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 3060.7 #49 (DL Qual #341

Jul 29, 2016 6:04PM 
Hoping this change is permanent. #Food #PlazaInn

But I love the green beans! - cinderelli  420.3 #558 6:23PM
I think having both would be a good option. - sawman911  3060.7 #49 6:29PM
Corn? - Winnie111286  20408.1 #3 6:20PM
Yes. Corn succotash. Since I don't like green beans, this is a change I can agree with.  - sawman911  3060.7 #49 6:22PM
Isn't the saying if it ain't broke don't fix it??? - secretagentangel  7476.2 #13 9:20PM
One would think, but they've been making many changes with food, from condiment brands to main dishes.  - sawman911  3060.7 #49 9:37PM
Probably hired the same consultants we do.  In a year they'll pay them again and be told to reverse the changes. 😳 - redsoxcarlos  3836.2 #42 9:48PM
Suffering succotash!!! πŸ˜‰ - redsoxcarlos  3836.2 #42 9:46PM

 1352.8 #141 (DL Qual #105

Jan 28, 2016 7:14PM 
#tbt Yule Forest at #PlazaInn Jan 2016

Tagged in: Food  
I'm having such a ridiculous sugar craving, I could totally eat a few of those.  - Linzee  1397.3 #136 8:28PM
I'll pour you a glass of milk - phillip...  1372.2 #139 9:12PM
we'll need quite a few forks.....! - MsTikiMermadam  1352.8 #141 5:38AM
Those look so good. I'm sad I never got one when we were at DW during christmas - mmddgp  1182.5 #7 8:30AM
bummer! - MsTikiMermadam  1352.8 #141 11:50AM
Those look so good. I'm sad I never got one when we were at DW during christmas - mmddgp  1182.5 #7 8:30AM
bummer! - MsTikiMermadam  1352.8 #141 11:50AM
- grapesoda  619.3 #351 11:08AM

 1352.8 #141 (DL Qual #105

Dec 28, 2015 5:41AM 
#PlazaInn holiday tree

So pretty!πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„ - carminaire  870.1 #225 9:20AM
Very nice - Alicewhoareyou  2724.3 #55 7:05PM
Nice collage! - redsoxcarlos  3836.2 #42 7:25PM
thanks! - MsTikiMermadam  1352.8 #141 3:21AM
So pretty πŸŽ„ - makeitbluesaysmerriwether  228.6 #1689 7:42PM

 1603.4 #114 (DL Qual #131

Aug 26, 2015 5:39PM 
#plazainn 2 kid chicken meals ( include soda), 2 chicken breast, 2 legs, one side salad, 26.38 after ap discount.

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  Yes please!! - adisneyfamily  1004.0 #198 5:57PM
I need to remember to ask for items a la carte.  - KelstersInc2319  61.2 #4551 6:40PM
- catlikesmouse  146.1 #2858 9:09PM
Looks like a great meal, at a great price, at a great place...πŸ˜† - carminaire  870.1 #225 9:11PM

 689.7 #308 (DL Qual #246

Aug 15, 2015 6:07PM 
#PlazaInnMagicalMoment! Thanks to a very special CM-Moses, I had the most amazing dinner! Not only did he bring me a special Mickey cupcake complete with a candle, he also played the harmonica, he played happy birthday & you are my sunshine. After we finished dinner, I went to thank him for making my day & then he did something even more magical. He brings me out a Rose & once more plays happy bir  More...

moses is so awesome. Next to the chicken, he's the best thing there. - DLKenCA  2917.1 #50 7:29AM
Aww! How sweet of him! So ! - Mandy4806  13.7 #9502 6:11PM
And Happy Birthday! - Mandy4806  13.7 #9502 6:11PM
I love Moses! He brings life to Plaza Inn! - nicealex77  727.6 #286 11:35AM
 Everyone for the s! They are the ! I had a great weekend at the parks & it got better as it went along!  Again!  - MisFit.Mouse  689.7 #308 12:56PM

 2071.8 #84 (DL Qual #52

Feb 16, 2015 7:22PM 
#PlazaInn I enjoyed the "Slap your Daddy Pot Roast" with mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans and buttermilk biscuit. It lived up to the name!!! A nice change from fried chicken and it was very comforting! ($17.49 before discount)

Looks really good! - RadiatorSprings4Ever  2186.0 #76 7:48PM
One of my favorite meals!!!  - grimgrinninggoof  68.7 #4327 7:56PM
Ok, I'll be the one dissenting vote.βœ‹My husband and I have an inside joke about the pot roast. We waited for 30 min. once to try it, and it was so rubbery we couldn't eat it. Also don't care for the flavor of the gravy. But we LOVE the broasted chicken! - debbiev  1447.6 #127 9:26PM
as a veg,  one of the things i really miss is pot roast! - MsTikiMermadam  1352.8 #141 3:02AM

 3630.6 #45 (DL Qual #19

Sep 13, 2014 11:37AM 
#PlazaInn Character breakfast. Fun & delicious!

