPins2002  43.7 #5318 8:01AM
- CT4625  110.6 #3544 8:30PM
Now that looks like a good service. - MoChuck  159.8 #2669 11:24AM
I use this every time I'm at the parks now and llove it!!!!  Thanks Admin - leopardditz2000  1260.0 #153 7:44PM

 4646.2 #33 (DL Qual #12

Oct 26, 2016 11:52PM  Disneyland Talk Land
The Hawaiian Mickey & Minnie #TsumTsum cuties are back in stock @ disneystore.com

@disneygrandma1  - luxkitty  4646.2 #33 11:53PM
Thank you!  They're super cute! - disneygrandma1  1026.2 #9 5:17AM
Now those are cute! - msdizmaui  906.8 #230 12:09AM
They were released months ago in Hawaii and then disneystore.com got them. They sold out fast when they were 1st released.  - luxkitty  4646.2 #33 12:25AM
@thatgirljenn minnie  - pikarich  6689.3 #19 8:57AM
These are cute. I will need to go look when I get home. The other day I was finally able to order the Star Wars Harvey bag. - Lelundrial  837.4 #246 9:36AM

 10.6 #11502 (DL Qual #3130

Oct 27, 2016 8:58AM  Disneyland Talk Land
My 1st on park post,would anybody like a certain picture? They made me take a new passport picture,mine was black & white,one cm said it was pixelated,I like that!

Mickey? - clawton  352.7 #727 9:09AM
I'll go look - picturepassport92  10.6 #11502 9:19AM
I'd like a picture of the back of the main St train station while the train is passing by and a couple taking a selfie. And don't forget to get the Mickey flowers and some nice clouds.  - phillip...rocks  1409.5 #134 9:19AM
I'm trying to make it as hard as possible to give you a challenge.  - phillip...rocks  1409.5 #134 9:19AM
It might take awhile....but I'm atrooper - picturepassport92  10.6 #11502 9:21AM
Mine was over a decade old and had to get a new one recently! - jacdanfan  14044.8 #4 9:30AM
Mine probably was too,I think I still looked the sam!!  - picturepassport92  10.6 #11502 9:36AM

Thanked by:   phillip...rocks   mickeykidz   miadawn128   jacdanfan  
 352.7 #727 (DL Qual #423

Oct 26, 2016 5:46PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Good day, bad day or just so-so?  Anything Disney about it?  Guess I'm just procrastinating about making dinner!

My day started out kind of yucky but quickly turned around! My dad was finally able to get the appointment he needed at the VA. He has been in some pain that is slowly wearing him down. After three long months he will start treatmentπŸ˜„πŸ™πŸΌ - RadiatorSprings4Ever  2640.5 #60 6:23PM
I'm so happy to hear this RadiatorSprings4Ever β€πŸ€— - PumpkinweenieVelinee  4117.8 #42 7:24PM
Thank you PumpkinweenieVelinee and everyone. He starts physical therapy this Friday. - RadiatorSprings4Ever  2640.5 #60 8:38PM
Hope he is alright and gets the treatment he deserves. Disgraceful how our vets are treated and cared for. - jacdanfan  14044.8 #4 9:13PM
jacdanfan I will have to agree  with you 100% and I will leave it there. Thank you. - RadiatorSprings4Ever  2640.5 #60 9:43PM
Hope things goes smoothly for him. Prayers and pixie dust for you and your dad.  - Bassplayerswife  927.4 #221 10:04PM
Great news for your dad!! - ShariRenee  12240.6 #8 10:21PM
Thank you so much Bassplayerswife and ShariRenee. It was wonderful news.  - RadiatorSprings4Ever  2640.5 #60 7:17AM
Glad that your dad is able to get the help that he needs.  Hope he feels better very soon! - DisneyHeidi09  303.7 #970 8:03AM
It was a good day, I got a nap. Better evening when the dr told me my sons arm is not  broken. No football until Monday. Phew, that was a close one b - Bassplayerswife  927.4 #221 10:09PM
Switch to Marching Band! Much safer and you can play music your whole life! - clawton  352.7 #727 10:15PM
He's a drummer. Had to play with one hand last time he broke his arm. I hate that he wants to do contact sports.  - Bassplayerswife  927.4 #221 10:23PM
What a reliefπŸ˜…. Hope he is feeling better soon. - RadiatorSprings4Ever  2640.5 #60 7:16AM
I remember when our quarterback got a compound fracture in his arm while playing. Is football the only sport he plays? - Lelundrial  837.4 #246 7:56AM
It was a good day, I got a nap. Better evening when the dr told me my sons arm is not  broken. No football until Monday. Phew, that was a close one b - Bassplayerswife  927.4 #221 10:09PM
Switch to Marching Band! Much safer and you can play music your whole life! - clawton  352.7 #727 10:15PM
He's a drummer. Had to play with one hand last time he broke his arm. I hate that he wants to do contact sports.  - Bassplayerswife  927.4 #221 10:23PM
What a reliefπŸ˜…. Hope he is feeling better soon. - RadiatorSprings4Ever  2640.5 #60 7:16AM
I remember when our quarterback got a compound fracture in his arm while playing. Is football the only sport he plays? - Lelundrial  837.4 #246 7:56AM
Good day, good week!  Hubby and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary on Sunday!  We went out to lunch in Morro Bay on Sunday.  On Monday: we drove up to Carmel and spent the day there ; tasted and bought yummy cheese & salami from The Cheese Shop; bought fudge & licorice from Cottage Sweets; and had dinner at our absolutely favorite restaurant ever, Dametra.  Faisal, the owner, even gave us a bottle of wine for our anniversary!  Tuesday, we had lunch in SLO, and then hubby bought a beautiful blue topaz pendant for me!  Yesterday, we made banana muffins and tea, and hung out at the house.  Good week!  (Only bad thing, is my son is now sick.  πŸ˜₯) - DisneyHeidi09  303.7 #970 8:02AM
Happy Anniversary! Wow, what a week! - jacdanfan  14044.8 #4 8:06AM
- DisneyHeidi09  303.7 #970 8:21AM

