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Mar 27, 2015 10:00AM 
On Tuesday March 31, we will bid farewell to Innoventions with a special Sticker Night. What will you miss about it, and what do you think will take its place? As usual, I want to hear your requests! Learn more about MouseWait Stickers on our blog. You can now   More...

 I will remember it most as America Sings. - MoreGumboPlease  227.5 #1545 12:32PM
- MissAmericaSings  380.6 #539 5:54PM
I agree!!  - adisneyfamily  839.9 #191 3:20PM
Tom Morrow. I still miss Carousel of Progress. Never much sparked to Innoventions (thot it never really achieved its potential) other than all the cool Marvel stuff which I expect will fill the place when it reopens  - MelodyMouse  3734.9 #26 10:30AM
I love Tom Morrow! - TheDroidYouAreLookingFor  412.1 #487 12:09PM
I never really got into innoventions much but if the rumours are true then what is coming to replace it should be awesome! - piratesofutahlake  4.6 #18530 7:47PM
I'm excited for the change and on to something new.. - lolabell  5.2 #16338 9:20PM

 1005.8 #164 (DL Qual #119

Mar 28, 2015 3:53PM  Disneyland Talk Land
DCA's Trolly's Treats: some of the Easter and Cinderella selections.

Tagged in: Food  
- Lilogirl1  64.0 #4066 4:02PM
- hkpinay  186.0 #2068 5:10PM
- fab5  52.8 #4364 3:41PM
- PrincessOfDisaster  22.6 #6239 12:26AM

 339.7 #641 (DL Qual #3778

Mar 30, 2015 2:21AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Sleeping Beauty Castle 60th Anniversary 03-29-2015

- conant4  11.5 #8963 3:55AM

Thanked by:   MsTikiMermadam  
 339.7 #641 (DL Qual #3778

Mar 30, 2015 2:17AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Sleeping Beauty Castle 60th Anniversary 03-29-2015

Thanked by:   MsTikiMermadam  
 2027.8 #62 (DL Qual #33

Mar 26, 2015 10:44AM  Disneyland Resort News Land
#NEWS. Mid-April! What if there was a place … a secret place where nothing is impossible? You wanna go? Well, soon you can, when Disney’s riveting mystery adventure β€œTomorrowland” makes its debut in theaters. In the meantime, visitors to Tomorrowland at the Disneyland Resort and Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort can catch an exclusive preview of scenes from the movie. tomorrowland54fa25  More...

Tagged in: NEWS  
I gonna toot his horn, our very own mwer worked on this movie! Planning on seeing it with him! So excited---been fun hearing about it! @@@VfxGenie - TinkerSchelle  1430.1 #98 11:57PM
πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ - PrincessDuckie  795.1 #205 9:38AM
LoL. yay! By the way. There is a Tomorrow Japanese trailer out in the Internet that has more of a Disney feel than the American Trailer.Actually here is the Japanese trailer: - VfxGenie  1538.1 #89 3:17PM
I was wondering about that! It will be so much fun seeing it with him. I'm jealous that I can't be there! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  646.8 #272 3:50PM
Oooh. Fun!   - MeridaFan  3507.0 #32 7:30PM
Sounds great. Doesn't 60th Annv start then? - suzieq65  5.5 #15343 12:53AM
Watch the Japanese is AMAZING!  - TinkerSchelle  1430.1 #98 1:26AM
This πŸ‘†πŸ‘† - LaPearleNoir  1390.0 #103 10:36AM
Thanks VfxGenie for letting us know about the Japanese trailer. It got me really excited to see the movie!  - PrincessOfDisaster  22.6 #6239 12:30AM
I am really excited to see this movie - Dave  12320.9 #2 10:59AM
Disney AND George Clooney? I'm in! - MarathonMinnie  134.3 #2860 5:54PM
I cannot wait for this to come out ! It looks insanely good :P  - PrincessOfDisaster  22.6 #6239 12:28AM

 1786.3 #77 (DL Qual #36

Mar 29, 2015 1:44PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
DCA Egg hunt complete. Thumper for the nephew, Mr. Toad for meee!

