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 743.2 #276 (DL Qual #231

Jun 23, 2016 9:43PM 
#tbt Throwback to when my boys asked why the Nestle Quick Bunny was at Disneyland.....😳

I'm sorry but I have to agree with them πŸ˜‚ - Sleepingbeautysmom  328.3 #793 9:45PM
It's so rich and thick and chocolatey... That you can't drink it slow... @WonkyPilgrim you wanna finish this? - Ilovegoofy  73.6 #4172 10:19PM
 Nope. But I'll have my own πŸ˜‚ Three inches of chocolate and 6 inches of milk, in a tall glass please πŸ™ƒ - WonkyPilgrim  580.6 #369 10:41PM
Cause it's QUICK! - Ilovegoofy  73.6 #4172 12:28AM
Oh-be-de-oh - Sugarbuzz  280.4 #1100 4:27PM
OMG!  This made me laugh!  I never even thought of that! - msdizmaui  759.6 #263 4:11PM
Go Bruins!!! - redsoxcarlos  3337.6 #46 4:13PM

 10364.9 #8 (DL Qual #23

Jun 23, 2016 3:59PM 
#tbt- my mini's about 15 years ago😊

So cute - makeitbluesaysmerriwether  207.9 #1960 4:22PM
Thank you! My son was always such a good sport (even now). She would drag him from character to character. He would hold her autograph book while she had her pic taken. - ShariRenee  10364.9 #8 5:25PM
Fun pictures!  - BriarRose406  160.0 #2623 5:54PM
@misschurro...also my daughter is wearing a pink t and sweater for national pink day, throwback style. - ShariRenee  10364.9 #8 7:16PM
Aww! Darling!! - misschurro...  7452.4 #12 10:53AM
- DarthFairy  499.7 #452 10:39AM

 259.9 #1305 (DL Qual #3552

Jun 23, 2016 3:55PM 
#TBT my dad and I on the boats that are no longer there. I was excited to find this picture as I was always told about it. should be 1989/1990.

What a memory! My dad used to take me on those but I was scared cuz I thought I was really steering the boat!! - sheridanrabbit  253.3 #1371 8:22PM
I'm glad I finally have the picture. I got to go to Disneyland a handful of times growing up when my parents could afford it and now the husband and I have annual passes and go every few months if we can. I love Disneyland and never get tired of it! :) - cooper0925  259.9 #1305 8:43PM
 I remember when they did the short lived gummy glen layover before they took out - evilemohand  1194.0 #154 6:56AM
I totaly remember those now I need to search for the pic of my dad and I, Disney memories are the greatest memories✨ - missendisney  32.2 #5983 7:05PM

 931.5 #0 ( Qual #96

Jun 23, 2016 6:20AM 
#TBT. This is a photo from Disneyland Paris, 2001. It is the only proof I have that this little ride ever operated. It is like a mini wheel with barrels that go round. I only saw it operate once and went on it. The central housing is still there and is a kiosk serving drinks and ice lollies. It's a shame it doesn't still work as it was a lively view of Fantasyland. That's The spinning teacup  More...

       - DisneyHeidi09  191.3 #2159 8:27AM

 128.8 #3130 (DL Qual #844

Jun 16, 2016 4:43PM 
#TBT Throw back Thursday! Me and Roger Rabbit from 1991!

Nice! Β You and Roger have matching shoes - Ilovegoofy  73.6 #4172 7:20PM
Hehe they do! - AngiMouse  114.9 #3402 8:00PM
Certainly wasn't my intention!  Just my ratty old sneakers.... :) - clawton  128.8 #3130 2:07PM
Cute picture - makeitbluesaysmerriwether  207.9 #1960 9:18PM

 7297.8 #15 (DL Qual #26

Jun 16, 2016 4:38PM 
#TBT While not so long ago, I still miss this area. It was always so relaxing and the cool shade trees were always appreciated. #ThanksStarWarsLand

- teapotsandteacups  684.4 #307 4:59PM
I loved this area. You could always have some nice down time. I think it's very sad to take away the animals bc they did a LOT of good stuff for kids/grownups who needed or wanted calming. Good therapy stuff. - misschurro...  7452.4 #12 5:08PM
 Yes definitely wish they woulda put something like this in a different area. It was always a good place to go when you wanted to get away from the crowds.  - JediKitty  1190.2 #157 10:31PM
I've decided not to ride BTRR anymore. I come up to the goat and see the place where happy goats once were. 😭😭😭😭 - Cinderella_Schnooks  3403.5 #45 11:27PM
Close your eyes on that part, because other than the disappointment of what once was, it's so much fun! - grumpypapa  7297.8 #15 7:11AM