 4117.8 #42 (DL Qual #15

Oct 26, 2016 5:09PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Live. Pumpkins arise. #TheHub

Pretty!! #nationaldays - misschurro  8029.7 #14 5:18PM
- sultan  57.2 #4740 5:28PM
Beautiful  - dianaaa  441.7 #541 1:54AM
Pretty clouds.  It likes it was a perfect day - LaPearleNoir  2646.0 #58 6:57AM

 4646.2 #33 (DL Qual #12

Oct 27, 2016 8:44AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Time for breakfast!

- Spoonful_O_Sugar  671.1 #335 8:49AM
I sure miss the explorer canoes. Can't wait for them to come back - DisneyDiane316  1001.9 #211 8:50AM
- DisneyDiane316  1001.9 #211 8:50AM
- miadawn128  188.6 #2243 9:26AM
    - BriarRose406  452.1 #531 9:33AM

 13.2 #9906 (DL Qual #2736

Oct 25, 2016 11:05PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Sticker RAK.  There was a glitch for me tonight and I have several stickers to giveaway so if you missed some tonight or just want some free stickers let me what you want.  I'll get them to you as soon as possible.  (9 yikes) (20 major yikes!) (2) (2) (2) (2)(1)(2)(2)(2)(1)(3)I purchased stickers tonight that didn't appear in my collection until later and I   More...

Well that didn't work out so well. The stickers didn't appear.  - DisneyU43A  13.2 #9906 11:20PM
THANKS,  I've  been  gifted like 12 stickers All different!  This is so fun - picturepassport92  10.6 #11502 6:39AM
May I please have storybook land one? Thank you. - sultan  57.2 #4740 11:30PM
sent - DisneyU43A  13.2 #9906 7:53PM
quite welcome, too. ;) - DisneyU43A  13.2 #9906 7:54PM
Thank you!!  - sultan  57.2 #4740 9:29PM
If you happen to have an alien pumpkin left, I would love to have one! πŸŽƒπŸ˜Š Thank you either way! @@@DisneyU43A - EvilPrincess  416.3 #584 9:33PM
sent :) - DisneyU43A  13.2 #9906 10:24PM
πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘for DisneyU43A - dianaaa  441.7 #541 1:18AM
If you still have an extra alien pumpkin, I'd like one please  - dianaaa  441.7 #541 1:19AM
Sent one to you, @@dianaaa! - DisneyHeidi09  303.7 #970 8:28AM
Thank you DisneyHeidi09 - dianaaa  441.7 #541 9:31AM

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