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Mar 5, 2010 7:36 AM  The Hub
Okay guys. It has been super fun and i love this app. But i think I am done with posting. It was fun at first. Now with the fake info and thia being the new tweerter and all the random topic that seem like inside jokes. If ur new or having been on its hard to keep up. I will like to rase my mouse rank but it hard to do when ur not writting one letter post. I love ya admin!!! And all i can think of is all those time u asked us to stay in topic i might come in for some info but no more postin for me.

P.s i hope things get better before u loose more peeps. It might just be me. But i am sure its not. Later. - Chikis  11.4 #9216 7:39AM
Oh, Chikis! Please don't go! I know alot of people are feeling the same way but it will get better. Hopefully with the separate rooms, it will help. Aww, just hate to see a fellow MW go.  - MozGirl  149.1 #2633 7:51AM
I'm not gunna come running after u to beg u to stay, cuz I think that's exactly what u want! Have a great day  - ToneLoc  457.1 #438 7:54AM
i think many people will come and go, but theres always gonna be a core of regular users who are close knit. Maybe the two different forums on 2.0 will aid with that - MousinAround  8.7 #10885 8:18AM
Yup. Well said Mousin! And happy birthday again!!!!! I say we all have different personalities and not everyone will be happy. But we should respect their opinion and move on. - MozGirl  149.1 #2633 8:24AM
I agree it's changed from the beginning. I don't enjoy most of the posts. - Lori  2.1 #57967 8:55AM
I have to agree -- this chat needs sub-forums BADLY. Look, I know you guys know each other and have your jokes, but honestly it clutters what this chat is really meant for. Seeing "I'm playing XBox!" is ok for discussion, but those wanting to talk about why Space Mountain is closed are utterly lost. You guys need an off-topic section so much it hurts. Half the time the discussion isn't related to DL, and a lot of times when it is, it's filled with meet-up requests, inside jokes and more off-topic discussion, so a possible "meet up" board could do. I don't mean any offense, you guys are great and this is a wonderful, wonderful app. But I want to know why HM just closed, not what so and so is doing during work. - Ryan  1.7 #60290 9:03AM
It is impossible to please everyone. I am not in the loop on some of the posts but I have been welcomed by many posters. I am ok not being in the loop with everything and I find many other topics to post on. I love MW! - Disneymom2  -0.2 #167207 9:09AM
Disneymom2 is rad (for you younger MWers rad=fierce) - dug_one  2394.2 #52 9:13AM
Rad is good too. Fierce is better!! - MozGirl  149.1 #2633 9:15AM
@ Ryan any question that is asked in this lounge is answered within minutes usually by numerous people... Im constanly scrolling down to see if there have been unanswered posts when I find one (rarely) i answer it or bump it to the top so that someone who can answer, will. If you have a question like why a certain ride is closed, just ask!! - Calypso  866.7 #191 9:16AM
Im not FIERCE... And thats ok cuz Im happy for the gals that are!! - Calypso  866.7 #191 9:20AM
Maybe all we need to make a sticky post about Salt, Wolfpack, D&D, Starship Lacey, and other stuff so people won't feel so out of the loop. This would make it easy for others to catch up rather quickly. Can't forget to say that whatever Honkey posts is probably a joke and that we still haven't figured out exactly what all of this Fierce talk is all about. :P - CJ  251.0 #1258 9:21AM
Lol @ dug one. I remember rad as a kid. @ Y Rum you made me dizzy with all those loops.  - Disneymom2  -0.2 #167207 9:21AM
Lol Calypso!! - MozGirl  149.1 #2633 9:22AM
Woot woot JW!!! - MozGirl  149.1 #2633 9:23AM
All I know is that I love MW and I'm fierce. Growl!!!!!! - SnowWhite0582  77.2 #3831 9:23AM
You can't please everyone & not everybody is on on all the inside jokes but you just get out of MW what you put into it!! - Dreamseeker  527.3 #366 9:23AM
bye,I'm sorry but I love everyone here and I'm tired of the whining .we all have diffrent personalitys and they're just jokes people.I mean if your going to be negative then I think you should leave - Chelsey  10.0 #9987 9:25AM
Hey, Chelsey!!!  - MozGirl  149.1 #2633 9:27AM
I wonder what people used to think of Walt. A grown man making cartoons of a mouse. Then he had this crazy idea to make a theme park. If he never acted silly, messed around, joked around, and just had fun, Disneyland wouldn't be the park it is today. - CJ  251.0 #1258 9:29AM
Midol works well - Dave  12734.0 #2 9:29AM
Hey moz lol we kno eachother now aren't we cool lol - Chelsey  10.0 #9987 9:31AM
I think I can sum up what everyone is trying to say here, which is basically, .... DON'T CALL ME BUDDY, FRIEND!!!! - Tom  8807.9 #4 9:33AM
Ha ha! Guess we are! Lol. - MozGirl  149.1 #2633 9:34AM
DON'T CALL ME FRIEND, PAL! - DisneylandDreamin  365.3 #579 9:35AM