 589.0 #362 (DL Qual #240

Jun 16, 2016 9:32AM 
#TBT... From last month! Love all the 60th anniversary decorations!

what great detail!  - FrankenweenieVelinee  3518.6 #44 9:49AM
Thanks! - boomom  589.0 #362 12:04PM
I love them too!  - AngiMouse  114.9 #3402 4:37PM
- boomom  589.0 #362 5:37PM
       - DisneyHeidi09  191.3 #2159 5:52PM
- boomom  589.0 #362 8:54PM

 875.6 #218 (DL Qual #98

Jun 16, 2016 7:42AM 
#TBT Lilly Belle. Last collage for a while. Hope you enjoyed them

Beautiful. I really hope to be able to see this in person one day. - DarthTinkerbell  915.0 #208 12:05PM
  - WishIWereThere  304.4 #928 8:07AM
- DisneyDreamer18  213.2 #1883 7:01PM
A friend of mine who knows all the special things to do in Disneyland got my mum and I on it for a trip around. It was mums last trip I am so glad we got to go on it   Thanks for the pics  - Donald1967  145.0 #2863 8:17PM

 931.5 #0 ( Qual #96

Jun 16, 2016 6:28AM 
#TBT. Another photo from my first trip to WDW in 1994. I love the fact that I have so many bags of goodies. Some things never change. I just can't remember why I don't have Minnie ears

Maybe they are in the bags! - AngiMouse  114.9 #3402 6:44AM
I haven't found any photos of me wearing any during that holiday. Strange, because I always wear them now:-) - beentoallbut1  931.5 #0 6:56AM
That's just because you know where it's at πŸ˜€ I even wear mine at home sometimes.  Ok, often.  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - AngiMouse  114.9 #3402 9:42AM
Great TBT shot! 😊 I wanna know what the goodies were. And for one second, I thought that was a pond behind you, until I saw dude guy walking on it πŸ˜‚ - WonkyPilgrim  580.6 #369 7:39AM
I know there was a Mickey plush toy, but I can remember what else.  As it was my first visit there, I think I just wanted everything:-) - beentoallbut1  931.5 #0 7:45AM

 931.5 #0 ( Qual #96

Jun 16, 2016 6:19AM 
#TBT. I've been looking through boxes of old photos from the attic. Came across this from my first trip to USA and WDW. This was at Epcot in November 1994. My first ever trip to Disney, was Paris the year before.

Rocking the wayfarer shades! 😎😎 What you're both wearing looks like stuff at stores today! Unlike my outfit choices from 1994 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜· - WonkyPilgrim  580.6 #369 7:44AM
I don't know who those two characters are on the left. Someone please educate me - brigeet  607.5 #351 6:28AM
That's funny, I was just looking at the photo thinking "who are they!".  Is the dragon Pete's dragon? - beentoallbut1  931.5 #0 6:32AM
The dragon is figment..the others o recognize but cant recall the names - evilemohand  1194.0 #154 6:55AM
Good question! - Ilovegoofy  73.6 #4172 9:05AM
The other characters were from an extinct attraction called Cranium Command that was an audio-animatronic theatre show  that was over at the wonder of life pavilion.  - Dave   13820.4 #4 11:12AM
First trip to USA. Is it okay to ask what part of the world are you from?  Fun TBT pic - Ilovegoofy  73.6 #4172 9:07AM
Scotland:-) - beentoallbut1  931.5 #0 9:18AM
What great memories! - AngiMouse  114.9 #3402 11:37AM

 10364.9 #8 (DL Qual #23

Jun 9, 2016 3:14PM 
#tbt-Blue Bayou menu from 10 years ago. How on earth I ended up with these two gigantic laminated menus I will never know, but my son must've been involved πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜³. Lots of menu changes and definitely price changes.

Pic request of a laminated menu from 10 yrs ago from the blue bayou please - pikarich  6101.8 #22 3:22PM
Let me see what I can doπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ - ShariRenee  10364.9 #8 4:19PM
I like this one with the Pirates on it.  - secretagentangel  6915.2 #17 3:26PM
The back is really cool to! - ShariRenee  10364.9 #8 3:38PM
I had one that they let me keep - disneychu  165.9 #2537 7:53PM
Oh good, my son did not have sticky fingers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - ShariRenee  10364.9 #8 8:43PM
  For sentimental reasons (mom & dad) I still have to eat here every visit... Just a tradition! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• - Dianat710  64.0 #4436 8:47PM
The very best reason! - ShariRenee  10364.9 #8 9:06PM

 2860.8 #50 (DL Qual #30

Jun 9, 2016 9:56AM 
The line to get wristbands for the Beauty & Beast pin today. Also a bit of #TBT for those of us that spent too many nights camped out here.