::waves:: hi guys!! Looks fun! - GotMouse_aka_JRoseAllister  91.0 #3830 12:11PM
I love that place! - AWholeNewWorld  327.9 #805 12:28PM
How cute is this pic😊 - Apples2  643.0 #334 2:39PM
Such an adorable smile ... Dale's too. - MickeyLumboCM  1358.8 #140 4:57PM

 1165.8 #164 (DL Qual #154

Aug 11, 2014 7:59PM 
Enjoyin some slap yo mama fried chicken and pot roast at the #plazainn this beautiful evening.

That's a lot for you to eat. Someone must be real hungry. - DLKenCA  2917.1 #50 8:33PM
Gotta get my fill.  - mini_MINNIE  1165.8 #164 8:50PM
- luxkitty  4294.5 #36 8:57PM
πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ - missariel33  2115.6 #80 9:06PM

 2115.6 #80 (DL Qual #40

Aug 5, 2014 2:24PM 
#plazainn #vegetarian side salad with egg for protein and a biscuit for carbs $7 with AP discount

Thank you for posting all the vegetarian options!   - msdizmaui  763.1 #268 11:21PM
You're welcome 😊 I know how hard it is to find stuff in the parks especially if you don't go often or if you're picky like I am  - missariel33  2115.6 #80 7:51PM
That looks delicious! - DarthTinkerbell  955.7 #206 11:08PM

 1477.8 #124 (DL Qual #115

Jun 27, 2014 9:10AM 
#PlazaInn Dining. Pot Roast Chicken Salad Pasta.

Tagged in: Food  
I absolutely love the chicken alfredo. πŸ˜‹ - Bassplayerswife  792.0 #251 9:16AM
That has become my new favorite. - Winnie111286  20408.1 #3 11:34AM
I'm hungry, now! - minniemonika  232.2 #0 9:18AM
😱Are you here my friend ?! - ribidib  1187.7 #160 11:08AM
I couldn't post last week. I like your real time posts though.  - E-Ticket  1477.8 #124 11:35AM
I'm so hungry right now for the  - ElectricMayhemMom  1705.8 #105 1:00PM

 6523.5 #20 (DL Qual #18

Mar 13, 2014 4:07PM 
From yesterday evening: #PlazaInn Fried Chicken dinner, Pot Roast Dinner, one dessert and a fountain drink; $38.74 with AP discount (thank you GoofyDad909 for the discount πŸ˜‰). Enjoyable and a beautiful atmosphere + good company πŸŒΊπŸ’œ #food #Disneyland

Tagged in: Food  
One of the best meals for your money in DLR next to Big Thunder BBQ. My kids just gobble this chicken up! - DisneyLuva4Life  28.0 #6471 11:51AM
Definitely! - apesandmonkeys  6523.5 #20 1:19PM
Oooooh red velvet! I love the pot roast too! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  694.8 #304 4:11PM
Both are super good πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ - apesandmonkeys  6523.5 #20 12:35AM
Had chicken for lunch today.  Best chicken anywhere. - Winnie111286  20408.1 #3 9:36PM
Just like a home-cooked meal πŸŒΊπŸ’œ - apesandmonkeys  6523.5 #20 9:46PM
As old as this chicken is by now, it still looks great... oh and please can I have that soda? - MickeyLumboCM  1358.8 #140 2:21AM
It's right there in your back yard 😎 - apesandmonkeys  6523.5 #20 7:44PM

 3630.6 #45 (DL Qual #19

Feb 18, 2014 5:10PM 
You know that famous SYMC meal? Does anyone know if it's available to go? Thinking of stopping in tonight. #symc #plazainn

Yes it is. My mom has asked for it to go several times πŸ— - SafariSkewerJessica  1621.7 #113 5:16PM
Thank you dearie!πŸ‘ - FrankenweenieVelinee  3630.6 #45 5:42PM
I'm having a mentally slow day today-it took me a while to figure out what you were talking about!  - leopardditz2000  1137.8 #169 5:34PM
πŸ”πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜‰ - FrankenweenieVelinee  3630.6 #45 5:43PM
Yes you may "Slap yo Mama" to go!! Which means you can slap her all the way down Main St. but not once you exit the park ;) - ShariRenee  10698.0 #8 5:46PM

Thanked by:   erinten  
 4101.0 #41 (DL Qual #17

Aug 23, 2013 8:30PM 
Slap Your moma chicken #meet up at #PlazaInn ...check in if your here!