I am with Chikis on this one This app was fun at the beginning but now it has gotten out of hand You say you are welcoming but when I first logged on no one really noticed me and all ihear about is dusty Dave and salt whatever that means I thought this would be fun but that's not the case and I'm sure I willget neg comments from alot of you but I'm stating my opinion and mean no harm - MouseketeerMichelle  0.6 #73342 9:35AM
@CJ Well said my friend, if you were I pig I'd say "That'll do pig, that'll do (just had to watch Babe) - dug_one  2394.2 #52 9:36AM
Don't call me pal, guy! - Tom  8807.9 #4 9:36AM
WAR dun dun . . . . dun dun what is good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again. Don't make us Jackie Chan you!  - Mckeyman  55.9 #4318 9:50AM
Don't call me buddy, friend! - Tom  8807.9 #4 9:52AM
Lol! @Tom. I swear I've heard that in a movie before. Just can't remember which movie it was. I crack up everytime you guys post that though.  - MingyMouse  36.5 #5080 9:53AM
I don't remember it in Ocean's 11 but it was in the episode of South Park where Canada goes on strike to get more money and the kids put Butters on the Internet - Jaimz  651.4 #279 9:56AM
Thanks @Honkey! That's it!!! When they were by the elevator. Love that movie! - MingyMouse  36.5 #5080 9:58AM
@MouseketeerMichelle lets do a meetup in the park sometime!! I think it will totally change how you feel about the lounge!! Meetups make this app even better when you have faces with the usernames!! (disregard this post if youre under 18) - Calypso  866.7 #191 10:00AM
MW was/is/will be a Family. We all have people in our family that r smart,hard working,slackers,drop outs,ect. We have family you talk to all the time. Ones you never do. We have family you claim and others you don't. This app is Awesome and nothing comes close. It has grown leaps and bounds. It grows and has changes. Changes that r seen and handled. And changes that you never know about and r figurin out. Admin has his hands full with changes & growth. But as Admin he will handle it. As far as TOPICS here. Alot aren't for me but I do SKIP OVER THEM. But it will get better with 2.0 & podcast. Til then let's KEEP TO the reason you downloaded this app. For DISNEY MAGIC & WAIT TIMES. It will get better someday. Keep your head up. I'm thinking of the future. Not the present! We our a Family! - WallFamily  25.3 #5974 10:01AM
@Calypso I would love to meet up with you all but my AP expired and I recently lost my job have to wait till I find a job and then I can get my pass back:) - MouseketeerMichelle  0.6 #73342 10:03AM
Yes, South Park Canada Goes on Strike episode. It's basically how Canadians argue. Something else I learned from that show, the whole top of their heads move when they talk. and, DONT EVEN post that Butters song on here!  - Tom  8807.9 #4 10:04AM
@WallFamily: couldn't say it any better than that!!!  - MozGirl  149.1 #2633 10:09AM
Good luck! Let me know when you can go again.. I'll still be here - Calypso  866.7 #191 10:12AM
Okay so I have been just randomly reading posts and finally decided to post on this cause I agree with everyone that replied but it seems like some people don't have a sense of humor oh well you all are great keep up the posts they are great - Tinkerbella744  0.1 #100984 10:21AM
 @CJ. I know there are a lot of random posting and inside jokes but seriously i think it 's what help keep MW so active. Many people on here have met up already so of course there will be a lot of inside jokes. And if your new, just cause we don't welcome you that doesn't mean we don't care. It's just that newbie posts just gets lost sometimes. Admin made a Search button available so you can search for DL related posts. - Iamdea  6.4 #13712 10:24AM
Welcome Tinkerbella!!! - Tom  8807.9 #4 10:25AM
@CJ. I really like what you said about Walt. Very well put!!!!! - Tom  8807.9 #4 10:33AM
it all boils down to 2 words..Positive thinking! If you come in to mousewait thinking you'll find negative things. Guess what you'll find it.. But if your positive there isn't any room for complaints. Disneyland is not just about Mickey mouse and Dumbo. It's about positive energy in the park. It's all about attitude. And how we look at things. DL is about happiness. Everyone...well mostly people go there to feel happy and forget about everyday problems which we all have. Mousewait is the same. It's all about building friendships Disney style. Well that's my 2 cents...cue music. - JayPeeBee  135.7 #2856 10:48AM
"To the windooooows, to the wallls...." - MingyMouse  36.5 #5080 10:59AM
Till the sweat runs......... - dug_one  2394.2 #52 11:04AM
Sweat has salt - MingyMouse  36.5 #5080 11:16AM
Salt doesn't like to get cried on it makes him clumpy.  - Dizzy4Disney  47.5 #4591 11:18AM
Yea I can see where your coming from. I've been on here for a long time and still don't know what's going on. Hope to see you agaim on here someday!!! - Kittymeowmeow  271.3 #1074 11:20AM


