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Nov 4, 2012 5:56PM 
#drawwait #ariel I just want to say the Paperman short was amazing. It's good to see Disney doing some 2d animation still, even though it was combined with CG. It's good to see Glen Keane's style has influenced current animators. As the short went on the more I saw Ariel/Rapunzel in Meg. So here is my boredom.

i really love this. i fell in love with the short immediately. - nicoleface  1753.2 #115 6:55PM
Just another example why making John Lasseter the head of Feature Animation was such a brilliant idea. - Experiment818  1647.2 #122 6:59PM
Yes I agree, I can't wait to see what they do in the future. From the interview they said they want to work more with the 2d/cg style. - chris.  2511.4 #71 7:19PM
I liked the short too but for me I thought she more looked like Ursala, in human form. - iamdugsmaster  878.8 #248 8:23PM
Yeah I can see Vanessa also in Meg. - chris.  2511.4 #71 8:47PM
I hope, I hope there is a sequel to Paperman!! - Willierose  2406.5 #77 8:50PM

Thanked by:   nicoleface   ShariRenee   MagicalLand   onezerohero  
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Aug 21, 2012 11:54AM 
#drawwait #ariel #vinylmation been wanting to do a custom vinylmation for awhile now, this is the idea I've come up with so far. Let me know what you think, I'm planning on doing this on a 9" vinyl.

I love that sunset Ariel! Can't wait to see the finished product :D - rbeezy  703.0 #327 11:59AM
Aww do a 3" - BambooMike  133.8 #3145 12:00PM
I would do a 3 but I can't imagine drawing all this on one haha - chris.  2511.4 #71 12:05PM
LOVE IT!!Very detailed , cant wait to see it, maybe for the ears jusut sontinue the background, like continue the sunset - StitchEars  330.7 #843 12:26PM
I ended up going with flounder/ Sebastian in one ear and scuttle with puffed hair/dinglehopper. Max and king triton at end with rainbow on back ears. - chris.  2511.4 #71 2:42PM
Love it. Great job! Can't wait to see it! - lovetheland7  177.9 #2433 2:58PM

 2511.4 #71 (DL Qual #56

Aug 19, 2012 11:02PM 
#drawwait #ariel these are my four recent Disney digital drawings and I'm trying to figure out my next one. Im debating either the Lion King star scene or something Alice in wonderland.

These are wonderful!! I keep trying to draw digitally and I am all thumbs, can't get my lines straight or curved when I want them but I am still trying. - secretagentangel  11901.3 #9 11:03PM
i wanna see Ariel with anime eyes - misschurro  9352.3 #12 11:06PM
and nice job - misschurro  9352.3 #12 11:06PM
Haha I haven't done that yet, thanks! - chris.  2511.4 #71 5:34PM

 1885.6 #108 (DL Qual #334

Aug 2, 2012 6:26PM 
#RAK #DrawWait I've been on an art kick so I want you to decide what I draw next! I will create an illustration like this one for you :) You can see the full view at This was inspired by the Disney Designer Dolls Line. To enter pick one of the girls who is not in the official Disney Princess lineup (so no Snow, Cindy, Briar, Lumpia Princess, Belle, Jas, Pocahontas, Tia, Mulan  More...

Awesome #drawwait #rak maybie! Good luck everyone. BANZAII - chris.  2511.4 #71 6:31PM
バンザイ! - MayBie  1885.6 #108 6:34PM
一馬 - Butterlina  1653.3 #120 6:38PM
Meg!!! 💜 You don't have to add me, just wanted to say this is a lovely picture. - Jillian  767.1 #295 11:23AM
Last day ^ - MayBie  1885.6 #108 12:06PM

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Jul 29, 2012 8:41PM 
Wicked. #drawwait #ariel #lumpia switched it to a custom Maleficent/Aurora piece. Posted per @madsdad request.

Eek!!! Love!!!!! - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #163 8:48PM

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Jul 24, 2012 2:53PM 
#drawwait #giveaway #rak #ariel Finished piece for @lisamouse7531 she wanted something for the nursery room for her daughter.

