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 13582.8 #9 (DL Qual #27

Nov 7, 2016 11:51PM 
#DisneystoreMerchandise Ok, I was completely excited for this UP ornament then saw the two saddest words in red - SOLD OUT!!!! Hope they re-stock soon! $10 with the Holiday special going on till Wednesday!

I picked up a couple extra of this one I'd you'd like one @@@secretagentangel - disneygrandma1  2174.0 #2 6:04AM
Always so generous disneygrandma1! - sultan  506.0 #483 6:31AM
You're such a sweetie! I'll look this weekend and then I'll contact you!😘😘😘😘 - secretagentangel  13582.8 #9 8:22AM
stuff can be sold out online but still avail in the park or stores.   - MsTikiMermadam  2295.4 #83 3:08AM
Awesome! Hope it comes back in stock! - SpiritOfAdventure  1085.5 #210 11:42AM
It is adorable. I want one now. Let me know if you see them come back - Quiweez  1367.6 #159 5:52PM

 13582.8 #9 (DL Qual #27

Nov 7, 2016 11:47PM 
#DISNEYSTOREMERCHANDISE Taking a break and shopping for a minute on and what do I see?? A special Limited Edition of 1000 EWOK Plushy set! I love EWOKS! $159.99. Use SHIPMAGIC for free shipping over$75!

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚I was picturing a thousand Ewoks...! That's a lot..!!!😝 - carminaire  1161.7 #192 8:46AM
Hahaha that's how I read it too at first! - Poisen_Ivy  451.8 #567 11:50AM
@DarthTinkerbell  - secretagentangel  13582.8 #9 11:48PM
😱😱😱😱  - DarthTinkerbell  1617.9 #132 9:58AM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚I was picturing a thousand Ewoks...! That's a lot..!!!😝 - carminaire  1161.7 #192 8:46AM
Hahaha that's how I read it too at first! - Poisen_Ivy  451.8 #567 11:50AM
LoveπŸ’• - mmddgp  1951.6 #3 12:03PM

 13582.8 #9 (DL Qual #27

Jun 23, 2016 4:57PM 
#DISNEYSTORE New merchandise! BABY DORY! $9.95 they also have medium size Dory for $19.95 and the otters! -- 30%off #StarWars merchandise also!

- DisneyHeidi09  452.0 #566 5:10PM
OMG I want it !!!  - DisneylandDisneyland  489.2 #506 5:12PM
A-dory-ble!!! - boomom  868.5 #258 11:15PM
I want! So adorable! - tnkrbell82  50.2 #5170 11:53PM

 5766.0 #27 (DL Qual #11

May 5, 2016 12:31AM 
#DisneyStoreOnline Happy Revenge Of The 5th! Fab 5 offers @ today only! Go shop!

I gave yesterday till it hurt.  - jacdanfan  15526.2 #5 7:28AM
Darn you....I shopped again! - glasslipper55  20.8 #7910 12:10PM

 382.8 #681 (DL Qual #228

Jan 5, 2016 2:32PM 
Today i am updating my Tsumtsum collection the bucket on top are all sets from @tsumtsumtuesdays bottom bucket is marvel and "default" tsums from the #disneystore which is your favorite tsum?

I love all my Tsums buts I think my fave sets are the Snow White set and the Little Mermaid set πŸ’•  - EvilPrincess  458.5 #550 2:54PM
I loooove the lion king ones! Can't wait till mine come in the mail 😍😻 - Madgesty  1033.1 #225 10:13PM
I seriously have too many to say which is my fav. I'm waiting for the haunted mansion park exclusives to be released though!  - luxkitty  5766.0 #27 10:27PM
@@luxkitty Any idea on when the HM park exclusives will be released? And I heard something about the Tangled set being released soon, any date on that? - EvilPrincess  458.5 #550 10:42PM
EvilPrincess the HM set should be within the next few weeks. They're most likely just going to pop up with no announcement. No date on Tangled...I'm guessing maybe March? - luxkitty  5766.0 #27 10:46PM

Thanked by:   JediKitty   EvilPrincess   hkpinay   AlyssaDisneyland   luxkitty   tinksmom  
 13582.8 #9 (DL Qual #27

Oct 1, 2015 2:25PM 
#Disneystoresale. For those of you who love all things Tiki and adventure, is having a big sale on the whole line, and all the Christmas nutcrackers seem to be on sale and kids Halloween costumes. Put in SHIPMAGIC in coupon box BEFORE you check out. Disney park subscription pin packs are still available monthly and yearly.

