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May 27, 2016 4:13PM 
Our Memorial Day Sticker Night on Tuesday is dedicated to those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. If you have a story about someone who has sacrificed their life while serving in our armed forces, post it here so we can honor them. (Pic by BaseballMickey)Check your Credits balance and get ready! Click on my username and subscribe to my posts via email to always get the   More...

My cousin  was lost fighting in Getmany in WWII. My mom went in the service with three more of her brothers after. Their local paper called them the fighting Irishmen from their town. She was a flying nurse in the army air corps. they'd fly to the front lines, pick up the worst wounded and try to fly them to hospitals. Several times they didn't think they'd make it back to the hospital due to being shot at. She was amazing! She's in Heaven now. I know a lot of us had parents in the service. So proud of them.  - secretagentangel  6439.6 #20 5:02PM
Thank you πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ - dianaaa  29.4 #6230 4:16AM
My dad was Army Air Corp in WWII. Father in law was Army Prisoner of War. I'm thankful they both came home.Β I want to take this opportunity to sayΒ thank you to all the Gold Star wives, children, parents, and siblings. Because of your loved one's sacrifice, we live in a great country with freedoms others can only dream of.Β  - disneyforme  254.9 #1345 12:55PM
Well said - Ilovegoofy  53.6 #4755 2:54PM
My family has proudly served! My Grandpa was in World War II, stepdad in Army, Brothers in Marines, Navy, Air Force and my Dad did five tours in Vietnam. Sadly lost my sister in law and unborn baby were lost from chemical exposure in Turkey during Desert Storm (very hush hush at the time). - ShariRenee  10348.3 #8 12:51PM
Please express my thanks to your entire family for their service.  - disneyforme  254.9 #1345 1:08PM
Can't wait to add a new patriotic sticker (or three) to my collection this week. Just set my alarm to 8:55pm. Repeat every Tuesday.  - Ilovegoofy  53.6 #4755 4:53PM

 3779.9 #40 (DL Qual #33

May 29, 2016 5:33PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
For Max..

Max and mom are feeling sick so they can't go play😭😭😭 - secretagentangel  6439.6 #20 5:34PM
That's not good  - Fantasmicfan1  3779.9 #40 5:42PM
  Feel better soon! - DisneyHeidi09  170.8 #2445 5:40PM
- BriarRose406  44.5 #5142 7:58PM
.....Rest up @@@@secretagentangel πŸ˜€ - sheridanrabbit  233.4 #1612 8:08PM

 672.5 #312 (DL Qual #251

May 29, 2016 6:18PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
I forgot how fun the Play Parade is.

Love this parade πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ - makeitbluesaysmerriwether  181.8 #2276 6:49PM
Play, play, play parade! - Taunton  1401.6 #130 7:27PM

 160.5 #0 ( Qual #523

May 28, 2016 9:08PM  Disneyland Talk Land
So tonight as I put my newest set of #tsumtsums in their cubby hole.. I started to check my IG and came across this picture. I couldn't resist sharing. Enjoy

Awwww!  - luxkitty  4084.8 #38 9:11PM
I'm thinking about doing this with my cat hahah - PracticallyPerfectDisneyDuck  160.5 #0 9:13PM
So !!!!   - sheridanrabbit  233.4 #1612 9:12PM
Gotta screenshot that one!! Thanks @@PracticallyPerfectDisneyDuck!! - sheridanrabbit  233.4 #1612 9:13PM
Us cat lovers. It was on catsofig - PracticallyPerfectDisneyDuck  160.5 #0 9:14PM
Add me for the cat - pikarich  5904.9 #22 6:15PM
Poor baby! - Bobbierocha  84.8 #3935 8:07PM

 2306.5 #72 (DL Qual #60

May 29, 2016 5:29PM  Disneyland Talk Land
The reason for this trip was to renew our APs. Mission accomplished! It turns out I was able to manage Signature Plus for all of us. But when I looked at my calendar, I realized that we will be attending an important football game in Santa Clara (Go Niners) on New Year's Day. Life is all about balance and compromise. So, I'm happy to say that we are now a family of 4 Signature APs. Here's to  More...