1. KennyV

2. MonorailLover1959

3. YoPirate

4. MadameLeota

5. verolly

6. richiii3

7. luxkitty

8. richardmc

9. secretagentangel

10. HARR_E


MONTHLY WAIT TIME LEADERS REAL-TIME: Thank you to everyone who enters accurate wait times--you earn MouseRank Points, Credits, worldwide fame, and wealth beyond your wildest dreams when you enter wait times at the Park (ok maybe not the last two things). Please remember to ONLY enter wait times that you have verified in person, this improves our algorithm substantially, thanks!

1. MonorailLover1959

2. MadameLeota

3. richardmc

4. YoPirate

5. secretagentangel


7. Coaster

8. verolly

9. chrismis21

10. naw73



Read Episode One of Deadliest Cast Member FREE on Amazon and iTunes!

I downloaded this before a very long road trip, and it kept me entertained the whole time (well, except when I was taking my turn at the wheel, safety first!).  - Geekery  409.4 #499 10:21PM
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! - Admin  10:46AM
Where can I find the book please?  - sarahsanch  6.8 #13101 1:03PM
Just got it! Can't stop reading it. I am already starting chaper 16. Love how all the details of DL are woven into the story. - Tiggerific  337.7 #659 4:20PM
Glad you like it! Season Two is coming in a few weeks! - Admin  11:52PM
what is this - perijoy  3.3 #0 1:58PM
A digital book. And since free is always good. You should go check out the free first episode on Amazon - philliprocks  1116.1 #145 10:45PM
Just got this on iTunes I will check it out. - thefantasmicworldofdolewhips  0.9 #0 12:36PM

Hey I'm finally on this list πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸŽ‰ - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4394.3 #24 10:39PM
Your always on the list!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚list of what I don't know😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝. Jk - Fantasmicfan1  1275.2 #118 12:34PM
Love seeing everyone's pictures from Disneyland !! I know, we always have a good time :) - Lyssa2012  196.1 #1960 11:22PM
i am so glad i got to experience it,  but did not have to go thru it! - MsTikiMermadam  321.5 #731 5:56AM
Thank you everyone that keeps me close to Disneyland through your wonder posts.  - PalousePrincess  12.6 #8653 1:19PM
Sweet, I have 3 on this list!!  - MisFit.Mouse  587.6 #318 2:52AM

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Yay! Thanks for joining this awesome community! - simba77  317.0 #750 10:04PM
- luxkitty  2561.8 #46 3:11PM
i asked for MW meet up discount on 3/31 and nobody working knew what I was taLking about but they did give me an ap discount - MelodyMouse  4703.9 #21 4:22PM
Same thing last night - MisterRandom  322.2 #726 12:02PM
I think it is for the meetups, not all the time from what I read above in the initial posting.  - Sugarbuzz  198.2 #1927 10:14PM
- Disneyland_man  136.6 #2840 10:13AM

Disneyland unFORECAST (BETA) is here! Top MouseWaiters giving you the rundown of what's happening at the Disneyland Resort. The unFORECAST now has its own page on the web

unFORECAST for the week of June 1, 2015

This Friday marks the first day of the SoCal Select blockouts (that last through the end of Summer). Expect decent crowds this week--our Historical Crowd Index shows high-70s. The Parks are on late hours through the end of Summer and have selectively extended hours in DCA (Sunday and tonight). Things should ramp up on Friday and it should be a busy weekend. We are still at pre-Summer crowd levels, so now is the time to go if you want to beat the big crowds this Summer. Watch MouseWait for real-time Crowd Index updates as the Resort becomes unpredictable this time of year. - Admin Jun 1, 2015 3:19PM

