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May 3, 2017 11:23AM 
#breakingnews a special pay event preview for gotg mission breakout per Disney blog. only $150

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You CAN WEAR a costume, ride all 6 variations of the ride, special photo ops and special characters apperances, learn to draw super heroes, music ,dancing, a panel discussion ,special merchandise and you also get a 15 dollar food voucher  - pikaplaid  8328.9 #16 11:26AM
Event is on Friday may 26 from 7pm to 1 am. PARKING IS NOT INCLUDED and parking is a mickey and friends . You are not permitted to wear a costume before the event and if you enter dca before hand this is per disneys blog.  - pikaplaid  8328.9 #16 11:30AM
So you have to pay $7/$11/$15 more for a locker? πŸ€” - misschurro  10076.3 #12 11:35AM
Inserts locker stitcker here!!! - pikaplaid  8328.9 #16 11:36AM
Borrow my stroller misschurro. Isn't that memorial weekend too! Sounds fun! SorcererD91 - secretagentangel  15179.5 #6 12:43PM
Yup thats memorial day weekend. Thats why I'm getting the heck out of there Friday lol - Poisen_Ivy  464.0 #555 12:45PM
secretagentangel misschurro Here you go... kid not included. *Actual product  may be larger than sticker* - Ilovegoofy  536.9 #458 3:07PM
Kinda miss those stroller days πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Ilovegoofy #cupholder - misschurro  10076.3 #12 5:00PM
People to boycott this . Disney greed is getting out hand. Cars land  preview was only 75 and it offered a lot more.  - BillE  475.2 #534 3:58PM
Unfortunately Disney has shifted more to pay event and less ap free ones.last year there where alot of survey asking if you would be willi g to pay for advanced stuff or special events and with the success of tot, and msep paid preview they will continue to do this more . I just did a survey yesterday asking me about the food and wine festival and took 25 minutes part of it was asking ever specific food and drink ,what I bought, liked ,or didn't  - pikaplaid  8328.9 #16 4:58PM
I only paid $50 for Cars Land preview - UTDISNEYFAMILY  3415.0 #54 5:28PM
People to boycott this . Disney greed is getting out hand. Cars land  preview was only 75 and it offered a lot more.  - BillE  475.2 #534 3:58PM
Unfortunately Disney has shifted more to pay event and less ap free ones.last year there where alot of survey asking if you would be willi g to pay for advanced stuff or special events and with the success of tot, and msep paid preview they will continue to do this more . I just did a survey yesterday asking me about the food and wine festival and took 25 minutes part of it was asking ever specific food and drink ,what I bought, liked ,or didn't  - pikaplaid  8328.9 #16 4:58PM
I only paid $50 for Cars Land preview - UTDISNEYFAMILY  3415.0 #54 5:28PM
@@MadameLeota tickets have been sold out but this is the event I was referring to.  - RadiatorSprings4Ever  3842.1 #48 4:22PM
Thanks RadiatorSprings4Ever this article is interesting and disgusting at the same time. πŸ€”πŸ˜ - MadameLeota  4768.8 #38 4:28PM

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May 12, 2016 4:46PM 
#BreakingNews: According to WDWNewsToday, "Disney announced today that they will cease all sales of the bills on Saturday. Of course, all existing Disney Dollars will continue to be accepted at Disney locations as they do not expire. From Disney Dining

I wish I would have picked more up in March.  I kept saying I'll get some tomorrow and never did.  - disneygrandma1  2313.0 #2 8:58PM
Bummer!  πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ - Dianat710  212.9 #1994 6:09PM
Agree - Winnie111286  41661.2 #2 10:48PM
sad - adventuremickey  285.3 #1161 7:06AM
Too bad I was going to get some for my grand daughter in October when we were going to take her for her first visit. Sad.  - calme2  49.4 #111 10:12AM

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May 3, 2016 2:58PM 
#BreakingNews !!! Oh boy this Just in the boats are running!!!

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My ship has come in! - Ilovegoofy  536.9 #458 6:32PM
This post has been moved to Disneyland Resort News - MouseWaitOfficialAccount 5:17PM
- sheridanrabbit  1326.2 #162 5:40PM
Looks fresh, 10 days later πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - misschurro  10076.3 #12 8:51AM

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Apr 20, 2016 8:17PM 
#breakingNews #NEWS LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (KABC) -- Move over Ariel, Jasmine and Snow White, Disney is getting a new princess. Her name is Princess Elena of Avalor and her character is inspired by diverse Latin cultures. The bold, caring and funny 16-year-old princess will be making her debut at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in August and at Disney California Adventure sometime in t  More...