#thanksshangai #newdtddisney4starhotel - pikarich  6101.8 #22 10:22AM
And we got to try the new disney hotels ahead of time - pikarich  6101.8 #22 10:22AM
Which parking lot is this planned for? - Quiweez  785.1 #249 10:46AM
Downtown disneys parking - pikarich  6101.8 #22 11:40AM
hahahaha yes! new disney hotel = been there, done that! πŸ˜‚ - luxkitty  4181.5 #38 3:45PM
Quiweez it states that the place would be north end of DD parking lot. But the address is 1401 Disney drive, ten acres. I guess they'll add a parking structure on the other half?  - secretagentangel  6915.2 #17 4:06PM
i read a garage would go in for dtd and hotel parking. - MsTikiMermadam  1330.9 #139 8:41PM
LOL - YoPirate  1745.2 #102 10:58AM
I'll never look at that area the same. That was our home for several nights/days last year! πŸ˜‚ - luxkitty  4181.5 #38 1:22PM
Oh my gosh! Those were the days! - TinkerSchelle  2066.1 #82 10:38PM

 272.4 #1195 (DL Qual #834

Jun 9, 2016 9:44AM 
#TBT Big Thunder Ranch 2009. Barbecue with Woody and Jessie. My girls had the best time. There weren't many kids there and it wasn't at all busy so Woody and Jessie spent ages with them dancing and interacting. It was an amazing experience for them and the food was great.

   - DisneyHeidi09  191.3 #2159 9:45AM
- WonkyPilgrim  580.6 #369 10:30AM
- disneybob49  875.6 #218 3:40PM
- brguest85  239.0 #1538 6:29PM

 931.5 #0 ( Qual #96

Jun 9, 2016 9:38AM 
#TBT. From last nights up late question, my Winnie the Pooh mug, which I've had for years. I love my tea in this:-)

 194.0 #2130 (DL Qual #359

Jun 9, 2016 9:34AM 
Donald Duck birthday parade #tbt. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONALD!

- beentoallbut1  931.5 #0 9:41AM
How cool is that!?!? They should have kept doing that for his bday. - acdesigns  38.4 #5478 9:52AM
Right?!  Sweetest thing ever!!the& his  friends.  - Ilovegoofy  73.6 #4172 10:16AM
This is a great picture! I would have loved to see it in person.  - Bassplayerswife  743.2 #276 12:10AM
That is so stinkin cuteπŸ˜€ - SKELLIGIRL  57.6 #4621 11:49AM

 4589.7 #32 (DL Qual #40

Jun 9, 2016 9:17AM 
Today is DONALD's BIRTHDAY! #tbt When Daisy and I were driving Donald nuts on which attraction to go on next! HAPPYπŸŽ‰BIRTHDAY DONALD DUCK!❀️

Payasa - pikarich  6101.8 #22 9:34AM
TΓΊ eres el rey de payaso. - MadameLeota  4589.7 #32 2:16PM
- Ilovegoofy  73.6 #4172 10:17AM
Happy Birthday  - RadiatorSprings4Ever  2046.8 #83 2:18PM

 10364.9 #8 (DL Qual #23

Jun 9, 2016 7:40AM 
#tbt-my brother & I from way back. Special because of my moms faint handwriting on the back, "Billy & Shari at Disneyland"😊

