lakers unofficial
 244.5 #1291 (DL Qual #313

Sep 19, 2014 4:23AM 
Tour #6: Of course Carsland is a featured stop on the Tour. You get to learn some of John Lasseter's history - from Disney animator, to Pixar creator & innovator, to dreamer of Carsland USA. Fun fact - John once took his large family on a Route 66 road trip in an RV where he got lots of ideas and inspiration for the wonders of Carsland! Can you imagine a road trip with five kids?! Also, the r  More...
- minniemonika  86.8 #0 6:41AM
My favorite! Thank you! 😍😍 - RadiatorSprings4Ever  823.7 #189 7:42AM
Did you mean for Cars not Cars2? Because Flo's was shown in the first film long before Cars 2 was released. - Donaldfan_532  231.5 #1456 8:32AM
He said the Flos in Cars is different than the Flos in Cars 2.  Apparently the one in Cars 2 is an expanded design.  I haven't gone back and checked.  Trust but verify! - poppinspenguin  244.5 #1291 9:33AM
Thanks! for the cool info. You are helping me to want to take the tour for sure. - keepmovingforward  109.6 #3244 9:32AM

 52.7 #4262 (DL Qual #893

Jul 22, 2014 11:40PM 
β˜†β˜†β˜†RAKβ˜†β˜†β˜† #1 Hold the door open for the person behind you. #2 Introduce yourself. Make new colleagues, classmates, etc. feel welcome. #3 Clean out all your old clothes and donate them to someone in need. Your old is someone else?s new. #4 Write a positive Yelp review about a local business you like. #5 Listen intently to people?s stories without trying to fix everything. #6 Donate bloo  More...
I actually did 1, 2 and 5 today! Although I am a bartender so being friendly is kind of my job! I have been working on 14 for weeks with my BFF! I want her to train with me for a Disney run!Also, I donated some electronics to be recycled on Monday so I'm in a role this week! - WallSchmee  82.9 #3636 12:04AM
I love it amazing! Go for it! #14  - MinnieMaddiesMommie  52.7 #4262 12:10AM
I just gave two of my buddies 45 day trial memberships to my gym so we will see how it goes! I love the concept behind this RAK! I love the idea of people being nice just to make the world a little nicer!!  - WallSchmee  82.9 #3636 12:12AM
#3 please add me and thank you for such a beautiful rak !! - MermaidLei  284.9 #898 12:58AM
Hello to ALL I will be picking a winner Friday! :) thank you everyone! - MinnieMaddiesMommie  52.7 #4262 5:43PM
The winner has been posted on my latest post :)   - MinnieMaddiesMommie  52.7 #4262 11:31AM

 408.7 #466 (DL Qual #240

Apr 13, 2014 7:26PM 
RAK winner is #6!
@@ILuvSleepingBeauty!!! Congrats! You won my RAK!  Please DM me and let me know if you want to meet in parks or mail and also let me know if you want Cinderella side showing or the castle side showing! - zenderella  408.7 #466 7:29PM
Congrats!! - Dopeygirl78  138.7 #2754 7:30PM
Hurray congratulations :) - missymel  35.2 #4938 10:36AM
Thanks everyone! - ILuvSleepingBeauty  201.9 #1848 10:36AM

 6.7 #12405 (DL Qual #4341

Feb 23, 2014 12:17PM 
Day #6 Dear Diary: The high-pitched chords of echoes vibrate the walls from the tinkering along Thunder Railroads tracks. Maybe I'll be released someday, and when I do I hope to enjoy it's curves again. Tonight was confusing; Minnie decided to give me the key. I was thrilled, then realized her kindness was entrapped by her own design: it was the key from POTC scene with the dog. The only key she   More...

 6.0 #13486 (DL Qual #4273

Jan 5, 2014 10:07AM 
Who's visiting the park today??? I've got this bad boy to give out to anyone who can find me in front of the largest landmark in this park which consists of one amazing moving vessel around the park:) need to know how to find me? That's the easiest part! My favorite character is an experiment...#626 to be exact;) if you can find me, the code to receiving this bad boy is Donald ducks middle name! G  More...
Oh yes! I will be in this location before the first parade starts today!  - gia7  6.0 #13486 10:09AM

 1123.2 #127 (DL Qual #71

Nov 17, 2013 4:57PM 
Well there were 4 people who guessed correctly #6 The white Jack Snowman!!!! starwarsmamma / radaann / Madsdad / sarahnimal ! But the random number generator chose #4 who was @sarahnimal congratulations! Please DM me your info. #rak #mysteryrak
Ah dang it, lol congrats sarah - starwarsmamma  561.6 #309 12:58PM
Nice! Congrats! - SpiritOfAdventure  1014.2 #152 4:58PM
How cute is he!? - PixiePirateMaid  294.1 #839 2:59PM
sarahnimal you have 24 hours to contact me - and then I'll draw another number - I've dm'd you as well.  - HiddenMickeyFanatic  1123.2 #127 4:58PM

 284.0 #903 (DL Qual #1629

Aug 5, 2013 6:33PM 
#6 on the list. I know I've talked about these before, but the baked potatoes at the Harbour Galley are truly a great value if you are looking for a filling and inexpensive meal. BBQ chicken top right and bacon sour cream bottom right. $6.39 before AP. plus you get to listen to screaming splash mt. riders while you eat behind the docked Columbian. Check out my profile for my full food Bucketlist
Bacon one looks SO yummy! - jmprincess  11.3 #8599 6:43PM
Wow those look amazing! - MicheyMouse  329.8 #654 6:51PM

