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 2290.9 #85 (DL Qual #64

May 19, 2017 4:14PM 

🎢🎢 - Ilovegoofy  370.4 #712 4:25PM
I love these guys  thanks  - Donald1967  716.7 #330 8:27PM
  - teapotsandteacups  5456.8 #28 11:52PM

 2290.9 #85 (DL Qual #64

Mar 31, 2017 10:56PM 
I tried a couple good desserts and a sandwich at #RedRoseTaverne a while back. Will post the review in the comments. Loved the dec!  More...

- disneyforme  1081.1 #211 11:15PM
I love the chicken sandwich!  - luxkitty  5761.7 #27 11:18PM
they made a really good special menu! - MsTikiMermadam  2290.9 #85 11:21PM
I wish the grey stuff had more raspberry flavor though. I could barely taste it.  - luxkitty  5761.7 #27 11:25PM
I kind of want to try that one - RadiatorSprings4Ever  3624.4 #50 11:36PM
I thought my Grey Stuff had a good amount of raspberry,  maybe there is a quality control issue. - MsTikiMermadam  2290.9 #85 11:45PM
It was a good amount I just couldn't really taste it.  - luxkitty  5761.7 #27 12:11AM
The Lemon Rose Cake is I guess a 'cake' cos there is a tiny bit of cake at the bottom as a support for all the mousse?  dunno.  My photo looks weird cos I think the dessert was room temp,  and kinda deflated.  It still tasted good.  The light lemon flavor was pleasant,  but could not detect any rose flavor in the bit of strawberry inside.  I also forgot to ask if this was vegetarian,  so assume there was gelatin in it.  bummer on me.  bottom line,  pretty desserts in a pretty restaurant are a good thing!  and the sizes are small,  so good for after a meal. - MsTikiMermadam  2290.9 #85 11:44PM
This one as well was "almost"'too pretty to eat. I enjoyed the maybe Oreo cookie with mini chocolate chips bottom that bolstered all that sponge. A CM stopped by my table and told me not to confuse it as a face sponge. Lol it was yummy and again forgot about the veggie qs? Soon I will be plant based and will not partake in any of the goodies. Getting my fill in. Thanks for the review and photos.  - madd4disney  356.1 #0 12:15AM
it is hard to think of there being animal stuff in it,  cos mousse does not traditionally contain gelatin,  etc.  so i do not think to ask.  it comes to mind with savory food all the time.  like,  "is there bacon in it"  "is it made with chicken broth", etc. - MsTikiMermadam  2290.9 #85 4:37AM
oh, yeah, I photod the Mrs. Potts krispy treat just cos it is cute,  did not try it.  - MsTikiMermadam  2290.9 #85 12:04AM

 3417.6 #53 (DL Qual #38

Mar 30, 2017 1:13PM 
It's pretty packed at the #RedRoseTavern #RoseCupWatch

Might be a good time for rides insteadπŸ˜€ - Ilovegoofy  370.4 #712 1:34PM
I'll wait for a few weeks! Thanks for update! - grapesoda  1772.4 #115 1:24PM
I agree. I will wait too! - Witchie77  453.8 #558 1:27PM
@Taunton posted no more Rose cups at Maurice's for 2-3 weeks.  - DisneyDiane316  3417.6 #53 1:46PM
Did they have them at the Tavern still? - picturepassport92  782.4 #292 4:25PM
Didn't ask because I was on my way out and hadn't seen Taunton's post til I left. - DisneyDiane316  3417.6 #53 6:26PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚being fleeced by the mouse and the plastic - Plumiegirl  10907.2 #11 10:07PM

 5098.1 #34 (DL Qual #12

Mar 29, 2017 6:07PM 
Beauty and Her Beast. #RedRoseTaverne

Tagged in: Characters  
Lovely!! - LaPearleNoir  3139.2 #56 10:01AM
Do they have the Red Rose cups still? - DisneyDiane316  3417.6 #53 6:14PM
Yes.  - FrankenWeenieVelinee  5098.1 #34 6:29PM
- jajallen15  16.0 #9177 11:30AM
Such a pretty picture! Beast looks so regal - Hesti4EverAP  586.7 #404 4:53PM

 2290.9 #85 (DL Qual #64

Mar 17, 2017 11:47AM 
the line for #RedRoseTaverne ends by the carrousel. πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€ red rose cups are back in stock. over 2 he wait.