We have always noticed that Saturdays are better than Sundays! We always come on the weekend and say we want to leave at dinner time on Sunday, but always leave by 11-12 because there are so many people. We love Saturday!! - 1Princess3Princes  398.5 #523 5:39PM
I agree. I think it has to do with most passes being blocked - PoohSizedGuy  18.5 #7005 11:53PM
I love these posts!  I do have a question/request/ there a way to only show the 3-4 most recent posts?  It's a lot to scroll through. @@Admin - TiggersAndTinks  124.7 #3017 5:08AM
I second this. The info is great to have, but it's too long.  - 1HitchhikingGhost  228.3 #1551 5:04PM
Thanks for these updates. I love them!  - Dizkid  364.2 #581 6:07PM
It's Dance the Magic this weekend-always adds to the crowds too!!! - TinkerSchelle  1528.8 #98 8:23PM
What is dance the magic?? - bks4lou  183.6 #2119 4:40PM
Dance studios sign up and dancers come and do a little "pre-parade" along the route. It's cute ;) - TinkerSchelle  1528.8 #98 1:05PM
@bks4lou sorry-I just saw this question ;) - TinkerSchelle  1528.8 #98 1:06PM
thank you. No worries. I just figured out how to find my old comments to see replies :)  - bks4lou  183.6 #2119 8:21PM
I'll sport my hotpants.  - Butterlina  1525.4 #99 11:54PM
This is always fun - MickeyLumboCM  1014.1 #168 4:21AM
we went when I was younger, had a BLAST! - Malefitiff  8.9 #10735 4:03PM

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Nice pic!πŸ“· - Stitchcrazy62622  15.4 #7726 10:18PM

Here are the Weekly Top 10 TRIVILATOR Players. Find people to play here. Play Disneyland Trivia with your friends on iOS. Play on any device with our new web version here.

1. DisneylandOrBust

2. DisneyMakesMeSmile

3. MHN15

4. edcub

5. TiggerBelle

6. ames013

7. DoomBuggy61

8. Goofytom

9. Lolabell4

10. Boundin


Yay @@Moog!!!! So great!  πŸ˜ - valj84DisneyAddict  142.2 #2751 6:28PM
You sweet thing!  You crack me up!  I'm merely an apprentice being schooled by @@Tom!! - Moog  38.1 #4980 11:33AM
πŸ‘‹β€οΈ - Tom  8807.9 #4 11:47AM
Wtg @DisneyMakesMeSmile and @@Moog ;) - otilegna  2160.8 #62 7:41PM
A major compliment from someone who hands me my you know what every game, @@otilegna 😜!!! - Moog  38.1 #4980 8:05PM
Yay !!!  - otilegna  2160.8 #62 9:42AM

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Purchased the Voyageers book through this link so MW benefits twice  - UTDISNEYFAMILY  1616.6 #92 4:48PM
Spent $490 on it the other day - CVDisneyland  386.6 #540 12:40PM
Thank you! - Admin  5:04PM
I didn't know about this. I'll do it next time I'm going to shop with Amazon! - melissameow  23.0 #6282 3:23AM
@otilegna - pikarich  3942.2 #27 9:34AM

Deadliest Cast Member SEASON TWO is here! Find out what really happened on Disneyland's 50th Anniversary. Twenty-four hours or real-time action, authentic Disneyland history, and a finale that you'll never forget. EVENTS OCCUR IN REAL TIME. Download it to any device from Amazon here.

Will there be a Season 3??  Please??? - YoPirate  497.7 #393 8:03PM
I bought the paper copy for myself and 2 copies of season one for christmas gifts!  LOVE THIS BOOK!!! - snitsos  26.8 #5822 5:28PM
Thank you snitsos for your support, glad you liked Season Two! - Admin  12:13AM
Thank you for your support glad you liked Season Two! snitsos - Admin  12:15AM
Test - Admin  12:16AM
- valj84DisneyAddict  142.2 #2751 11:51AM
I now have both seasons on my Kindle!!!!  LOVE them!!!!  I also have both of the Voyagers!  So great!!!!!      - valj84DisneyAddict  142.2 #2751 10:57AM

Here are the Top 10 MouseWaiters of All-Time:

1. Coaster

2. Dave

3. Plumiegirl

4. Tom

5. jacdanfan

6. goofygal

7. uscdisneyteacher

8. CobbPR

9. BaseballMickey_CM

10. Bullseye

Wow... I got some catching up to - evilemohand  668.9 #265 8:47PM
Helps if you're a local πŸ˜‰ - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint  5271.6 #16 10:06PM
Me too! - dsnyfrk28  49.9 #4509 10:06AM

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Credits Hall of Fame. This real-time list honors the top Credits purchasers by showing the total number of Credits purchased. These MouseWaiters play an integral part in helping us maintain and innovate. Thank you to everyone who buys Credits in the MW iOS app, TRIVILATOR, and Goat Effect!