Yay! Congrats! I know you were working hard for these so yay to another year!  - secretagentangel  6439.6 #20 5:36PM
I worked so hard that I didn't need to give up NYE but life happens πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™ŒπŸ» - LaPearleNoir  2306.5 #72 6:35PM
It'll come in handy for next year!  - secretagentangel  6439.6 #20 7:41PM
Yay to another year of  - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1853.2 #98 5:42PM
 πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»   - poorunfortunatesoul  210.5 #1915 7:36PM
Congrats!! Cheers to another yearπŸŽ‰.  - hatgal76  452.0 #504 7:51PM

 1501.8 #118 (DL Qual #233

May 29, 2016 5:39PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Walk off on Pinocchio a bit ago

  - DisneyHeidi09  170.8 #2445 5:45PM
- BriarRose406  44.5 #5142 5:50PM
- tvdisneylove  89.9 #3826 6:53PM
Interesting.... - sheridanrabbit  233.4 #1612 8:06PM

 1474.7 #119 (DL Qual #63

May 28, 2016 6:14PM  Disneyland Talk Land
#rak winner!!! Evilemohand has won for pikarichπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰congrats! Thank you to each and every person who entered and shared their Autism Awareness post Please DM me your info.

- DisneyHeidi09  170.8 #2445 6:18PM
Congrats @@pikarich - TiggersAndTinks  176.2 #2345 6:18PM
Congrats!πŸŽ‰β€οΈπŸ’™ - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1853.2 #98 6:54PM
  @@2beignetornot2beignet     For doing this wonderful RAK! Congrats @@@@pikarich. - Bobbierocha  84.8 #3935 8:06PM

 1370.5 #134 (DL Qual #170

May 29, 2016 5:51PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Minnie and Mickey statues welcoming us to the resort! Love the detailing on them!

  & !   - DisneyHeidi09  170.8 #2445 5:53PM
β€οΈπŸ’™ - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1853.2 #98 5:59PM
 and  sittin' in a tree....  - sheridanrabbit  233.4 #1612 8:06PM

Earn 1000 Credits for staying at MouseWait Platinum Partner Hotels! Each night that you stay at the Hojo Anaheim 714-776-6120 or the brand new Courtyard Marriott Theme Park Entrance Hotel 714-254-1442 you will earn 1000 Credits! Just send an email to [email protected] after your stay with your confirmation number and check in date, and we will add the Credits to your account! Make sure to mention MouseWait when you reserve your rooms. 

When you support our Platinum Partner Hotels, you help us to improve MouseWait. Both hotels are run by the best management team in the business, and you won't get better service anywhere else!

Credits have been applied to everyone's account as of today! - Admin 11:40AM
I just called them to price out our potential trip in June. Chris was so nice and the MW savings are phenomenal! Still waiting on work vacation approval to reserve the room!  - HNL2SFO  296.3 #974 1:26PM
What percentage saving are we looking at for being MouseWaiters? Is it better than a AAA discount.  - MoChuck  154.3 #2701 3:57PM
Hi @@@@@@Admin I filled out the form for 2/28 at Hojo and haven't seen any Credits. I also sent you a Support Ticket last week. Would you please look into this? As always, Thanks  @@@@@@Admin - Winnie111286  17510.3 #2 10:50PM
Admin - Winnie111286  17510.3 #2 4:46PM
Great place!  - CT4625  45.3 #5105 6:29AM

 792.1 #243 (DL Qual #108

May 29, 2016 7:38PM  Disneyland Talk Land
My favorite new bug is RAY from the Princess and the Frog

Where did you get that? He is amazing! Ray is my favorite! - boomom  569.6 #373 7:47PM
So cute! Ray is adorable  - therealJackandSally  290.4 #0 8:00PM
Love Ray-mon.. - makeitbluesaysmerriwether  181.8 #2276 8:05PM

 290.4 #0 ( Qual #337

May 29, 2016 12:38PM  Disneyland Talk Land
#live #memorialdayweekend thank you so much @darthtinkerbell for the most awesome ears ever! I couldn't wait to test out my new accessories & bonus--the parks are pretty empty right now! Great weather too. Ps these ears are Sooo well made with perfect attention to detail, & so comfortable I forget I'm even wearing them! Thank you for the RAK - I love them !

