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Nov 26, 2015 8:50AM 
Happy Thanksgiving MouseWaiters! Chelsea, the kids, and I are extremely grateful to have you in our lives, and we hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends!Our 2015 SURPRISE Sticker is now in the MW Store (price will rise daily, so don't wait)! Purchase this Sticker and Gift it to your friends, or save it for yourself. This is always one of our most popular Sticke  More...

Special, heavily-discounted Black Friday Sticker release tonight at 9pm in the MW Store (7 new Stickers). - Admin 11:33AM
- UTDISNEYFAMILY  1859.6 #89 11:41AM
- secretagentangel  3053.3 #43 12:26PM
!! - teapotsandteacups  34.1 #5459 12:29PM
 Thanks Admin! I just set a reminder. - debbiev  1125.9 #156 2:48PM
jacdanfan just wanted to be sure you saw this - UTDISNEYFAMILY  1859.6 #89 4:50PM
    - grumpypapa  4439.1 #29 9:08PM
Happy Thanksgiving!  - luxkitty  3216.5 #41 8:53AM
You too luxkitty hope you had a good one! - Admin  10:55AM
- thumpur  289.9 #953 2:56PM
How long does it usually take to get credits once purchased? I ordered about 10pm but nothing yet.Β @admin please help thank you - mckelfam  40.6 #5084 11:44PM
Mine usually show right up.  I think you could tag admin and let them know. - TinyDancerTay  250.0 #1326 12:35AM
Send an email to support - UTDISNEYFAMILY  1859.6 #89 7:36AM

 4115.2 #33 (DL Qual #20

Nov 27, 2015 9:49AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Some of the desserts at the Thanksgiving Buffet at the DLH Ballroom. There was a whole station just for desserts. You could have made to order crepes on one end, treats dipped into the chocolate fountain on the other end. This is just a small section of what was in between. πŸ˜‹

- eviljules  1379.6 #123 2:02PM
Mmmm, is right! - MeridaFan  4115.2 #33 2:10PM
I wouldn't even know where to start 😍 - Linzee  1165.7 #148 8:17PM
I'd probably start by tripping and knocking the whole thing down. Looks all fancy n stuff - philliprocks  1296.8 #130 8:40PM
Start with a plate, or else you will look like a burglar with sticky fingers 😁  - heydavis  198.8 #1977 11:00PM
Wow! Looks like Club 33 - Tom  10156.7 #5 8:20PM
😊 - MeridaFan  4115.2 #33 12:10PM
- minniemonika  185.1 #0 10:46PM

 4115.2 #33 (DL Qual #20

Nov 27, 2015 9:52AM  Disneyland Talk Land
We enjoyed live music from this band, with a fun Autumnal decorated stage for them to play on. Guests would get into the spirit and dance down below. It was a lot of fun!

I think they were on a different stage when we saw them perform .  Good music πŸ‘ - eviljules  1379.6 #123 3:17PM
That is so cool  - Linzee  1165.7 #148 8:17PM
Nice that they had live music - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1447.6 #111 9:05AM
It was all very magical. 😊 - MeridaFan  4115.2 #33 12:09PM
It was fun music.  - MeridaFan  4115.2 #33 2:10PM

 948.4 #189 (DL Qual #88

Nov 29, 2015 11:58AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Blessed to be celebrating with my family at the happiest place on earth!!! (This as close as I get to posting a selfie, if you see my plaid, say hello)

  - Dianat710  40.2 #5107 12:05PM
- disneyforme  181.2 #0 12:06PM

Thanked by:   AlyssaDisneyland  
 1335.8 #128 (DL Qual #71

Nov 29, 2015 11:41AM  Disneyland Talk Land
#RAK time! To enter, please have at least 50 MW points and be in the US...please post your wish to the world, or a very special someone you may miss. This is in honor of those that I have lost this year and past's always hard when holidays come for so many.. Let's lift everyone up✨✨✨✨

Please add me! My wish is for the world to be grateful for all that we have! We still may need things but I wish everyone truly valued the little things!  - boomom  342.8 #675 11:55AM
Thanks for doing such an awesome rak! - boomom  342.8 #675 11:57AM
. My wish is for peace. Seriously peace for everyone regardless of color, religion or sexual orientation. ❀️ - ocmommy  417.0 #516 11:59AM
What a  .  My wish is for food for the hungry.  - disneyforme  181.2 #0 12:06PM

Thanked by:   boomom  
 4115.2 #33 (DL Qual #20

Nov 27, 2015 7:07PM  Disneyland Talk Land
If you get a chance to do the holiday tour, take it! It is so nice to get to bypass the long lines to enjoy the Jingle Cruise, HMH and IASW. We each received this special pin shown on top (opened and closed.) The tour ends with a seat near IASW to watch the holiday parade, complete with an adorable mug of hot chocolate and a gingerbread cookie. Yum!