Attention, @MsTikiMermadam! - redsoxcarlos  6337.4 #25 7:44PM
thanks  redsoxcarlos  and  secretagentangel  !! - MsTikiMermadam  2295.4 #83 5:13AM
Also @Plumiegirl! - secretagentangel  13582.8 #9 7:52PM
Thank you! My husband is a lover of all things tiki. - varela2892  110.7 #3608 2:32PM
You're welcome, I bought a few of the miniature Christmas trees to give to my family for presents!  - secretagentangel  13582.8 #9 7:20PM

 2864.0 #60 (DL Qual #47

Aug 17, 2015 10:46AM 
Here is the completer / additional pin for the #Fantasia Framed Set! Uuuugh if only they sell this one by itself, IM GONNA BUY IT! #d23expo #disneystore

Just watched this yesterday. 75 years. Wow! - dsnylvr1975  752.7 #311 3:46PM
they say it is walt disney's magnum opus (even if it is a flop when it was released!). The concept of music video was think by disney way before mtv was born! - otilegna  2864.0 #60 5:23PM

 2864.0 #60 (DL Qual #47

Aug 16, 2015 9:25PM 
with my ever love relationship with Fantasia, I AM SO TEMPTED TO BUY THIS PIN SET, then i see the price! So i am like, im just gonna take a picture :( but it is sooooo pretty! #d23expo #disneystore

So now I want to know how much $? - brigeet  774.0 #299 9:35PM
@brigeet, $1,999.95!!! - otilegna  2864.0 #60 10:06PM
yes! The price is OMG!!! Butnit is so pretty - otilegna  2864.0 #60 11:14PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚that's how I was with one of the NBC ones I saw at a pin convention. My better sense took over and I snapped some pics of it😍 - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  1597.3 #134 1:41AM
Yay!!! They dont offer a print/litho, so might just get a pic! (Probably im the only one taking pic inside). - otilegna  2864.0 #60 7:40AM

Thanked by:   brigeet   princessb5   suzieq65   LuvsDisney4ever   Witchie77   jacdanfan  
 246.6 #1536 (DL Qual #357

Aug 4, 2015 7:37AM 
Ladies..Spotted this lovely crime-fighting Avenger Dooney online #Disneystore

  'Super' cute!!!!!!  LOVE it!!!! - valj84DisneyDeppAddict  408.8 #635 7:43AM
I'm glad Johnny approves lol😘 - SnowKitty  246.6 #1536 7:47AM
this bag is one of my favorites. I have not rotated out of it. I love it. - Plumiegirl  10907.4 #11 9:39AM
Cute! - missprincesz  3.1 #41239 2:36PM
I've been contemplating getting this one  - ThorIsMyThunderBuddy  121.1 #3393 5:01PM
Do it!!❀ It's adorable😍  - SnowKitty  246.6 #1536 9:45PM
It's beyond adorable. It's everything I love. Bright colors and avengers but idk if I can justify it. I just bought all haunted mansion dooney at disney world last month  - ThorIsMyThunderBuddy  121.1 #3393 10:06PM
I hear man is like I just bought you a DooneyπŸ™ˆ But in the words of Ariel "I want mooore!"🎢 - SnowKitty  246.6 #1536 3:43AM

 2295.4 #83 (DL Qual #64

Jul 13, 2015 7:41PM 
Here is a coupon for the #DisneyStore It says on the back that it can shared, and you only have to show an image of it to get the discount. Happy Shopping!