Whooooo woooo! AWESOME NAME!πŸ˜‚ - MadameLeota  4768.8 #38 8:59PM
I'm mexican , and can't believe it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but it was only a matter of time so good job Disney.  - pikaplaid  8328.9 #16 8:55PM
Ok, so This doesn't tell me much besides that fact that she has "Latin cultures". I wanna know what her story is.  -  1680.1 #125 5:41PM
Sounds like a fantasy country somewhere in the Spanish countries? 😜I hope they make this land close to or in to Spain or Mexico or something. Her story comes out this summer.  - secretagentangel  15179.5 #6 6:05PM
Interesting! Can't wait to see what is next!  - RetroDisneyPins2002  70.9 #4429 6:13PM

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Apr 19, 2016 7:23PM 
#breaking now he's a sneak peak at soaring over the world clip that has been released and also for wdw version due to the potential demand wait they will be getting a 3rd screen for the ride. no plans for ca version for this .

Disney Dining has the video. Doesn't belong in DCA. - Winnie111286  41661.2 #2 7:38PM
I think it's something different, but not a huge fan  - DisneylandDisneyland  489.2 #513 8:27PM
I think I can see my place.  - AussiePirateKing  17.9 #8673 2:09AM
Thanks for sharing. I hope the soundtrack is just as great as the original :) - Madgesty  1067.3 #216 11:01PM
I think I can see my place.  - AussiePirateKing  17.9 #8673 2:09AM

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Oct 7, 2015 5:50PM 
Omg!!! ShellieMay is finally available at Disneyland!! I just received this as a text message! (Thanks to whoever originally posted this & to the one who sent it to me!) if I wasn't at work I would be rushing down there to get her!!! #BreakingDuffyNews!!

oh my she is adorable - mmddgp  1984.2 #3 6:29PM
Omg I saw that this morning! I was so happy, I hope they bring her character here too!  - emilyeem  179.8 #2419 6:29PM
cute! - MsTikiMermadam  2527.8 #72 12:39AM
You totally lucked out as its release date is Oct 20th and they accidentally put them out at Emporium. They pulled them and have them in back til the 20th - bugsmom1208  221.4 #1874 5:50PM

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Apr 1, 2014 8:17PM 
New veggie burger at carnation this week #breakingNews #limitedTimeMagic

Okay, I am loving the Mickey ears bun!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ - apesandmonkeys  6523.5 #25 8:19PM
I'm guessing April Fools but that would be super cute πŸ˜‚ - apesandmonkeys  6523.5 #25 8:20PM
Seriously?!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚you're killing me! - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  1605.3 #135 8:19PM
Anyone that eats this has some serious balls! - DLKenCA  3768.3 #50 8:36PM
Dave you are full of giggles today! - MinnieMyLove  254.4 #1455 8:42PM

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Feb 1, 2014 11:09PM 
#NEWS Whilst on Mark Twain's last voyage of the night, I noticed that #Fantasmic! is getting upgraded to LED-illuminated fountains like World of Color! Notice the leftmost fountain in this picture is already illuminated for testing. Can't wait for the show to return on the 14th! #breakingnews

πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ - SPandEvLover  4846.1 #36 11:36PM
I've searched numerous Disney news sites and could find no mention of the new LED fountain nozzles or any other specific details for this refurbishment, so I'll just quietly claim to have broken the news. I'm sure more people know about it, but I don't see much chatter about it anywhere. - brian!  286.0 #1151 3:35PM
Thanks for posting! - Admin 1:47PM
Oh awesomeness ! Way better! - Mikesaxclar  861.0 #263 7:58AM

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Jun 21, 2013 9:16PM 
#breakingnews Starbucks coming to Main Street fall 2013. So sad I have to say goodbye to my cinnamon tea latte:( any one know where I can get it? I already tried jolly holiday and no luck :(