Gingy!!! Looks like a real fun and special holiday treat of a tour. Thanks for sharing 😊😘 - misschurro  6185.3 #18 7:58PM
I really MUST have that Mug!!! 3 of them to be exact! - DisneyPiratePrincess  224.0 #1659 8:08PM
That sounds like a fun tour! It will go on my  - MisSingAlong  98.7 #0 8:01PM
That's a great tour,especially at the end with the front row parade seating. It's the best imo. - hanfordrob  22.3 #6743 6:53AM

 30.3 #5788 (DL Qual #1802

Nov 29, 2015 5:54AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Me and Spousewaiter in the Esplanade immediately upon arrival last night! We don't go into the park until Monday, but hat doesn't mean we can't have fun at the gates before hand!! I think today we are going to go ice skating at Olaf's rink after dinner at Goofy's Kitchen!! Can't wait! Question: if I see a Mousewaiters, but they don't recognize me (because I am pretty new to this😊) is it app  More...

Have fun ! And yes you can say "hi". Enjoy ice skating 😊 @@LaBelleParis - eviljules  1379.6 #123 6:02AM
Thank you!  We will! 😊.  - AngiMouse  30.3 #5788 7:16AM
AngiMouse: Yes, you can always say "Hi"...I'm very approachable πŸ™‚Β I've had several new MWers come up to me because of my hat. In fact, I had a pair of lady MWers come from Las Vegas 2weeks ago and came to say "Hi" to me and say they saw me on MW πŸ˜‰ - LaBelleParis  1351.6 #125 9:52AM
What does your hat look like??  I will look for it! - AngiMouse  30.3 #5788 11:49AM
I'm the one with the sparkly black/silver ears you saw last night...πŸ˜‰ - LaBelleParis  1351.6 #125 12:05PM
I totally feel like they are celebrities too!  I hope you have a magical time. - PalousePrincess  20.8 #6977 6:20AM
Right!  I was alone and saw her and got the biggest smile on my face!!  If I see her again I am going to say hello!!   - AngiMouse  30.3 #5788 7:16AM
Absolutely!! I have to say, I am a visual person. Sometimes people have told me their names and I don't put them together with their posts/ comments immediately. Like a few years ago, it was the Reunion weekend, There were a few MWer hanging out and then someone wanted to go to Space Mountain. 2 of them I had already known, and the 3rd told me her name. It didn't register. So, we waited in queue, chatted, our turn was up, we boarded and I asked her name again. She told me @MousekaNinja. It registered. I screamed so loud and we laughed so hard and hugged bc I loved her posts and comments. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But yes, do say hello. - misschurro  6185.3 #18 8:56AM
I ran (wheeled) after churro one time! Lol! We should come up with a MouseWaiters bingo for who you see in the parks! - PrincessDaisy  325.2 #747 9:38AM
Yes! I remember that! 😊😊 - misschurro  6185.3 #18 10:02AM
Hope to see you today to say hi.   - LuvsDisney4ever  137.5 #2896 9:47AM

 1351.6 #125 (DL Qual #59

Nov 28, 2015 9:56PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Finally, celebrating belated anniversaries. My parents and I share our wedding anniversaries in July, but life happened and we were unable to celebrate until tonight. We chose SteakHouse 55, where we were given a complimentary chocolate mousse mini cakes πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰

   - FrankenweenieVelinee  2793.9 #44 10:00PM
- LaBelleParis  1351.6 #125 10:57PM
Wow that looks so good.  Congrats. - PalousePrincess  20.8 #6977 10:03PM
It was pretty good! - LaBelleParis  1351.6 #125 10:56PM
Happy anniversary but that is mickey I think. - RobnHood  174.9 #2298 9:32AM
- LaBelleParis  1351.6 #125 12:04PM
- EvilqueenRS  1.1 #0 10:58AM
- LaBelleParis  1351.6 #125 12:03PM

Play Disneyland Trivia with your friends for FREE! See the list of TRIVILATOR usernames on this page. Play from any device with our new web version