Yay, good job! We got Goofy and Mr. Toad!  - jacdanfan  8368.1 #4 2:11PM
Thanks! & I'm sure I know which egg goofygal got πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„ - FrankenweenieVelinee  1786.3 #77 8:53PM
- valj84DisneyAddict  25.7 #5842 2:38PM
Eggstra special!  Look at that happy face, that's awesome! - TinyDancerTay  81.7 #3718 9:35PM
Aw, cute pic! - goofygal  8140.7 #6 5:27AM

 101.5 #3420 (DL Qual #747

Mar 29, 2015 9:02AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Hi! So what is everyone's opinion on the Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party? We changed our trip from Nov to Oct and we are wondering if it will be worth it to spend another $75-80 a piece to go to the halloween party one night. Any insight you can give would be helpful!! Thanks!

I went for my birthday last year (it was my first). I would say GO! It was fun to see all of the adults dressed up too, and be able to be part of a different kind of Disney. It was quite busy the night we went, and the character greets were REALLY longπŸ™€, but I enjoyed the experience! It's actually a forever happy memory in my mind because it was just me and my hubby. My hubby is a big Grumpy guy (6'4", 280lbs) and the went trick or treating to each station just for me for my brithday without even a grumble...this is how I know that he loves me more (don't ever tell him I said that)πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  1093.6 #144 10:08AM
I think it's worth the money. Besides the fun of trick or treating you get alot of photo opportunities with the characters. And the Halloween light show is cool. - makeitbluesaysmerriwether  14.7 #7773 9:09AM
Totally worth every penny!! It is our favorite time at the parks!! - 1Princess3Princes  372.4 #556 3:42PM
My teenage daughter and I have gone the last two years and have loved it! Planning to go this year as well. It's such a fun atmosphere. The fireworks are the best. Great to see everyone in costumes. Where else can you trick or treat as an adult?! Do it! - redrockmickey  99.5 #3449 10:33PM
My stupid phone isn't letting me respond to any of the thread lol thank you everyone for the advice!! It gets me all excited!! I think we will be splurging and doing it this year for the first time! - WirTANenAtDisney  101.5 #3420 5:05AM

 119.3 #3108 (DL Qual #578

Mar 29, 2015 7:49AM  Disneyland Talk Land
#RAK. Elsa and Anna small plastic toys. Open to all MWers with 25 or more points. Please share your favorite in park snack. I'm feeling hungry today. Will close on Friday, April 3 around 3 PM PD

πŸ™€me please!!! My favorite snack is beignets!!! Now I'm hungry too and I'm going to have to go buy some donutsπŸ©πŸ©πŸ©πŸ©πŸ©πŸ©πŸ©πŸ©πŸ©πŸ©πŸ©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚thank you! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  1093.6 #144 8:10AM
Add me please! My fav snack is a churro. Thanks - katiesarahmommy  232.4 #1483 8:11AM
oh please add me. my favorite snack is the frozen banana. get one every time we go. - Disneyforlife  230.2 #1512 6:09PM
Omg my mini would love this! Please add me thank you my favorite in park snack is the BBQ chicken & slaw baked potato they're so yummy!! - mandas1989  44.2 #4661 8:00PM

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 3734.9 #26 (DL Qual #138

Mar 27, 2015 7:14AM  Disneyland Talk Land
#RAK Ended - 5 winners! @Xmalisa, @MsTikiMermadam, @MinnieMyLove, @DisneyDavidEMT, @BibbidiBobbidiMe. Thank you everyone for your wonderful responses and birthday wishes. Mouse People are the best! To celebrate my birthday today...100 credits to 3 MWers who tell us 1. What they like BEST about Disneyland, and 2. What they appreciate MOST about this app. Winners selected tonight or whenever I finis  More...