I know you're being helpful... And that's awesome, but this isn't really breaking news. This has been news to the lounge since the beginning of the year. Thank you anyway though. 😁 - Waites4DodgerEars_CM  1002.5 #231 11:34PM
Please don't be upset with anyone's comments, it's really is just teasing. You'll find a lot of sarcasm and joking around in the lounge but they are not meant to be mean. Many, many MWers are wonderful people. So please don't take any to heart. It's pretty hard to beat some MWers to breaking news, I've tried but someone's always to steps ahead. This is what I do now, I'll do a search 1st to see if its already been posted. Good luck in the lounge and have fun here. - dumbbunny  627.7 #381 12:05AM
Well said! Ok, you can be my friend forever now. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ btw GheeButtersnaps is making me sit on the Rock of Shame because I don't like Joe Monigiallo or whatever he is. LOL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - Cinderella_Schnooks  3511.8 #53 12:12AM
Lol schnooks! Omg my sis is in love with Joe. Watch Magic Mike and maybe you'll "grow" to love himπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - dumbbunny  627.7 #381 12:17AM
Oh yeah! MWers here are super fast with breaking news! πŸ‘ - KladiaDisneyNinja  292.5 #1104 12:24AM
I'm not watching that movie! LOL I had a free rental one night and it lasted 3 hours in my house before I told hubby to return it at work. I don't like male dancers at alllllllll. We did drunk karaoke at my bachelorette party. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - Cinderella_Schnooks  3511.8 #53 12:25AM
C'mon Schnooks watch it. John can pick up a few moves for ya! I don't care for male dancers myself but HOLY MOLY CHANNING TATUM! - dumbbunny  627.7 #381 12:32AM
I can't because I don't like Channing Tatum's ears. Seriously!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚And I don't like buff guys. I'm more of a regular in shape girl. LOL Not gonna happen. - Cinderella_Schnooks  3511.8 #53 12:39AM
Why schnooks, why did you bring up his ears!?! Now I'm gonna look at his ears. I don't care for the whole "ripped" look either but them moves he does...OMG! - dumbbunny  627.7 #381 12:43AM
now everyone is going to look at his ears!! haha! I am still trying to figure out who that joe guy is but I actually like guys a bit More in shape, but maybe it is just the beard, I am not a beard person!! - secretagentangel  15179.5 #6 1:09AM
SAA He's in Magic Mike and is a werewolf in True Blood. He is good lookin but I'll leave him to my sister. Lol. - dumbbunny  627.7 #381 1:38AM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Mrs. Schnooks, try What to Expect When You're Expecting. Joe is still shirtless and no male exotic dancers! Plus the movie is pretty funny! - preggoprincess  238.3 #1649 11:09AM
This is news to me, so thank you πŸ˜‰ - MerryUnbirthday  51.3 #5124 11:53AM
Welcome!! Glad my post ended up being useful to you lol - cinderELI  20.1 #8118 2:13PM
Oh I hope I didn't offend anyone :( I was just commenting how I loved the latte and I would be looking all over for it. - disneygirl11  37.3 #5877 3:34PM

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Apr 3, 2013 12:34PM 
#BREAKINGNEWS Early Registration has now begun for next years Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend at Run Disney or

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I wonder if registration for Tink will open soon since its the weekend after. - MXPrincess399  817.4 #280 1:45PM

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Nov 7, 2012 4:38PM 
#BREAKING NEWS!!! Bacon-wrapped Shrimp is BACK on the dinner menu at Carthay Circle!!! I guess our complaining to the chef paid off!!! Get it while you can!!! It's to die for!!!!!!

Yay Cass! - SUUZinOCretiredPLAID  1036.1 #225 5:00PM
hallelujah !!! I wonder if our talk with master chef had something to do with this!!!!! - BooEve123  800.9 #285 5:04PM
You charmed the Chef😍😍😍 - SUUZinOCretiredPLAID  1036.1 #225 5:14PM
Oh yeah!!! Reservations (1st time!) in December, so this makes me happy πŸ‘ - tdashgirl  320.4 #925 5:47PM
Every time I see that title "fins & shells" I can't help thinking Nemo and his friends - Plumiegirl  10912.5 #11 9:46PM

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Nov 5, 2012 7:55AM 
##Breaking News Mouse Wait. KTLA is having a Holiday contest in which DCA will be closed to the Public from 9-1 on November 15th. Out of towners plan accordingly. MAJOR CORRECTION. SORRY FOR THE MISINFORMATION SEE BELOW