Etsy for ears: pineapplesandaloha.. Really can't say enough about the quality &detailing. Oh & stitch loved them ;) - therealJackandSally  290.4 #0 12:44PM
 they're perfect on you!  - FrankenweenieVelinee  3429.3 #44 12:40PM
You should post this pic on your new IG account @@@DarthTinkerbell. - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1853.2 #98 6:52PM
Excellent idea!πŸ‘πŸΌ - DarthTinkerbell  886.8 #210 6:58PM
DarthTinkerbell I got a few more pics for u, I'll send u on ig! I was complimented Sooo many times today on my ears, everyone said Wow! & I told everyone about PineapplesAndAloha & made them type it in their phones so they wouldn't forget.. Hopefully u have some new orders!   & y'all are so sweet thanks for all the love.  makeitbluesaysmerriwether ShariRenee RadiatorSprings4Ever FrankenweenieVelinee CoachDisney - therealJackandSally  290.4 #0 7:11PM
😱😱😱😱therealJackandSally I'm totally going to use those pics❀️My shop has been blowing up today, and I fully believe I have you to thank for that. Thanks for all the live sweetie.😘 - DarthTinkerbell  886.8 #210 7:34PM
Love, not live up there.⬆️I'm trying to type this in the car and my hubby is hitting every single pothole.πŸ˜‚ - DarthTinkerbell  886.8 #210 7:35PM
@@@DarthTinkerbell Just put in my order!  I love it! - msdizmaui  753.5 #262 8:01PM
Thanks sweetie! The support for the MW community is so heart warming.😘😘😘 - DarthTinkerbell  886.8 #210 8:05PM

 1370.5 #134 (DL Qual #170

May 29, 2016 5:52PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Detailing on the walls of the Disney Resort station #shanghaidisneyland

- DisneyHeidi09  170.8 #2445 6:39PM
πŸ˜€ - sheridanrabbit  233.4 #1612 8:05PM

 180.8 #2291 (DL Qual #516

May 29, 2016 6:12PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Gotta have my Mint Chocolate Chip scoop

🍫🌱 mmm - misschurro...  7273.6 #14 6:28PM
  - DisneyHeidi09  170.8 #2445 6:34PM
Good stuff - makeitbluesaysmerriwether  181.8 #2276 6:45PM
My mom's favorite!! - sheridanrabbit  233.4 #1612 8:04PM

 3779.9 #40 (DL Qual #33

May 29, 2016 6:27PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Look at the new churro cart

How cool - makeitbluesaysmerriwether  181.8 #2276 6:48PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Pika's next!!! (@pikarich) - misschurro...  7273.6 #14 7:35PM
Cool!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - secretagentangel  6439.6 #20 7:42PM

 485.5 #454 (DL Qual #378

May 29, 2016 7:15PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land

🎼zip a Dee doo dah🎼 - poorunfortunatesoul  210.5 #1915 7:42PM

 485.5 #454 (DL Qual #378

May 29, 2016 7:20PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Gorgeous day to scream

Absolutely!!!  - BriarRose406  44.5 #5142 7:38PM
- poorunfortunatesoul  210.5 #1915 7:40PM
     - DisneyHeidi09  170.8 #2445 7:49PM
- sheridanrabbit  233.4 #1612 8:03PM

Deadliest Cast Member SEASON TWO is here! Find out what really happened on Disneyland's 50th Anniversary. Twenty-four hours or real-time action, authentic Disneyland history, and a finale that you'll never forget. EVENTS OCCUR IN REAL TIME. Download it to any device from Amazon here.

Will there be a Season 3??  Please??? - YoPirate  1623.2 #109 8:03PM
Will there be a 3 and when? - menifeemom  224.9 #1710 7:31PM
@Admin  HOPE you are working on #3!  - Dianat710  58.3 #4575 5:41PM
I really enjoyed reading them. I think I need to do a re read of them plus the Voyagers series. - arianwenmcb  242.0 #1496 12:45PM

 864.1 #0 ( Qual #101

May 27, 2016 1:56PM  Disneyland Talk Land
Bit of a negative question here, so not sure if it's allowed! It's quite obvious that some MWers really don't like Frozen, but I wondered if there were other Disney films that people just didn't "get". For me it was The Good Dinosaur.

I love to be in the middle of Main St. During the fireworks and when the Frozen song hits, it's fun to see men, women, & boys, singing along with the little girls. - Quiweez  720.3 #280 3:53PM
It seems that most of the people who trash Frozen actually liked it when it came out.  It's just that they are now "over it."  Obviously, it is still incredibly popular!  I still love Frozen!  - DisneyHeidi09  170.8 #2445 2:33PM
Dumbo.  Too sad and I don't support the use of elephants in circuses.  Also, I love Peter Pan, but hate the stereotypes against Native Americans. - PixiePrincessPolly  208.4 #1938 10:02PM
Big Hero 6.  Watched the whole thing, but couldn't wait for it to be over. Boring. - eeyore4me  9.7 #11628 8:02PM

 5614.8 #24 (DL Qual #28

May 29, 2016 5:25AM  Disneyland Talk Land
 Best Post of the Day
I realized I haven't done a #RAK for some time now, so here goes one. You may enter yourself or someone else, & the only rule is one must be able to DM. This will stay open until the latest park closing on Sat 6/4, & I will post the winner Sun 6/5. Winner will be selected via random no. generator. The winner will win this 60th Anniversary reusable bag and its surprise content(s). I promise it won'  More...