1. jacdanfan

2. secretagentangel


4. MeridaFan

5. MelodyMouse

6. DisneyGrandma

7. cmtahm

8. DisLUVney

9. MinnieMyLove

10. debbiev


Here are the upcoming MouseWait Events. You can post your event on mobile here, and on the web here. Thanks!

1. Lake Tahoe Summer Meetup
Aug 01, 2015 09:30am

We have our weekly MW sticker meetup at La Brea bakery at 8 pm in Downtown Disney! Lots of fun for newcomers and all and a great way to meet new people! - secretagentangel  1580.1 #95 6:10PM
On Tuesday nights, duh!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜© - secretagentangel  1580.1 #95 10:47PM
I'm gonna have a crowding meetup Presidents' Day weekend! Post to come!  - TinkerSchelle  1528.8 #98 5:42PM
I'll crowd with you  - LaPearleNoir  1530.0 #97 2:27PM
I ❀️ crowding meetups - bonedaddy909  1284.5 #117 12:29PM
Would love to come! - susanann  8.9 #10710 6:15PM
What day works best for you guys bonedaddy909 and susanann and LaPearleNoir? - TinkerSchelle  1528.8 #98 1:21PM
Any day Friday theough Monday works for me! - susanann  8.9 #10710 2:12PM
Friday thru Sunday for UsπŸ˜ƒ.....Wait a minute😳what the heck is a crowding meetup and what would we be crowding into??πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - bonedaddy909  1284.5 #117 7:09PM
I heard there's a cool Winchester Mystery House meetup 😬 - adventurerEnDisneylandia {AED}  906.8 #181 7:17PM
Any MW Tinkerbell half marathon weekend runners interested in a photo op meet-up/s before one or all 3 of the races??Β  - Romec123aKaSmartyPants  697.3 #248 2:11PM
When is this race? - secretagentangel  1580.1 #95 6:15PM
The 5K is May 8th, 10K May 9th, and the Half is May 10th. - CoachDisney  67.8 #4052 2:43PM
I will for the 5k, will be there Thursday afternoon till Friday noon. - Sleepingbeautysmom  304.5 #822 8:17AM

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thanks admin - Fantasmicfan1  1275.2 #118 9:42PM
  - jacdanfan  8685.2 #5 6:08AM
- Lilogirl1  104.3 #3397 4:26PM
Thanks! DW fans appreciate you! - LeighMouse  17.9 #0 7:58AM

Here are the wait time leaders for the past 6 months:

MelodyMouse 20382May 2015:
Fantasmicfan1 14006.7April 2015:
HARR_E 12701.5March 2015:
Winnie111286 10930.9February 2015:
ShariRenee 12259.6January 2015:
MelodyMouse 10973.1December 2014:

! - FrankenweenieVelinee  2072.1 #65 7:16AM
- MowgliLovesBaloo  58.2 #0 5:18PM
- utahdisneygal  39.9 #4907 5:36PM
- valj84DisneyAddict  142.2 #2751 10:27AM

Here is the Overall Quality Top 10 real-time list. Follow these MouseWaiters for great content:

1. CobbPR

2. uscdisneyteacher

3. BaseballMickey_CM

4. Dave

5. Duchess_SMK

6. Stitch_Legacy

7. Plumiegirl

8. ElSuperRaton

9. HandMeAChurroImmaFaint

10. LoneRAYnger


This list needs to be updated! Just saying😬 - MadameLeota  2737.5 #41 9:51PM

Here are the top 10 News Contributors:

1. BaseballMickey_CM

2. Stitch_Legacy

3. RickChavez

4. ScooterMike

5. SPandEvLover

6. caramiapoohAKAface

7. IDVandalSkipperCM

8. Dave

9. Duchess_SMK

10. Sweet_Irish_Cream


Follow the new MouseWait Blog for updates, how-tos, tips, contests, and more! 