Thank You!!!!! - Mypuppluto  22.6 #7611 7:55PM
Thank you for sharing - tina7321  401.1 #649 9:14PM
Awesome! Thanks for sharing! - DarthTinkerbell  1617.9 #132 11:05AM
Thnxs - buzzgoneyear92  382.8 #681 11:08AM

 1433.8 #150 (DL Qual #106

Dec 26, 2013 8:22AM 
Disney Store's Twice Upon a Year Sale is going on now - and I just bought this whole set for $9.89 each - (I paid with my Disney Visa to get an extra 10% off!) I'm so excited because I've been eyeing this collection since August and couldn't bring myself to pay $22.95 each and I couldn't make a decision on just two or three! Hurry sale ends soon!! #disneystore #sale

Wow what a steal! - TheDroidYouAreLookingFor  480.2 #517 9:52AM
I love when that happens!!! Congrats!!! It's sooo "ON" next X-Mas!!! - dizneegrl  111.9 #3583 9:56AM
Check out the Twice Upon a Year Sale now! - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1433.8 #150 8:08AM

 533.7 #456 (DL Qual #988

Dec 23, 2013 4:25AM 
Ok ladies... It's baaaaaaack!!! #hauntedmansiondooney

Well I heard it's already sold out.  - Melli_mo  533.7 #456 7:26AM
Yep...sold out! - luxkitty  5766.0 #27 11:52PM

 359.9 #747 (DL Qual #912

Nov 20, 2013 11:12AM 
#Disneystore Hey everyone!! They are having a 10% off Dooney and Bourke collection @ the Disney Store! The code is DOONEY10. Happy Shopping! (And I checked on the HM purse and it's not on the site 😁)

I just used it  - Cinderellaaa  165.2 #2654 11:30AM

Thanked by:   TheDroidYouAreLookingFor   teach67  
 4737.7 #39 (DL Qual #24

Nov 19, 2013 9:03AM 
#DisneyStoreSale. Toy sale at, including the adorable IASW dolls for $25. They each play the song in both English and their native language! How cute is that? Sale through Thursday. FREE SHIPPING with code PARKFREE, through tonight.

I may have to get the Hawaiian one for my daughter, since we're going to Hawaii for the first time! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  731.4 #326 9:57AM
Thanks for posting this! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  731.4 #326 11:13AM
 I like the it's a small world dolls but don't have a place to keep them - Disneyprincessvmk  79.0 #4224 10:19AM

 359.9 #747 (DL Qual #912

Oct 8, 2013 2:52PM 
#DISNEYSTORE Hey Everyone! I just wanted to share this with you. Free shipping at the through Thursday! Now you can get all your Halloween stuff just in time!! Enjoy! The code is FREESHIP.

Thanks! My Disney store closed so this is a good offer when it comes up. - RadiatorSprings4Ever  3625.3 #50 8:29PM
You're very welcome!  - leftmyheartinwonderland  359.9 #747 8:56PM
Thanks for the reminder! Finally pulled the trigger on the princess Tiana earhat ornament on sale I been wanted to get :) - lohofosho  785.0 #290 10:03PM
Art of Ariel sweater and notecards goneπŸ˜” at least I finally was able to order my randy and TLM vinylmation.  - princessb5  193.0 #2248 10:59PM

 359.9 #747 (DL Qual #912

Sep 30, 2013 10:33AM 
#Disneystore Hey Everyone! I posted earlier about the Dooney and Burke Haunted Mansion purse on Unfortunately I didn't check if it was available and I tried adding to my cart but it said it wasn't available for purchase. I want to apologize if people tried to purchase it. Sorry again! I will keep checking on it and let you know when it is available for purchase. I deleted the orig  More...