Crazy. It's a cup that will be on a shelf or in a closet in a month...based on my experience anyway.  - msdizmaui  1102.3 #204 12:23PM
Disney gets our money for passes and food, not for junk that's going to get broken, tucked away in a closet, and eventually in the dump when we clean out the closet.  I've probably bought 3 toys in the years we've been passholders and one shirt because my mini had an accident.  - sawman911  5218.4 #31 12:37PM
WOW - notw12  215.4 #1949 11:53AM
No! - grapesoda  1772.4 #115 1:19PM
It's a CUP!!  πŸ˜³ - ihrtdsny  195.5 #2217 4:11PM

 13581.3 #9 (DL Qual #27

Mar 9, 2017 4:58PM 
#FOOD #REDROSETAVERN I had the #Gardenmozzerllaflatbread With Marinated Tomatoes, fresh Mozzerella, Basil, and Tomato Sauce. I also had extra cheese . $8.99 before AP, it was tasty and more filling than I needed. I bought waffle fries for my brother and I too, which ended up being too much food since he had the burger too. The waffle fries are a bit spicy, since I'm a #spicewimp it made my mouth  More...

Tagged in: Food  
The flatbread looks really      I'm a spice wimp too! - DisneyHeidi09  451.8 #566 5:57PM
I asked for extra cheese since the CM said it was more sauce than cheese. I think it would have been ok without extra since they put cheese on the tomatoes too.  - secretagentangel  13581.3 #9 6:03PM
I want to try the flatbread. I had the chicken sandwich and it was really good.  - luxkitty  5761.7 #27 6:03PM
I'm having it again. I've always liked their flatbreads and wondered why they took them away from paradise garden .  - secretagentangel  13581.3 #9 6:53PM
I had that today,it was yummy. Wish I  would have seen you😯happy birthday  eve - picturepassport92  782.4 #292 6:55PM
picturepassport92 you'll catch me sooner or later! Thank you!  - luxkitty  5761.7 #27 7:26PM
- teapotsandteacups  5456.8 #28 12:16AM
that looks good!   - MsTikiMermadam  2290.9 #85 12:35AM

 5098.1 #34 (DL Qual #12

Mar 5, 2017 12:01PM 
For those on #redrosecupwatch. Spoke to a CM and was informed that cups will not be restocked for weeks. As for desserts, the rose cake will be available in the next hour and there is plenty of the grey stuff. :)

Forgot the grey stuff before we left πŸ˜” - DisneyDiane316  3417.6 #53 2:18PM
Oh no!!! Well there's always the next time  - LaPearleNoir  3139.2 #56 3:38PM
We tried but the line was just so ridiculously long. Our plan for the next trip will be to exclusively wait inline for RRT - MaleficentCheshire  547.2 #438 4:28PM
Thanks for the update!  - madd4disney  356.1 #0 12:02PM
I'm picturing you holding a microphone like a roving reporter on assignment.... thank you for that update, now back to our regular programming ...πŸ˜‰ - carminaire  1161.2 #192 8:46PM
hahaha! (i try). - FrankenWeenieVelinee  5098.1 #34 9:10PM
so weird that they did not stock enough rose cups!  seems like they need some APers on a merch panel or something.   - MsTikiMermadam  2290.9 #85 9:22PM

 450.2 #569 (DL Qual #387

Feb 28, 2017 1:56PM 
Over the weekend I tried the Poutine Flat Bread and Gaston's Brew at #RedRoseTavern. I liked the flat bread. It was very filling but was definitely the type of food that you needed to get full bites of all the toppings. On its own, I wasnt a huge fan of the herbs on the flatbread. But once you took a full bite with the fries and gravy, it complimented the herbs well. As for the brew, it wasnt very  More...