Cool admin. Hope I do better than the first one. Hope people that enter will be ready to play and the tournament moves along better - Goofytom  1376.0 #124 6:41PM
I will announce the December tournament date this week. - Admin 11:58PM
Can't wait! - sawman911  2163.6 #69 6:30PM
Still waiting. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - MeridaFan  4115.2 #33 12:59PM
There should be a droid version of this. I. would love to play  - bryanjung1997  1.1 #66719 2:19PM
I end up deleting games while in progress due to opponents leaving me hanging FOR-EH-VER!!! - MommyandBash  333.2 #707 12:18PM
It happens, if you want start a game and I'll play you. I take a couple days off a week but I'll finish the games I start. - richiii3  1032.9 #173 2:20PM

 1447.6 #111 (DL Qual #89

Nov 28, 2015 10:01PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Hello! Welcome to Up Late with Mousewait. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It looks like Christmas is upon us. That time of year where others show their good cheer by spreading their cold and flu to all who are near.I am sure it is not intentional, but I have seen a lot of sick people in the stores these last couple of days. So for tonight's question.....Do you have a secret tip for sta  More...

Get your flu shot. Zinc tabs for sire throats, rest, warm tea and lemon water - Plumiegirl  9813.5 #7 10:17PM
Expert right there folksπŸ‘†πŸΌ - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1447.6 #111 10:22PM
For a cold, I am a firm believer in locally sourced honey and warm water.  It's scary out there 😷...thank you to the person who had pink eye and didn't stay home, guess what I've been dealing with for 2 days πŸ˜‘.   - Linzee  1165.7 #148 10:31PM
Yes, I can see how pink your eyes look!πŸ˜ΉπŸ€’ - debbiev  1125.9 #156 10:46PM
😩😩😩 That can be painful too besides annoying. Can you get some drops from your doctor? I am so sorry. It is so contagious. 😑 - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1447.6 #111 10:48PM
debbiev πŸ˜‚ RadiatorSprings4Ever Yes I have antibiotic eye drops which have made things bearable.  I hope to be cleared up soon and then I'll just wait for the next random illness to find me πŸ˜‚ - Linzee  1165.7 #148 10:54PM
Oh my I work retail and there are always sick associates and customers and then the handling of money ewww!! First and foremost, wash your hands with soap and water!!! Your best defense! I cough and sneeze in my arm or shoulder. If I feel a could coming on I armMyself with airborne, oranges, chicken or wedding soup. You got a nasty cough rub your feet with Vicks and put on socks! Hot tea with lemon and honey. The past few years I have gotten a flu shot and I have not had the flu nearly as bad as in the past. Good luck all with the cold and flu season. πŸ€πŸŽ… - mmddgp  791.6 #8 9:41AM
Thank you for those tips. We drink a glass of orange juice every day. Good luck to you too. - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1447.6 #111 10:59AM
Lots of helpful tips. At home we all get flu shots. It's been a while since anyone has been through it. For colds, I keep saline drops for stuffy nose, Vicks and cough spray to help with cough, and finally eucalyptus oil for congestion and stuffiness. Just pour a few drops while you shower. Also drink lots of water.  - MARVELus  237.3 #1485 12:01PM

 45.0 #4886 (DL Qual #1872

Nov 29, 2015 12:15AM  Disneyland Talk Land
I thought I would be disappointed because of the lack of Xmas decorations on the castle. But not at all. She is gorgeous!!!

- TinyDancerTay  250.0 #1326 12:39AM
SOOO good to hear!  I can't wait to see this on Monday!! - AngiMouse  30.3 #5788 5:48AM
- tina7321  66.5 #4191 8:22AM
it is all lit up. Love it - mmddgp  791.6 #8 9:43AM

Nov 21, 2015 1:57PM  Disneyland Talk Land
This short video shows you a few things you can do at Disneyland with your own Virtual Plaid! Go to for more tutorials, and share it with your friends. 

Tagged in: Virtual Plaid  
 Is great!   Love the notices for the wait times and all the menus! - Dianat710  40.2 #5107 2:23PM
- UTDISNEYFAMILY  1859.6 #89 2:51PM
- philliprocks  1296.8 #130 8:19AM
For those who have already used this app, big drain on battery and data?? - DisneyMom13  11.9 #9541 10:57AM
Got it and can't wait to use it when I am there in a few weeks - Dizkid  373.3 #585 1:54PM

 915.8 #196 (DL Qual #86

Nov 29, 2015 8:57AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Here comes trouble!