:(  I think it's sold out. The same thing happened to me last week when I tried to buy the Haunted Mansion ear ornaments. It won't let you add it to the cart. So I called The Disney Store customer service line and they said that when you can't add items to your cart, it's because they are sold out. They should change statuses though to save people grief. - harleyquinnparis  66.2 #4548 10:44AM
I agree, I have had that happen to me when trying to make purchases. The listing makes it seem like the item is available. Then you try to put it in your cart. The moment the items sell out, they need to put "sold out" on the item page right away. - Lelundrial  1094.4 #206 10:47AM
Thank you so much for this information. I didn't even think to check to see if it was available I just got so excited when I saw it online.  - leftmyheartinwonderland  359.9 #747 10:49AM
I have purchased LE items and even received confirmation emails on a few things, only to get an email days later that says that they oversold the item and I wouldn't be receiving the product. It's really crazy that they don't have a better way of handling these things.   - Spoonful_O_Sugar  713.5 #333 10:50AM
I know. I kept checking the website over the weekend to try to buy the ornament. It showed up and it looked like you could add it to your cart and every time I tried - bam - you cannot add to your cart. They finally took it down from the site today. Took them long enough. I hope they at least update the bag listing - it gets people all excited only to be crushed. - harleyquinnparis  66.2 #4548 10:57AM
I was so excited! And then I shared it with MW and I tried to buy it and then nothing. I am disappointed but I'm on too of that purse now!! πŸ˜„ - leftmyheartinwonderland  359.9 #747 12:26PM
I think a lot of people must have called them about the bag too because they've added a "Sold Out" on the item when you click on it. I did hear they'd be getting more at some point at Vault 28 but no idea as to when. - harleyquinnparis  66.2 #4548 3:28PM
Do you have a direct link to the page it is on in the store? I can't even find it! - nkushch  236.0 #1668 10:16AM

 359.9 #747 (DL Qual #912

Sep 30, 2013 10:04AM 
#Disneystore Hey everyone! I was browsing through and look what I found! The Dooney and Burke Haunted Mansion purse!! It's $330 and available as of this morning. Happy Shopping! :)

Ahhhh why!!!!! I don't get paid till Friday!!! 😫😫 - CourtyAstroBlisters  848.4 #265 10:12AM
Pretty pretty purse ! Come to mama ! That's really cute ! I like this one better than others !  - jmza4  325.0 #31532 10:17AM

Thanked by:   CourtyAstroBlisters   DisneyRose  
 359.9 #747 (DL Qual #912

Sep 13, 2013 11:26AM 
#DISNEYSTORE Hey everyone! For those unable to attend the Friday the 13th event I just wanted to share that the Unleash the Villains shirts are available at now through Thursday. They are $27.95 and have either Disneyland or Disneyworld on the front. Happy Shopping!

 359.9 #747 (DL Qual #912

Aug 19, 2013 11:25AM 
#Disneystore The Art of Ariel merchandise is out at my Disney Store in N. California. They have 3 different cups (12.95), pen ($12.95), a journal (12.95) hoodie ($49.95)iPhone 5 case ($19.95)and a stationary set. (unsure of price)They also have the Little Mermaid vinyls too.

I found these at the Disney store in Daly City at Serramonte. I just called the store in downtown San Francisco and they have it as well. - leftmyheartinwonderland  359.9 #747 1:28PM
They are online too! Sorry for the multiple posts! - leftmyheartinwonderland  359.9 #747 1:33PM
Pretty! - Geekery  409.4 #632 11:28AM
I found these at the Disney store in Daly City at Serramonte. I just called the store in downtown San Francisco and they have it as well. - leftmyheartinwonderland  359.9 #747 1:28PM
They are online too! Sorry for the multiple posts! - leftmyheartinwonderland  359.9 #747 1:33PM
😱😱😱I need that phone case! My mini would go NUTS!!! - RCmom  5235.3 #30 1:32PM

 395.4 #659 (DL Qual #2135

Nov 9, 2010 12:35PM 
FYI!!......(from facebook) Tweet, tweet! Here's your chance to win a $50 gift card and have your picture featured on the Times Square Disney Store billboard! Tweet a picture of yourself in Mickey Ears to @DisneyStore using #DisneyStoreNYC to enter to win!

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