So according to the head count we had 42 MWers, SpouseWaiters, and MiniWaiters show up! WOW!!! Thank you everyone for coming, it really was a great time and lots of silly antics. Plaza Inn was fantastic and reserved a big section for us. I told them 40 people and I wasn't far off! Thank you Plaza Inn and for everyone making it so fun! - Cinderella_Schnooks  3466.9 #46 11:59PM
I just keep hearing..."No pictures. NO pictures. NO PICTURES" in my head when I look at the picture. - Tiggerific  345.1 #727 12:02AM
I didn't expect such a big turnout! It was so fun tonight. - dumbbunny  627.6 #345 12:27AM
You forgot the one in the mw in oven by pickrich  - elidina29  48.8 #5016 12:43AM
It was so much fun.  Thanks to everyone for making us feel welcome.  I know we didn't meet alot of you and I wish we could have.  It was a blast!  Thanks MrsSchnooks for setting this up.  - Tinkerbellmom4  440.2 #526 1:13AM
NO PICTURES!!!βœ‹ - OhanaPhoto  6474.8 #21 1:44AM
No I'm not there but I wish I was  - puddy77  267.3 #1251 9:43PM
Me too 😞 had to work  - missariel33  2115.6 #80 10:59PM
This looks like the greatest night, I'm so sorry to have missed itπŸ˜• - Nala  382.9 #619 1:54AM
aww what a great turn out.. Ive still havent made a meet up yet.. I tried the sick excuse schnooks but some other nurse was actually sick so i had to cover her shift LOL Glad you guys had a great time! - DisneyMe2Death  875.0 #223 6:28AM

 2004.9 #90 (DL Qual #134

Jun 27, 2013 10:01PM 
Live dinner view from plaza! #plazainn #castle #awesome #hub

Great shot babe! :) definitely made my night at home a little better seeing such a pretty live post from you at Disneyland😘 - AvidDisneyThrifter220  1403.3 #135 10:03PM
Yay to night time live shots! Enjoy ur dindin. - missariel33  2115.6 #80 10:09PM

Thanked by:   DLR_Fan  
 7638.0 #12 (DL Qual #4

Apr 8, 2013 6:48PM 
Broasted chicken from #PlazaInn $13.49 before AP. And I also noticed that the mashed potatoes now have bits of red potato skin in them. The CM said that they had been doing that for about two months.

Tagged in: Food  
Love this, I get all white meat and double potatoes no veggies and me and my hubby split it. It soo good and plenty of food for two. - Goofygirl10  36.7 #5627 11:22AM
Mmm was so yummy last visit ! We ate outside plus had a view of the parade !! - jmza4  324.6 #31532 6:51PM
Oh- nice! My little one used to be ok with one drumstick- seems her appetite is getting bigger. Hahaha - misschurro  7638.0 #12 6:54PM
Yes, Churro. It costs more as they get bigger. I used to get by with two extra sides of potato and I would split the chicken amongst us. - HalfCaff  583.6 #371 6:59PM
Hehe I was able to feed my 2 lil ones with double mashed and my husband had a plate so there was enough ! I get the 3 piece this way I split that with them little did I know my son would take over my biscuit lol rats ! - jmza4  324.6 #31532 7:08PM
My fav meal. Yummy - yipman  69.2 #4311 10:53AM
@sheridanrabbit not sure if the receipts still say 'broasted'?? - misschurro  7638.0 #12 10:29PM
Thank you @@@misschurro and yes, broasted chicken is a specialty! πŸ˜€ - sheridanrabbit  262.4 #1304 10:33PM

 4101.0 #41 (DL Qual #17

Apr 6, 2013 9:58PM 

Tagged in: Fireworks  
Love sitting there eating some chicken while watching them - Linzee  1397.3 #136 10:06PM
And slapping mommas - RickChavez  3672.1 #44 10:20PM
Haaa my momma would knock me straight back here to the Bay Area if I even brushed my hand near her face. - Linzee  1397.3 #136 10:23PM
The slap your daughter back to frisco fried chicken does seem an interesting variation of the recipe. - Westcoast  174.9 #2393 11:06PM
That's our favorite place for fireworks, dessert and coffeeπŸ°β˜• - Boundin  811.5 #243 10:22PM
Watched the fireworks from there last weekend for the first time. Nice spot. - NikkiMickey  1686.3 #106 11:20PM

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