Wow, dude I will totally go knock someone up again if you draw a pic like that for my nursery. - madsdad  1868.2 #109 3:12PM
Lawd!!!! :'D 😂 - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #163 3:18PM
haha always thinkin ahead... :) - madsdad  1868.2 #109 3:24PM
Literally.... - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #163 3:28PM
lol nice! - madsdad  1868.2 #109 3:29PM
Ahahaha! - LBChica  2550.8 #69 4:59PM
Nice Nick! I'm very visual! 😳 - ohhhtoodles  365.2 #710 5:00PM
Lol! - SleepyTortuga  288.4 #1109 5:05PM
LOL! 😂😂 - MinnieMousewife  928.2 #236 5:30PM
*shoots blanks* - donnievegas  1132.7 #192 5:44PM
I'm sorry buddy. This is a safe place to disclose though. I won't tell a soul. - madsdad  1868.2 #109 5:45PM
😳😂😂😂😂 - Spoonful_O_Sugar  707.0 #323 5:53PM
Ahahahahahahahahaha - chris.  2511.4 #71 5:56PM
Nick and Donnie..hahaha. cannot WAIT for the Sour Goofy Candy 'exchange' - misschurro  9352.3 #12 5:59PM
Nick and Donnie are my favorite MW couple. - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #163 6:04PM
He is my better half lol. - madsdad  1868.2 #109 6:14PM
THAT is what he says, Nick! - misschurro  9352.3 #12 6:16PM
Oh my gosh!! This is beyond amazing, I feel honored that this will be in our daughter's room! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have no idea how special this is to us and how much it means. I wish I had the words to express the gratitude I feel, thank you seems insufficient, but thank you. - LisaMouse7531  410.1 #618 6:11PM
sounds heartfelt to me :) congrats on baby - misschurro  9352.3 #12 6:17PM
Thank you! We are very excited, my husband is actually putting together the nursery furniture now, I'm half way through my pregnancy tomorrow, yikes!!! - LisaMouse7531  410.1 #618 6:28PM
That was so sweetly said! :) - madsdad  1868.2 #109 6:33PM
No problem! I had a lot of fun working on these and know they'll be in an important place. Congrats again with the baby! - chris.  2511.4 #71 7:27PM
Oh my gosh!! This is beyond amazing, I feel honored that this will be in our daughter's room! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have no idea how special this is to us and how much it means. I wish I had the words to express the gratitude I feel, thank you seems insufficient, but thank you. - LisaMouse7531  410.1 #618 6:11PM
sounds heartfelt to me :) congrats on baby - misschurro  9352.3 #12 6:17PM
Thank you! We are very excited, my husband is actually putting together the nursery furniture now, I'm half way through my pregnancy tomorrow, yikes!!! - LisaMouse7531  410.1 #618 6:28PM
That was so sweetly said! :) - madsdad  1868.2 #109 6:33PM
No problem! I had a lot of fun working on these and know they'll be in an important place. Congrats again with the baby! - chris.  2511.4 #71 7:27PM
Tight son - CptKirk  766.3 #296 12:01AM

 2511.4 #71 (DL Qual #56

Jul 18, 2012 4:12PM 
#drawwait #ariel #lumpia this is @lisamouse7531 this is what I have so far for your request from the #giveaway #rak this was referenced from the painting at the wonderland gallery.