Tagged in: Food  
I wanted to try the poutine but got the pulled pork flatbread instead. Glad to see you were able to get your rose cup! πŸ˜€ - DisneyDiane316  3417.6 #53 2:09PM
Yup like the only thing in the history of ever I've gotten before it was sold out πŸ˜‚ - Poisen_Ivy  450.2 #569 2:19PM
So awesome! - DisneyDiane316  3417.6 #53 2:38PM
No dessert😱 - Ilovegoofy  370.4 #712 2:14PM
I tried! Twice!! Lol - Poisen_Ivy  450.2 #569 2:18PM
ugh!!! - MsTikiMermadam  2290.9 #85 10:53PM
i know as a kid it would have been fun to have a frosty "beer".  just like being able to drive in the autopia.   - MsTikiMermadam  2290.9 #85 10:53PM
Thank you for the review!  - LoveTrustPixieDust  12.0 #232 10:55PM

 5098.1 #34 (DL Qual #12

Feb 24, 2017 6:43PM 
The Enchanted Cauliflower Sandwich is delicious! $10.99 before discount and imcludes amazing pomme frites. #RedRoseTaverne

Tagged in: Food  
No thanks, we ate on boat.  - redsoxcarlos  6336.9 #25 11:40PM
Me tooπŸ˜‚ - ShariRenee  14735.0 #6 9:34AM
I would be nervous eating anything called "enchanted"! - jacdanfan  15523.3 #5 11:36AM
lol! - FrankenWeenieVelinee  5098.1 #34 12:35PM
The proof is in the picture - UTDISNEYFAMILY  3268.5 #55 7:05PM
I suspect it will give me "enchanted " tootsπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ’¨πŸ˜ - carminaire  1161.2 #192 4:04PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - DisneyDiane316  3417.6 #53 6:38PM
oh no you di'n't! lol! - FrankenWeenieVelinee  5098.1 #34 7:00PM
You just made me literally LOL! - PeppersGhost  428.8 #597 10:37AM
πŸ˜‚ - DarthFairy  1719.3 #122 11:15AM
Enjoyed the first couple of bites. It's a huge sandwich.  - NotReallyGrumpyBill  1060.4 #214 4:36PM
It is. I tore off some of the bread for ease in eating and to shave off some calories. πŸ˜„ - FrankenWeenieVelinee  5098.1 #34 9:22AM

 2287.8 #86 (DL Qual #128

Feb 23, 2017 6:05PM 

It all looks delicious. Did you try anything? - Bassplayerswife  1267.0 #167 6:08PM
Enjoying the cauli flower sandwich right now, delicious. - richiii3  2287.8 #86 6:10PM
thanks! - FrankenWeenieVelinee  5098.1 #34 6:42PM
would love to try a veggie version of poutine sometime.  trader joe's used to carry cheese curds here.  they actually carried a frozen poutine for a while,  too!   - MsTikiMermadam  2290.9 #85 8:52PM
Do you have a Sprouts nearby?  They have cheese curds!  (Or they have in the past...) - IDVandalSkipperCM  2753.2 #64 9:22PM
Poutine...Yum! - dianeburns1998  168.9 #2593 9:41PM

 15523.3 #5 (DL Qual #31

Dec 11, 2016 3:52PM 
#RedwoodCreek Here is Santa's roof in Redwood Creek. Has treats on it for all his reindeer. Love the details!

How nifty! I love the little details like this - FoolishMortal138  791.3 #286 4:44PM
Love it! - ShariRenee  14735.0 #6 5:55PM
I tried that with my cats. one of them ate hers then went and helped the other cat eat hers - GoofyMom77  1162.9 #191 7:10AM
I love the whole area they made for Santa.  Keep going back there for pictures. - Winnie111286  39923.1 #2 7:14AM

 3417.6 #53 (DL Qual #38

Oct 29, 2016 10:39AM 
The eagle has taken flight #redwoodcreekchallengetrail

great pix!  love all the sculpture in there! - MsTikiMermadam  2290.9 #85 1:48PM
Me too MsTikiMermadam ! They're all so awesome!  - DisneyDiane316  3417.6 #53 8:59PM
Nice! Can't wait to go through there when we're there in December to see the Santa Christmas set-upπŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽ… - SKELLIGIRL  249.1 #1502 3:03PM
Christmas time is beautiful there. You're gonna love it SKELLIGIRL - DisneyDiane316  3417.6 #53 9:00PM