Thanked by:   PrincessDaisy   LuvsDisney4ever   leopardditz2000  
 9119.6 #8 (DL Qual #8

Nov 29, 2015 9:26AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. yes

Big thunder is mine and my husbands favorite ride!  - EvilqueenRS  1.1 #0 10:57AM
BEST RIDE EVER!!!!! - DisneySkellingtonChristmas  0.0 #0 11:15AM
- leopardditz2000  827.2 #215 11:35AM

 19.0 #7317 (DL Qual #2740

Nov 29, 2015 9:38AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Only 15 minutes yahoo!

 9119.6 #8 (DL Qual #8

Nov 29, 2015 10:15AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Jolly Holiday Breakfast. Blueberry Muffins and Bacon and Egg Croissant. Yummy

 My new favorite place to stop and have lunch or grab a snack! - Dianat710  40.2 #5107 11:23AM
- leopardditz2000  827.2 #215 11:33AM

Thanked by:   misschurro   AlyssaDisneyland   leopardditz2000  

1. Winnie111286

2. Melody_CM

3. ShariRenee

4. Coaster

5. sawman911

6. goofygal

7. secretagentangel

8. MeridaFan

9. Tom

10. sjensen68


I love Disneyland! - Melody_CM  9865.7 #6 11:30PM
Wow I've never made a list before. Thanks - disneybob49  457.9 #454 9:59AM
Winnie shreds! - DarthFairy  333.8 #704 10:53PM
Chee-hoo @Winnie111286 look at you up at #1! Well done!πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ - DarthTinkerbell  683.1 #278 9:28AM

 9119.6 #8 (DL Qual #8

Nov 29, 2015 10:30AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Handsome Danny is out today.

- Dianat710  40.2 #5107 11:18AM
πŸ‘‹πŸ» Hi Danny!  - leopardditz2000  827.2 #215 11:33AM

 417.2 #518 (DL Qual #741

Nov 29, 2015 11:25AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Anyone interested in these beauties? The heals light up! Only $235 before AP discount!

I have to admit to loving them but I'd never be able to walk in them! - leopardditz2000  827.2 #215 11:30AM
If I could walk in high heels with an arch like that....I would. I have back problems from a car accident years ago. - luxkitty  3216.5 #41 11:32AM

Thanked by:   leopardditz2000  
 58.6 #4409 (DL Qual #5586

Nov 29, 2015 11:02AM  Disneyland Talk Land
I just posted 75 based on the posted wait times, but if I had to guess its probably more like 130. #hyperspacemountain

Wow!  - disneyforme  181.2 #0 11:29AM
πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬πŸ‘­ - leopardditz2000  827.2 #215 11:31AM

Thanked by:   leopardditz2000   AlyssaDisneyland  
 64.8 #4225 (DL Qual #1892

Nov 29, 2015 11:19AM  Food Reviews Land
Great Fanstamic dinner last night New York steak and veggies $41.99 pre AP

- leopardditz2000  827.2 #215 11:30AM

Thanked by:   leopardditz2000  
 137.5 #2896 (DL Qual #551

Nov 28, 2015 12:05PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Beef Taco $10.99 and Pozole $9.99 from PCH grill. Yummy

Tagged in: Food  
No idea that Disneyland serves was it?  - adventurerEnDisneylandia {AED}  1099.0 #160 12:14PM
It was good but I think it could have been better.  I was craving it so had to get it.  - LuvsDisney4ever  137.5 #2896 12:31PM
I think it's only during Viva Navidad. - JenGwen323  1823.9 #90 3:02PM
Gotta try it  - Woodylover  42.6 #4982 2:51PM
- JessieandWoody  43.8 #0 9:39PM
- tina7321  66.5 #4191 10:31PM

 3053.3 #43 (DL Qual #74

Nov 29, 2015 1:03AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
 Best Post of the Day
The new cookbooks of Disney, put out just in time for Christmas! Available throughout both parks and WOD, the books cost from $14.96 to $24.95 before AP. The one in the top left corner has recipes from the resorts and cruises.

I need a cook book! (Otherwise I can't cookπŸ˜‰) - PrincessDaisy  325.2 #747 9:41AM
I need the Holidays and Chef Mickey one! My shopping list just keeps growing! Lol! - GoofyMom77  749.0 #244 10:48AM

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