So glad I caught this before I left. You have so many Disney memories. Your mom's writing.😍Is this the brother who is getting married? - RadiatorSprings4Ever  2046.8 #83 7:43AM
RadiatorSprings4Ever, no this is yet another brother, he is just 14 months younger.Β My brother getting married is 3 years younger. - ShariRenee  10364.9 #8 7:59AM
Where are you going? - phillip...  1367.9 #137 8:08AM
phillip..., to the wedding? Montana next week! - ShariRenee  10364.9 #8 8:32AM
Who's going to a wedding? RadiatorSprings4Ever, you said, before I left. I'm so Confused - phillip...  1367.9 #137 12:52PM
phillip...Haha, probably before she left to take her mini's to school is my guess. We forget IG info does not pass to MW sometimes. One of my many brothers is getting married next week and I am going to the wedding in Montana. ;) - ShariRenee  10364.9 #8 2:12PM
 Thank you ShariRenee. You would be correct. I was heading out to the last day of school party. phillip... I tagged you on her IG post. You should be up to speed now.πŸ˜‚ - RadiatorSprings4Ever  2046.8 #83 2:16PM
RadiatorSprings4Ever, haha. I hope the last day party was fun, hello summer! - ShariRenee  10364.9 #8 3:16PM
It was ShariRenee. He is off to 6th grade. - RadiatorSprings4Ever  2046.8 #83 5:20PM
Pic request of a pic of you and your brother at disneyland from your mom when you where little please - pikarich  6101.8 #22 7:57AM
I request a redo of this pic. You'll have to rent two strollers, though.  - phillip...  1367.9 #137 8:08AM
@picarich-nailed it! - ShariRenee  10364.9 #8 8:47AM
I love how you always fill the pic requests - pikarich  6101.8 #22 9:32AM
ShariRenee - pikarich  6101.8 #22 9:33AM
@picarich, you're welcomeπŸ˜‚ - ShariRenee  10364.9 #8 4:03PM
phillip...hmmm not sure about the recreation. ;) - ShariRenee  10364.9 #8 10:26PM
ugh, re creation. Not recreation ;) - ShariRenee  10364.9 #8 10:27PM
Cute picture - makeitbluesaysmerriwether  207.9 #1960 6:00PM
Thank you! - ShariRenee  10364.9 #8 8:10PM
Great memories in that photo! - redsoxcarlos  3337.6 #46 9:10PM
@redsoxcarlos. Yes, thank you! I have so few pics, our house burned down when I was 8 or so & most were lost. - ShariRenee  10364.9 #8 9:54PM

 875.6 #218 (DL Qual #98

Jun 2, 2016 4:15PM 
#TBT Priceless- the look on the face of the taco bell person as I picked up some brekkie at the drive up window on my way to DL. On Big Red of course

Thanked by:   WaltSentMe  
 931.5 #0 ( Qual #96

Jun 2, 2016 11:39AM 
#TBT. My eldest two at ROA in 2005. They are really annoyed that I used to make them dress the same when they were young:-)

I don't blame them!  I hated it when my mom did that to me and my sister (there's a 4 year gap between us)! - DisneyHeidi09  191.3 #2159 12:21PM
😨 I better stop πŸ˜‚ - MARVELus  642.0 #331 12:23PM
I liked it as a kiddo. I always got the blue version and my sis got pinkπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ soo...Make it BLUE!!!πŸ’™πŸ’™ - misschurro...  7452.4 #12 12:29PM
MARVELusπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - RadiatorSprings4Ever  2046.8 #83 4:22PM
MARVELus you still dress like your sibling? - phillip...  1367.9 #137 8:03AM
Aw, I do that sometimes. Although the 8 yr age difference between my kids makes it a little difficult. - MARVELus  642.0 #331 12:23PM
We kinda wanted to dress the same but also kinda didn't want to πŸ‘­ - Spoonful_O_Sugar  632.4 #339 7:47AM
I kinda don't blame them😊😊 - SKELLIGIRL  57.6 #4621 11:30AM

 875.6 #218 (DL Qual #98

Jun 2, 2016 9:09AM 
#TBT Rivers of America. A great spot for viewing FW

Tagged in: Fireworks  Rivers of America  
   Could be BPOTD - disneyforme  496.0 #456 9:13AM
Ohmahgash! This is great! Looks like fiery, sparkly, wheat, arranged all fancy-like πŸ˜„ - WonkyPilgrim  580.6 #369 9:46AM
I always love your descriptions of... well, anything really πŸ˜‰ - MaddForMansion  748.7 #269 4:01PM
MaddForMansion I'm so happy someone can track with my rabbit trails...πŸ˜‚ I wish I could have worked for Trader Joe's. They describe things in a way that I really enjoy. - WonkyPilgrim  580.6 #369 4:10PM
I shop there all the time! Love their Peppermint Joe Joe's πŸ˜‹ - MaddForMansion  748.7 #269 4:13PM
It's just Ray and his peeps,follow the bouncing butts - bonedaddy909  1603.8 #112 11:35PM
Great shot! - redsoxcarlos  3337.6 #46 8:41PM
What a wonderful picture, thank you!I can hear them right now (I actually CAN hear them right now) - dianaaa  48.9 #4980 9:48PM

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