Oh wow!!! This is fantastic!! We are naming our little girl on the way Élodie, calling her Ellie for short, this will be perfect framed in the nursery! Thank you soooo much!! - LisaMouse7531  410.1 #618 4:39PM
Hey hey... wait your having a girl?!?!?!?! And dont be made cause thats my little girls #1 name i want too can they be twins and hang out at DL together? - BooEve123  800.9 #278 4:41PM
Ah Ellie is a great name, I'm a big fan of that name and the different variations elly/ellie/ely/etc. Glad you like it, most it will be all colored up tomorrow. - chris.  2511.4 #71 4:48PM
Yes Boo they most certainly can!!! Name twin/pen pals/Disney buddies! You better get to work on that! - LisaMouse7531  410.1 #618 7:55PM
Wow man that is lookin great! - madsdad  1868.2 #109 4:18PM

Thanked by:   lisamouse7531  
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Jul 13, 2012 12:41PM 
#rak #ariel #panda #lumpia #giveaway #drawwait I've decided to do another photo or art print giveaway. please read the rules or i will throw a beachball at you then remove you. #1 Must be able to DM. You can enter for either 5 8x12's or the 20x30 up to you. #2 you must put something about Ariel or pandas. These are the pictures you can choose from , you can choose an  More...

Please add me for the 8x12 before the red faced panda gets me. Thank you. - Chumash28  1977.4 #98 8:00AM
Add me for the real mermaid..oh wait! - VfxGenie  1557.1 #131 12:50PM
No mermaids for you! - chris.  2511.4 #71 11:51PM
please add me for the 20x30. Panda Fact: They hear from there nose and smell from there ears =D - Jackie211  483.3 #496 2:13PM
Please add me for the 20 x 30. A panda fact: raccoons are a part of the panda family. - MinnieMiranda  118.7 #3423 8:48PM

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Jun 26, 2012 10:26AM 
"We are just getting started" - Storytellers. Finished for @mrs.mouse for her custom #art #rak #drawwait.

I'm so excited! Thanks Chris. It's going to look amazing hung in my wall. :) - Mrs.mouse  543.6 #433 10:50AM
Awesome! Can't wait to get them all printed. - chris.  2511.4 #71 12:11PM
I see dead people - CptKirk  766.3 #296 1:05AM
😱 - rbeezy  703.0 #327 1:06AM
😍 - Starr  550.3 #424 1:10AM

 2511.4 #71 (DL Qual #56

Jun 25, 2012 11:30AM 
Tale as old as time. And the finished product for miss @lbchica from my #art #rak #drawwait I don't remember if you DM your info yet.

pst..... If you get bored every and want to draw a boo you let me know k;) you got my numbbba and real id;)  - BooEve123  800.9 #278 11:33AM
Boo from monsters inc? Or another boo haha - chris.  2511.4 #71 11:41AM
lol from Monster inc;) - BooEve123  800.9 #278 11:42AM
i shot her a text - toph  2418.2 #75 11:55AM
OMG I love this!!! It came out great, thank you again! I'll DM you my info 😊 - LBChica  2550.8 #69 1:20PM
Awesome got it, I'm glad you liked it! Getting Beasts colors to work was the only really hard thing about this one haha. - chris.  2511.4 #71 2:32PM

 2511.4 #71 (DL Qual #56

Jun 22, 2012 3:33PM 
#drawwait @lbcchica cleaned it up and this is the current progress for your beauty & the beast ballroom scene. And @mrs.mouse this what I have for you so far for your request for storytellers, I added Oswald since he isn't included most of the time. Let me know if you want anything changed, HAIIII.

You talented lumpia you. (Looks amazing!!) - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #163 3:35PM
:) I already have a place for it in my new house! Thank you. You are the master. I can't tell you how honored I am! - Mrs.mouse  543.6 #433 4:19PM
Awesome! I was hoping you'd like the design, hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to finish it. - chris.  2511.4 #71 8:57PM
This reminds me of the opening credits from Family Ties - Dave  13876.5 #8 4:45PM
😂 - LBChica  2550.8 #69 9:02PM
No changes needed! Looks great! 👍👍👍 - LBChica  2550.8 #69 9:03PM

 2511.4 #71 (DL Qual #56

Jun 20, 2012 7:10AM 
#drawwait #giveaway #rak closed and the winners are: 5. @lisamouse7531 2. @jillian 3. @nicoleface 1. @mrs.mouse 8. @cyndaws for @lbchica. let me know what you want printed or if you want a custom piece let me know. i changed it so you can choose 2 pieces now! if you want an ariel haunted mansion stretching painting piece its currently in progress and is also in the gallery here: http://tiny  More...