Thank you for the generousΒ RAK!What I love most about Disneyland is that once I walk through the tunnel all my worries wash away! For me Disneyland offers me a love like no other! It's like I take a step back in time and relive memories of my childhood, my mother, my kids throughout their lives and brings me new memories as well. What I appreciate most about this app is Our MW familyΒ I have met some amazing MWaiters and look forward to many more😘 Thank you again for sharing andΒ Happy Birthday to you! - MinnieMyLove  169.7 #2308 8:03AM
Great RAK!  Thank you!  1. Disneyland is a complete escape from reality and the real world and it affects all of the senses, sight, sound, smell, taste and oh the feeling!  All equally magical!  2. This app allows the magic to continue even when you're away and also to meet so many wonderful Disney friends who share your same obsession and soul-joy!   There's no place like Disneyland and there is no people like Disney people. LOVE LOVE LOVE.  - valj84DisneyAddict  25.7 #5842 7:29AM
  - Lilogirl1  64.0 #4066 8:51AM
Thank you so much for the credits!  That was so nice of you!   - MsTikiMermadam  147.7 #2629 4:38AM

 1786.3 #77 (DL Qual #36

Mar 29, 2015 10:27AM  Disneyland Talk Land
In Park #RAK. DVD copy of Peter Cottontail. Find us in DCA this morning. We'll be on an egg-hunting adventure.

We're coming up soon to go on a @FrankenweenieVelinee hunt! Hope to see you soon. - DLKenCA  2027.8 #62 10:45AM
We did the egg hunt yesterday in both parks. It was a lot of fun. Have a good time! - WhatTiggersDoBest  414.2 #484 10:48AM
It's in both parks!?!  - JenGwen323  1484.8 #94 12:10PM
JenGwen323. Yes they are two different egg hunts.  - WhatTiggersDoBest  414.2 #484 10:23PM
Any hints to your location? - DLKenCA  2027.8 #62 1:04PM
Heading to DL! - FrankenweenieVelinee  1786.3 #77 2:18PM
We are getting our map in DL now - DLKenCA  2027.8 #62 2:33PM
is that the special where the mean bunny was named iron tail? - MsTikiMermadam  147.7 #2629 4:25AM

 5597.0 #15 (DL Qual #28

Mar 29, 2015 10:15AM  Disneyland Talk Land
#StickerRAK!Happy Sunday all! I may or may not have too many stickers in my collection ;)Over 300 last count, so if I have a duplicate you would enjoy please use your manners and tell me where and what you are doing on this fine day. I am enjoying the perfect weather in Solana Beach and heading to San Diego Beerworks for a beer and then the beach. Not a DL day but still a great one!

Please add me for Adventures thru inner space microscope. At home studying as always. - Lelundrial  507.0 #373 10:35AM
I sent to you. All that studying will be worth it! - ShariRenee  5597.0 #15 10:44AM
Thank you - Lelundrial  507.0 #373 7:38PM
No need to add me..... I'm trying to motivate myself to clean my house. Oh and we are waiting for people to come and pick up our red rock. - LaPearleNoir  1390.0 #103 10:41AM
Yay, for no more red rocks! - ShariRenee  5597.0 #15 10:48AM
I would love Cinderella's castle or anything GRR! Thanks a bunch! Just finished drywalling the basement with my husbandπŸ”¨!  - MJmouse  273.6 #1030 9:54PM
Please add me for a tightrope walker sticker,  Thanks!  I spent the day gardening and watching Red Sox spring training on tv. - MsTikiMermadam  147.7 #2629 4:14AM

 19.4 #6726 (DL Qual #1936

Mar 29, 2015 2:38PM  Disneyland Talk Land
It's RUM time! :) simply put, what a way to end Spring Break!

..." Gotta keep' em separated...." - CVDisneyland  385.9 #533 5:31PM
Perfect build....Enjoy - kimdis  38.2 #4923 2:45PM
So pretty! - MarathonMinnie  134.3 #2860 5:49PM
Mmm, yeah Cheers is right!  - Jess0  205.8 #1826 5:56PM

 406.6 #497 (DL Qual #166

Mar 30, 2015 12:18AM  Disneyland Talk Land
 Best Post of the Day
Where might you find this cute setting?

Disney Showcase? - luxkitty  2338.7 #51 3:49AM
Good question. .. never seen this - evilemohand  556.2 #325 1:29AM
a main st usa theme... hmmm...... - MsTikiMermadam  147.7 #2629 3:48AM

Thanked by:   evilemohand   MsTikiMermadam   luxkitty  
 168.4 #2328 (DL Qual #1649

Mar 29, 2015 1:00PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Disney plane in Palm Springs!