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MAJOR CORRECTION. SORRY FOR THE MISINFORMATION. Each winner will receive admission to the KOST 103.5 Holiday Kick-Off Party at Disney California Adventure Park, 1313 S. Disneyland Dr., Anaheim, CA 92802 on November 15, 2010 from 9:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. Sorry but Sam didn't specify during the broadcast. I researched it and copied this link. Both parks close at 8PM so no one will be affected. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #253 12:24PM
CMs are affected :P - BaseballMickey  9257.8 #14 12:28PM
Yeah... CMs will have to work late. - BCC  4783.2 #37 12:38PM
2010? 😳 Time machine!!! πŸ˜„ - splashie  34.0 #6167 1:12PM
Let's do the time warp! - fairyshley  479.8 #525 1:28PM
I just wrote a scathing email to Sam Rubin at KTLA - splashphotoCM  885.6 #253 2:03PM
I wrote a scathing e-mail to Sam Rubin. - splashphotoCM  885.6 #253 2:14PM
2010? - EmperorsHandLelundrial  1106.1 #207 2:24PM
Thank you! I have dish and I pay extra for KTLA just so I can pretend I'm closer to everything. Haha. - DisneylandGirl  378.3 #701 8:08AM
I got to go to the party a couple years ago in Disneyland. It was amazing! No lines and Christmas music was being piped through the whole park. Jealous of those who get to go. - LaneSparrow316  847.0 #268 2:28PM
Thank you so much for sharing this info yesterday. I actually received an email today saying I had won. I owe it all to you. - aidensmama  340.3 #815 8:18PM

 1162.9 #194 (DL Qual #133

Aug 18, 2012 8:56AM 
#Breaking News. Accoriding to DL facebook, you can now book your priate makeover at the temporary Pirates League. First appointments are on September 1st. The packages are the First Mate: look like Capt. Jack Sparrow, a sekeleton priate, or Capt. Hook. Jake and the Neverland priate: look like Jake from the TV show. And the Empress: designed for the pirate princesses. All packages come with  More...

Wow! This sounds FUN! Thanks for the info! - Duchess_SMK  6634.7 #24 9:59AM
bumping for the night time crew - GoofyMom77  1162.9 #194 10:04PM

Thanked by:   559MickeyLover   Duchess_SMK  
 2753.8 #64 (DL Qual #73

Aug 4, 2012 8:48AM 
Reminder for those in the park this weekend! Indiana Jones will be closing on Tuesday, September 4th. Ride it while you can! Keep in mind as well that Casey Jr. and Storybook Land also close on this day. Enjoy them this weekend! ##BREAKING NEWS. Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye will be closed September 4-December 8, 2012 for repairs and refurbishments! Sorry about the  More...

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Wow that's a long time. A long vacation for Dr Jones - BaseballMickey  9257.8 #14 8:51AM
A MUCH NEEDED vacation. 😊😊 - IDVandalSkipperCM  2753.8 #64 8:53AM
^^^This - MyPark  1298.8 #165 9:33AM
Bummer :( but thanks for the news! - DisneyByMarco  1421.8 #153 9:08AM
Total bummer! - SquishyGlamazon  115.5 #3520 10:45AM
Wow! That's such a long time πŸ˜” - disneykimmi  117.0 #3484 10:46PM
Reminder bump for Labor Day weekend! It closes on Tuesday for 3 months! - IDVandalSkipperCM  2753.8 #64 12:24PM

 1653.3 #128 (DL Qual #199

Jul 13, 2012 4:19PM 
NOT my picture #BreakingNews deuce.

I treat all my FP like that 😱 - Villescas8  607.0 #396 4:22PM
Wow! Crowds must be low today or it's a Friday the 13th thing - BaseballMickey  9257.8 #14 4:22PM
Wow!! That is crazyyyyy - Armenda  1186.0 #186 8:10AM
Interesting! - vegasbrat  435.4 #592 11:02AM

 1653.3 #128 (DL Qual #199

Jul 13, 2012 3:36PM 
#Breaking News! Maybe. I'm too lazy to search. It would seem that FastPasses for today are good 4:00-11:00 PM. Hope it's true for you Friday the 13th park visitors. Please do not destroy me.

True? False? - Butterlina  1653.3 #128 3:38PM
Crimeneeeeee. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. - Butterlina  1653.3 #128 3:46PM
I don't know, but that would be great! 😊 - DisneyFanZoe  1249.3 #170 3:48PM
I may or may not have snagged a picture of five fasty passes that are dated today. Allegedly. - Butterlina  1653.3 #128 3:57PM

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 766.3 #308 (DL Qual #372

Jun 15, 2012 6:45AM 
#Breaking News: I'm guessing some of you campers may need this info today. Only baby care remains at the wharf area.