Yaaaaay!!! I'm so excited! Thanks chris and @Cyndaws! I have no idea what I want for the 2nd piece, I'll check out the gallery and let you know as soon as I can. Thanks again! 😄 - LBChica  2550.8 #69 7:27AM
No problem! If you want I can do the ballroom scene for beauty and the beast. Been wanting to do something like that for awhile. - chris.  2511.4 #71 9:31AM
Congrats to the winners!! - Cherry91  434.2 #575 7:28AM
Oh my gosh I am SOOOO excited!!!!! Thank you so much, this is awesome! Do you mind if I let you know what we would like on July 16th? That is when we find out if we are having a boy or a girl so we will have a better idea of what to get so we can hang it in the nursery! You have made my day! - LisaMouse7531  410.1 #618 2:33PM
That's fine just send me a DM when you are ready! Congrats! (cause I most likely not remember haha) - chris.  2511.4 #71 2:39PM
Thank you, there's no way I'll forget!! :) - LisaMouse7531  410.1 #618 2:46PM
I'm beyond excited! Eek! I'm looking and will DM you now!! - Mrs.mouse  543.6 #433 2:39PM
I sent you a DM. :) - Mrs.mouse  543.6 #433 3:27PM
Congrats! I'll take a look now. - chris.  2511.4 #71 4:11PM

 2511.4 #71 (DL Qual #56

Jun 19, 2012 2:32PM 
"Thanks for the adventure." I finished this one this morning and thought I'd share since there are a lot of UP fans. #drawwait #ariel #lumpia

please let me barrow your Lumpia brain for a few days so I can draw amazing things like this to help my portoflio. AMAZING AS ALWAYS! Now log back into Diablo and farm gold!  - BooEve123  800.9 #278 2:39PM
Hahaha yeah i need to get some more time in, just hit 30 last night on new wizard. - chris.  2511.4 #71 3:20PM
have you read 1.0.3 notes it is heart breaking. DONT GET HIT! - BooEve123  800.9 #278 3:23PM
Not yet, I think I read something about inferno getting nerfed? - chris.  2511.4 #71 3:53PM
I love this! Our wedding last October had an UP theme to it. Love that movie and your artwork! - LisaMouse7531  410.1 #618 2:56PM
Beautiful! - PrincessDuckie  954.8 #230 3:24PM amazing! Great talent! - KissDclown  1089.2 #205 3:55PM

Thanked by:   winger43   LaTruce  
 2511.4 #71 (DL Qual #56

Jun 8, 2012 5:48PM 
#rak #drawwait #ariel #giveaway #panda #ninjas #lumpia alright today is "officially" my one year with MW. I'm gonna do something different from my photo raks and I'm going with an art rak. If you've been following me on instagram you've seen my stuff over the past few weeks. I will choose 5 winners for either a custom pic/certain scene/one of my previous images. Since I'm still processing my o  More...

Enter me! Love Rapunzel. Thanks Chris. - Mrs.mouse  543.6 #433 5:54PM
Oh! Please add me. I'm obsessed with that Roxanne picture you posted. And congrats on 1 year 🎉 - Jillian  767.1 #295 5:57PM
i'm obsessed with that one too! - nicoleface  1753.2 #115 6:08PM
Thanks, yeah that's one of my favorites I've done. - chris.  2511.4 #71 12:21PM
I love that scene with Belle! Your art is amazing!!! - cesium55  531.8 #446 10:27AM
Add me for a WoC dinner I owe you - Starr  550.3 #424 10:36AM

 2511.4 #71 (DL Qual #56

May 18, 2012 3:40PM 
#drawwait since Merida made her first appearance in the parks today I wanted to share my drawing I did a few days ago on the app paper53. HAIIIIIIII