 3490.8 #52 (DL Qual #30

Apr 11, 2015 5:43PM 
Our friend from Canada, soon to be Gomez Adams, first time on RSR's and he's the chosen one!!!!! #redcard

Yeah another Canadian. Such a good ride to boot.  - disneychef  34.5 #0 6:08PM

 39939.9 #1 (DL Qual #120

Mar 10, 2015 3:41PM 
#RedwoodCreekChallengeTrail - from The Millennium Tree

I would run out of envelope with that name. πŸ˜‚ - misschurro  9860.5 #12 4:31PM
AND can you imagine how Randy Newman's song woulda gone?? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - misschurro  9860.5 #12 4:32PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - DisneyGrandma  891.8 #250 4:33PM
We love it!!! - redsoxcarlos  6336.9 #25 6:07AM
redsoxcarlosπŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜ - misschurro  9860.5 #12 6:37AM
But what does it mean? Porciuncula? Sounds like porcupine in Spanish. 😬 - MoChuck  198.3 #2172 3:02PM
Former name for the Los Angeles River. Literally means "small portion of land" - Melody_CM  39939.9 #1 5:56PM

 39939.9 #1 (DL Qual #120

Feb 13, 2015 11:10AM 
#Red - The backside of Red

I love him. Thanks for the pic! β€οΈπŸš’ - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4410.2 #43 11:12AM
Front side is cuter  - Melody_CM  39939.9 #1 12:05PM
Yes. For sure. But we don't see much of him in I'll take what I can get πŸ˜„ - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4410.2 #43 12:06PM
The ladder end (latter end, get it? 😊) - Melody_CM  39939.9 #1 9:18AM
all you gals looking at red's rear end πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - Fantasmicfan1  5416.2 #29 11:20PM
He's smokin' πŸ˜‚ - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4410.2 #43 11:28PM
The ladder end (latter end, get it? 😊) - Melody_CM  39939.9 #1 9:18AM

 1760.1 #118 (DL Qual #111

Jul 30, 2014 6:14PM 
You all know I love to go visit my boy #Red .. This visit was no different😊I thought I'd include a pic with his skull friend whose always lurking over the top of his machine.

- BombFrogFormerCM  1187.6 #183 6:24PM
- ElectricMayhemMom  1768.1 #116 6:49PM
πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ - RadiatorSprings4Ever  3624.4 #50 10:29PM
- UTDISNEYFAMILY  3268.5 #55 10:42PM

 4132.6 #45 (DL Qual #23

Mar 4, 2014 12:13PM 

Such pretty & vibrant colors!! πŸ‘ - apesandmonkeys  6523.5 #24 12:49PM

 4132.6 #45 (DL Qual #23

Nov 19, 2013 3:51PM 

Cool - GrumpyPirateDad  1960.8 #103 3:54PM
😍 - OhanaPhoto  7100.0 #21 4:28PM
Awesome.... - MissLava  127.3 #3271 4:32PM
Nice catch! - erinten  540.0 #447 5:20PM

 1006.7 #229 (DL Qual #124

Sep 15, 2013 5:15PM 
Im in the club WooHoo. 3rd x going Lol but got picked for this special Project right now Lol #REDCARD

love the line.... - Plumiegirl  10907.2 #11 10:57PM
My favorite kind of line! - pamntink  54.2 #4975 9:03AM

Thanked by:   robmurow   joxua   hatgal76   BombFrog-formerCM  
 20.3 #8017 (DL Qual #2264

Sep 12, 2013 3:11AM 
Another fun night at Trader Sam's! Met an AP who convinced me to join MouseWait. Hope to see you again soon, #RedLeader !

Hello and Welcome:) - hatgal76  452.2 #564 4:31AM
That's awesome!! See you around! - carminaire  1161.2 #192 4:44AM
Welcome to MW!!  Who'd ya meet? - misschurro  9860.5 #12 7:28AM
if they met at Trader Sams. they may never remember who they met. - Villescas8  607.0 #390 10:07AM
MrsS? -  1659.5 #125 10:14AM
Thanks everyone! What a pleasant surprise! - SnowBlack  20.3 #8017 10:01AM

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