Would love to rude in that plane! - fab5  52.8 #4364 3:42PM
Be careful, the FAA may have something to say about that. πŸ˜‰ - redsoxcarlos  1418.6 #100 3:14AM
I would love to fly on that plane!  - DCMAGurl  146.0 #2668 1:05PM
im gettoing old and airlines come and go, I have never heard of this airline. Fun livery on that jet. - Plumiegirl  8507.1 #3 11:48PM
Canadian carrier - sort of their Southwest - redsoxcarlos  1418.6 #100 3:17AM
canadian,  so it is cleaner and crew are more polite and well spoken..... - MsTikiMermadam  147.7 #2629 3:47AM
O sorry forgot to mention they were picking me up...I wish - evilemohand  556.2 #325 1:33AM

 1538.1 #89 (DL Qual #70

Mar 29, 2015 12:19PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Everyone likes the D even the sleeping beauty castle. =)

- valj84DisneyAddict  25.7 #5842 12:29PM
 they really asked for this one 😸😸😸 - draven898  767.9 #213 12:49PM
it looks amazing! - MsTikiMermadam  147.7 #2629 3:21AM
πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž - luxkitty  2338.7 #51 3:41AM

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 2027.8 #62 (DL Qual #33

Mar 29, 2015 8:18PM  Disneyland Talk Land
New Alice/Cheshire lanyard today at Pin Traders

OMG!!! Thank you for showing this!! - CuriousAsAlice7  82.4 #3707 8:18PM
@iLOVELUCYnDISNEY - luxkitty  2338.7 #51 8:24PM
O.M.G. Just saw this. Didnt get ALert. Showed sister n she said she's going in the morning just for that Lol but dont know for sure. Thanks luxkitty - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY  776.8 #212 10:43PM
iLOVELUCYnDISNEY I immediately thought of her when I saw this post. I hope she gets it! - luxkitty  2338.7 #51 3:40AM
Added to my growing list of must haves - GoofyMom77  645.3 #273 11:04PM
Great another lanyard I need to get - evilemohand  556.2 #325 1:35AM

 2978.8 #39 (DL Qual #20

Mar 28, 2015 3:49PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Oh no. There goes my ride. Come back

😍😍😍 - Lilogirl1  64.0 #4066 4:04PM
Please add me for Lilogirl1. I know that she would LOVE this!! Thanks! πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5013.1 #18 5:27PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - Lilogirl1  64.0 #4066 6:34PM
Fun! - WishIWereThere  270.2 #1067 7:11PM
Love this ride.  - Winnie111286  2978.8 #39 12:27AM
I really like this picture! - msdizmaui  635.4 #280 11:13PM
- MsTikiMermadam  147.7 #2629 3:28AM

 2978.8 #39 (DL Qual #20

Mar 28, 2015 10:26PM  Disneyland Talk Land
From earlier today. The Man, the Mouse and the Castle.

- mandas1989  44.2 #4661 10:30PM
Love them.. - Winnie111286  2978.8 #39 12:20AM
- leopardditz2000  570.5 #319 10:30PM
Thank you. Love this combo. - Winnie111286  2978.8 #39 8:38AM
The dream - fab5  52.8 #4364 3:41PM
- MinnieTinker  433.5 #449 4:19PM

 6.7 #13096 (DL Qual #3955

Mar 29, 2015 7:24PM  Disneyland Talk Land
From our mother daughter trip last week! #CoveBar #LobsterNachos #TriTipSliders soooo good! :)

Looks like you ladies had fun!  - conant4  11.5 #8963 7:50PM
Yumm! - JenGwen323  1484.8 #94 9:45PM
- PirateHairdresser  368.6 #564 10:11PM
- MsTikiMermadam  147.7 #2629 3:26AM

 2978.8 #39 (DL Qual #20

Mar 28, 2015 11:57AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Toot Toot here comes the Red Car Trolley heading to Buena Vista Street.

- DisneyGrandma  835.6 #193 12:41PM
- Winnie111286  2978.8 #39 10:42PM
- ElectricMayhemMom  1005.8 #164 12:41PM
- Winnie111286  2978.8 #39 12:32PM
- Minnie13  164.9 #2397 5:49PM
- MsTikiMermadam  147.7 #2629 3:25AM

 339.7 #641 (DL Qual #3778

Mar 30, 2015 2:24AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Smoke Jumpers Grill 03-29-2015

Thanked by:   MsTikiMermadam  

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