Didn't know there was one. Yay - TrueFromOzLovesDisney  472.6 #413 4:20PM

My first software project launched in 2003 as an experiment in online productivity. TIMEJAR was one of the first online/mobile time management systems with thousands of users including Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and families. In 2015, we completely rebuilt the TIMEJAR time management system and made it free for everyone to use on their desktop and iOS. Seize control of your todos and accomplish the impossible today!

Yes it is!! Love you Disney!!!! - TikiPrincess  0.1 #0 9:00AM
Yes it is Walt, thank you for making yours and our Dreams Come True!  - merprincess67  5.8 #15139 6:55AM
Walt made so many dreams and memories come true to families! God bless him may, he rest in peace!  - hairdog67  267.8 #1113 6:55PM
Great  quote! - otr4u1  30.5 #5500 8:38PM

TRIVILATOR 2.0 for iOS is here! We made it faster, easier to use, improved Random Games, fixed Push Notifications, added a Remove Ads option, new game packs, and we optmized it for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Get the complete run down on our new blog here. Get the new update in the App Store, or grab it here. Did you know you can play on the web or from any device via our web version? Tell your friends about the TRIVILATOR, and submit your questions so they (and you) can be featured inside the app. You can submit your questions here. Have fun!

- valj84DisneyAddict  142.2 #2751 12:58PM
Hi, @@valj84DisneyAddict Hope you are having a wonderful Easter 🐣Come play Trivilator with me! - Moog  38.1 #4980 3:00PM
Yes! A wonderful day!  Hope yours is great too!!! I will look for you on Trivilator. πŸ˜πŸ‘ - valj84DisneyAddict  142.2 #2751 3:27PM
Is it a game? - palomine96  18.6 #6992 11:58PM
Yes!  It's a separate app.  Come play! - Moog  38.1 #4980 8:58AM
Come play! It's a fun challenge. Feel free to add me for games - DisneyMakesMeSmile  738.5 #228 2:41PM

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Cool admin. Hope I do better than the first one. Hope people that enter will be ready to play and the tournament moves along better - Goofytom  1135.3 #140 6:41PM
I will announce the December tournament date this week. - Admin 11:58PM
Can't wait! - sawman911  670.5 #263 6:30PM
I have the app so if anyone wants to play a game with me :-) - nelcamp90  32.3 #5344 7:12PM
Just invited you to play - Goofytom  1135.3 #140 1:21PM
There should be a droid version of this. I. would love to play  - bryanjung1997  1.1 #65520 2:19PM


Peter Pan closed through July 1
Innoventions closed March 31-September 30


Luigi's Flying Tires closed through Dec 1

Were visiting during the diamond celebration.  I'm so excited because all of our favorite rides will be open! - Dsc1983  16.2 #7509 10:53PM
Awesome! Can't wait! - PrincessDaisy  307.7 #805 8:33AM
I can't wait to see what's happening at Innoventions.  - MonorailLover1959  619.2 #298 5:55PM
Wowww that is a long while form now  - arabianites22  27.0 #5798 9:28AM

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Thank you Admin! This book is a great read. I recommend it to anyone who is a Disney fan. Can't wait for the next one! - grumpypapa  3185.8 #38 8:38PM
Thank you for reading! - Admin  6:26PM
cant wait to read it - ebugsmama  17.2 #7261 10:32PM
Yours is much nicer than Mickeys - leopardditz2000  655.5 #276 7:34PM
After the video my 3 & 1/2 year old says, "that's cool!" It was. Very cool - MommyandBash  13.6 #8307 3:44PM

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Like normal I am late to the party. Reading it now - Tealtownfan  1015.5 #167 3:13PM
Got it! More than halfway thru it! It's a lot of fun!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ¨βœ¨ - TinkerSchelle  1528.8 #98 10:53PM
- conant4  14.3 #8052 11:51AM
There are 100's of people standing at bag check. Lines backed up to La Brea Bakery. They've stopped people here to herd over people already in DCA over to DL. And, we see 100's of those folks standing at the gates.  - thompsonsyl  5.2 #16740 2:36AM

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Credits have been applied to everyone's account as of today! - Admin 11:40AM
I just called them to price out our potential trip in June. Chris was so nice and the MW savings are phenomenal! Still waiting on work vacation approval to reserve the room!  - HNL2SFO  205.4 #1844 1:26PM
What percentage saving are we looking at for being MouseWaiters? Is it better than a AAA discount.  - MoChuck  52.0 #4431 3:57PM
- Fantasmicfan1  1275.2 #118 10:49AM
- valj84DisneyAddict  142.2 #2751 10:32AM

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