Awesome! I need my nap today. - MayBie  1885.6 #109 6:54AM
Mimis time - CptKirk  766.3 #308 10:37AM

 703.0 #340 (DL Qual #573

Jun 7, 2012 11:15AM 
#BREAKING NEWS The citizens of Buena Vista Street have began to make short and brief appearances around Carthay Circle Theater.

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Apparently each character has a back story!!! The lady in the bottom left picture is a photographer who just arrived from Mexico City. She's on a world tour photographing the most beautiful places of the world. She says she is currently on her way to Hollywood to photograph the most beautiful people. She asked me what my name was. I told her it was RB. She said she dated an RB while she was in Italy, his name was Roberto Bravalli. Very funny characters!!! I'm excited!!! - rbeezy  703.0 #340 11:31AM
Wow that is really funny - HanLostLeia  1098.3 #209 11:35AM
Cool!! - Charlie_Mouse  273.4 #1289 11:51AM
Of course they all have a backstory! Disney storytelling at its best - BaseballMickey  9257.8 #14 11:55AM
love this...thanks for the update - Dave   13924.0 #9 11:58AM
Nice - titanicman11  3.1 #41216 11:03PM
That's pretty cool!! I just hope we aren't always being intercepted by them as we are just trying to walk around... - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4410.2 #43 2:54PM
Ooooh. Yeah. Like carnies at the county fair when you try to walk down the aisle of carnival games. - LaneSparrow316  847.0 #268 3:00PM
Or wonderland, waylaid by the momeraths or the bird with glasses for eyes lol - cesium55  531.8 #467 8:02PM
See, I wouldn't mind that as much. lol - LaneSparrow316  847.0 #268 11:28AM
I MUST take a picture with the police officer.  Haha! - NotNKansasAnymor  283.8 #1180 11:27AM
Can't wait to see it - lisaw  240.4 #1628 11:38AM

 1868.2 #110 (DL Qual #93

May 9, 2012 2:43PM 
#Breaking news! Sofia Vergara, star of Modern Family and on the special disneyland episode tonight, is single!!!!!!

Too bad you are not! - Deltachiq  1244.4 #172 2:46PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - nicoleface  1753.2 #120 2:48PM
Wait, now you're not single?! Lol, that didn't take long! πŸ˜‚ - Spoonful_O_Sugar  718.9 #335 3:10PM
And? Come back when you have news of Ryan Reynolds or Alex O'Loughlin being single and waiting for me 😁 - KissDclown  1089.2 #212 2:49PM
She has such a beautiful accent. I bet my name will sound like "Neek" when she says it. "Hi Neek, what time are we going to dinner"? - madsdad  1868.2 #110 2:58PM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - ScubaSteve028  835.5 #271 3:09PM
It would sound more like "denner" - MarshaMouse  5058.3 #35 3:13PM
She's a beautiful women, hot to trot - MarshaMouse  5058.3 #35 3:14PM

 460.3 #562 (DL Qual #512

May 1, 2012 10:14AM 
#BREAKING NEWS - DCA Preview Event Sweepstakes! Enter by May 24 for your chance to preview Cars Land before it opens to the general public on June 15. Enter the sweepstakes here: . Good luck everyone!

This is awesome! Im upset because I get to the resort on the 12th so I will just miss this awesome opportunity! - robman97  376.2 #707 10:19AM
...enter anyway. If you win maybe you can come a day early! =) - EpicDio  460.3 #562 10:27AM
I wish I could but I would have to change my flight, don't really want to go through with the hassle. Im hoping that they might add another day. - robman97  376.2 #707 10:36AM
Also congrats on being the first to post this! - robman97  376.2 #707 10:37AM
I just saw that and entered :) - Nicole  380.2 #693 10:28AM
Good luck! It'd be awesome if a bunch of MWer's won and we could host a meetup! - EpicDio  460.3 #562 10:29AM
yay finally!! Sucks not finding out until June 4th, but if we get chosen we will just have to make it happen - Linzee  2148.4 #91 10:29AM
Agree! =) - EpicDio  460.3 #562 10:34AM

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