Instead of arrows she should shoot lumpia. Into people's mouths. - LaneSparrow316  847.0 #260 3:47PM
I approve of lumpia arrows. - chris.  2511.4 #71 4:12PM
Can you draw me in there with her? - madsdad  1868.2 #109 3:41PM
Very well done!! - JenAnneWho  300.7 #1031 3:48PM
Wow! Not only do you have photography skills but you have drawing skills too. Nice job. - Minnique  659.8 #355 4:46PM
I also have nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, and computer hacking skills. - chris.  2511.4 #71 4:59PM
Now go feed Tina - Villescas8  607.0 #384 5:05PM

Thanked by:   toph   ThatKimberly  
 2511.4 #71 (DL Qual #56

Apr 17, 2012 12:28PM 
Colors of the Wind. Its that time for my monthly #drawwait, been messing with the app called Paper on my iPad, pretty cool if you need an app to write notes or just doodle. It's free but if you want the other writing/drawing options you have to buy.

Wow This is really good!
- Jillian  767.1 #295 12:28PM
You certainly can paint with the colors of the wind! Solo has some competition!
- Armenda  1186.0 #179 12:45PM
I normally don't color my stuff so this was a nice test run, I've always just sketched/shaded only. - chris.  2511.4 #71 1:34PM
This is great. Good job. - Sandcar13  1408.2 #143 10:45AM

Thanked by:   Sandcar420  
 2550.8 #69 (DL Qual #49

Mar 24, 2012 3:59PM 
#DrawWait I'm such a proud mommy, lil chica drew this today (ok, so I helped with Mickey's ears 😜)

Good work lil chica - Mouse4life  1850.9 #110 4:00PM
That is so stinking adorable! - ohhhtoodles  365.2 #710 4:01PM
Add me!!! Sooo cute!!!! - caramiapooh  4488.7 #40 4:01PM
😃😃❤❤👍👍 - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #163 4:13PM

 2511.4 #71 (DL Qual #56

Mar 6, 2012 3:35PM 
Maleficent. My monthly #drawwait submission, please don't destroy me. 'throws lumpia on the ground'

Destruction Sequence to commence in - Butterlina  1653.3 #120 3:59PM
5 - KissDclown  1089.2 #205 8:43PM
4 - MomWithAJuiceBoxBuzz  1191.5 #176 9:40PM
3 - SillySwings  471.0 #521 9:46PM
2 - vanGoghsStarryNight  37.1 #5835 10:13PM
1 - Have a nice day! - MayBie  1885.6 #108 10:17PM
I will have nightamres of that hand...... for life. Thank you... PS love drawing.... night lanyrads. You have a nice freehand stroke.   - BooEve123  800.9 #278 3:38PM
thanks, yeah i spent like 2hrs on the lanyards. j/k j/k i have to draw something or i lose it haha. - chris.  2511.4 #71 3:56PM
That's mad typos even for Boo. Lol - donnievegas  1132.7 #192 4:00PM
It really is somewhat fascinating how my brain flip flops when I type. Very strange. Always has to do with not looking at screen when typing.... Most words have just one flip-flop right? - BooEve123  800.9 #278 4:02PM
tsk tsk.. Why throw good lumpia when you can eat it - luvMickey  583.6 #397 10:29PM
it's to distract everyone so they don't destroy me. - chris.  2511.4 #71 10:31PM

Thanked by:   vincent chase  
 1885.6 #108 (DL Qual #334

Mar 2, 2012 7:45PM 
#DrawWait has anyone seen Jenniferr recently? :( I miss seeing her around the lounge. We had an art trade going and I finally finished her request for Flynn Rider-

Eek sorry for such a late respone. iPocahontas let me know about this post so that I could find it. School and other things kept me from posting a lot but I still come on sometimes! :) Flynn looks AMAZING in your art, wow. Thank you so much! You're such a great artist n__n I feel bad because I STILL didn't finish mine yet. but soon! - Jenniferr  506.7 #471 3:59PM

Thanked by:   Jenniferr  

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