Darling bag!! Thank for doing this. Please add me. DM βœ”οΈ Adventureland is my favβœ”οΈ and, I love churros and dole whipsβœ”οΈ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰. Thanksie - misschurro...  7273.6 #14 7:07AM
Please add me for misschurro..., she finds lovely Disney treasures at thrift shops and she can get 'em home in style this way! And my DM is good to go. Thank you!! 😊  - SassafrasDavis  514.8 #430 7:42AM
And Churro, I like that you βœ”οΈ'ed off all your faves, I love all those things too! πŸ˜‚β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‰ - SassafrasDavis  514.8 #430 7:44AM
Please also add me for misschurro... - DisneyMom13  312.1 #869 7:47AM
Oh add me for miss   Great   - Goofytom  2445.5 #63 2:05PM
SassafrasDavis thank you!! Why, my latest find, a tin plate with the castle on it, was a fun treasure!!!  - misschurro...  7273.6 #14 6:47PM
DisneyMom13 Goofytom thanks so much!! 😘 - misschurro...  7273.6 #14 6:48PM
Please add me. Thank you! - WishIWereThere  303.1 #926 7:24AM
Please add me.  Thank you so much!  - Mickeylover67  550.2 #388 7:42PM
Really cute bag! And I wonder what treasures are inside.πŸ€” Awesome RAK!πŸ‘πŸΌ Please add me for @@@@@@@@@misschurro... - debbiev  1370.3 #133 8:00PM

May 21, 2016 4:16PM  Disneyland Talk Land
CONGRATS TO THE APRIL WINNERS: redsoxcarlos, LiveLaughLoveDisney, misschurro, secretagentangel, and iLOVELUCYnDISNEY--you just won 5000 Credits each! THANK YOU to everyone who participated--the more you participate by entering wait times, and by posting/thanking/commenting on things in the Lounge, the better MouseWait gets. (Vintage Tomorrowland pic courtesy of dizzneyfan which is currently one of  More...

WHOA! Thank you so much ! Now what to do , what to do. I would like to thank the academy... Oh wrong speech! πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thanks Β  @@@@@Admin. It's fun to try to do wait times especially when you're running around with lots of MWERS! Thanks!Β  - secretagentangel  6439.6 #20 4:41PM
And congrats to all the other winners and entrants!  - secretagentangel  6439.6 #20 4:50PM
 Woooooot!!!!!!!  Congratulations!!!!!!  Yay!!!!!  πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ - valj84DisneyDeppAddict  304.6 #916 8:39AM
Thank you 😊 I can't believe it.  - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY  970.5 #197 4:23PM
Thanks! 😍😍 - secretagentangel  6439.6 #20 4:49PM
Thanks!😘 - misschurro...  7273.6 #14 5:45PM
Thank you! And thanks so much for the tag RadiatorSprings4Ever - LiveLaughLoveDisney  298.0 #0 8:43PM
Thanks, RadiatorSprings4Ever! - redsoxcarlos  3043.4 #48 9:36PM
... to all the winners!! - MissAmericaSings  427.9 #531 9:03AM
- keepmovingforward  258.2 #1311 7:33AM

 792.1 #243 (DL Qual #108

May 29, 2016 12:30AM  Disneyland Talk Land
Unknown UFO spotted over Autopia. Reported to be flashing on and off

 2306.5 #72 (DL Qual #60

May 29, 2016 11:44AM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
She had plenty to say!

So !! - NvNana  126.9 #3148 11:55AM
She looks like she has quite a story to tell 😊 - disneymom1  269.3 #1211 12:02PM
That's they best picture ! - dianaaa  29.4 #6230 7:21PM
Love HerπŸ’œ.  - hatgal76  452.0 #504 7:54PM

 3779.9 #40 (DL Qual #33

May 29, 2016 5:28PM  Disneyland Real-Time Land
Look it's Tomorrowland

- Fantasmicfan1  3779.9 #40 7:02PM
Very nice pic! Beautiful day! - tvdisneylove  89.9 #3826 7:03PM
- poorunfortunatesoul  210.5 #1915 7:43PM
- DisneyHeidi09  170.8 #2445 7:53PM

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