 35.1 #4943 (DL Qual #2128

Jul 12, 2013 3:46PM 
#TIPS #ACRONYMS #DICTIONARY Thanks to everyone for posting acronyms and directing me to the post with 300 comments! I wanted to make a contribution to this amazing community of MWers, so I took all of that info, plus some from other posts, cleaned it up and alphabetized. I'm posting here, but maybe Admin can add to FAQs or SIC can add to MW101? (I can email a Word file.) (I kept most of the sil  More...
Wow! Kudos for Organization and adding something for the good of the order (GOTO) just kidding (JK) and ta ta for now (TTFN)! πŸ˜‰ - DreadPiratesRogers  811.2 #191 4:04PM
That must have taken a while! - Alicewhoareyou  1130.4 #126 4:00PM
Here you go princesschey something or other - philliprocks  878.7 #170 10:02PM
princessesCheyCaitToriAvaownmyheart - philliprocks  878.7 #170 10:06PM
LOL  - MrsSchnooks  2780.2 #36 10:47PM
EPCOT= Every Person Comes Out Tired - KingdomKeeper1210  29.0 #0 11:45AM

 225.0 #1539 (DL Qual #1226

Jun 11, 2013 10:03PM 
we are going home after a fun day at the parks, we are leaving a rak in our locker. 2 fastpasses for star tours. locker #64 password 1965, please post when you pick up the tix. thank you all for my wife's b-day wishes.
We got them!! Thank you!!! - troyeleemouse  3.1 #35215 11:56PM
Bump - annamichelle  234.5 #1412 10:04PM
Bumpity bump - thegoofster  225.0 #1539 11:11PM
We got them!! Thank you!!! - troyeleemouse  3.1 #35215 11:56PM

 1062.0 #141 (DL Qual #154

Jun 8, 2013 10:00AM 
The winner of the mickey mouse watch I RAKed off is #6 Bibba for DisneyDavidEMT. please DM me your info and I will hopefully mail it out on Monday. Thanks to all that entered.
Oh wow!!! Thank you very much! Sorry for my delay in seeing this, but I'm so busy that I often miss stuff on here. Thank you for the incredible RAK, and thank EVERYONE that added for me! (Especially Bibba! πŸ˜‰) I'll DM you now. - DisneyDavidEMT  1590.1 #81 1:25PM
Congrats! - disneyfan46  334.9 #634 1:51PM
Congrats! - starwarsmamma  561.6 #309 11:22AM
Congrats dude! I can't think of a better person for this! - SpiritOfAdventure  1014.2 #152 9:42PM
Awesome thank you! Congrats to DisneyDavidEMT. Sorry for the late post, apparently my phone ate my last thank you attempt. - Bibba  359.5 #565 10:32PM

 2013.4 #58 (DL Qual #42

May 2, 2013 10:37PM 
#RAK. ***WINNERS*** First off, thank you everyone for entering!! I applaud each and every one of you and your family members for their accomplishments!!! #6 and #22 please stand up! TinkerSchelle and Katrayher who was entered by DiamondInTheRough!! Congrats!!*** I have a 2013 Graduation Day Pin to give away. Please enter if you will not be in the parks this weekend to purchase it, plus tell  More...
The hours of studying the art of laughter, precise make up application, and the art of a pie to the face was well worth it! CC class of 2013 we did it!!! Clown College is harder then most people think! πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚ - Miss-E-Mouse  1378.4 #97 11:59AM
you make me laugh. money well spent. - nicoleface  1749.8 #73 3:50PM
Yay! Congrats to the winners and to those of you who are graduating this year!! :) - MissAmericaSings  350.8 #588 5:47PM
I wanted to thank you again! I never ended up seeing this post until now...just your DM-do I wanted to thank you again personally after receiving it and meeting you this weekend! You are adorable!!!!😘 - TinkerSchelle  1175.7 #116 4:34PM
LOL I'm just now seeing this. Thanks for the RAK and for all who entered for my DD. She is in ND at Minot State University, enjoying her very first snow!! LOL - Katrayher  764.5 #204 4:35PM

 643.3 #259 (DL Qual #320

Mar 30, 2013 10:46AM 
Wilderness explorer egg hunt in Redwood Creek. The hardest one for me was #6. You could easily solve the puzzle by finding 2 or 3 eggs, but why spoil the fun? I wanted to find them all!

 996.2 #155 (DL Qual #86

Mar 7, 2013 12:02AM 
The winner of my Stitch postcard RAK chosen by the random number generator is #6, mini_MINNIE for Pikarich/ StitchOhana!!! If you guys will be in the parks on Friday for the AP preview, I can take it to you or I can mail it if one of you DM's me your address. Congrats!
cool thank you vegan for this nice rak and thank you mini_minnie for entering us as everyone else too. will dm you later and thanks again - pikarich  2897.2 #35 12:18AM
Congrats!!!! - Vegan7LuvsStitch  996.2 #155 12:19AM
You are very welcome enjoy!! Great RAK vegan! - mini_MINNIE   980.8 #156 7:40AM
Congratulations - Picklez  29.8 #5276 12:02AM
Congats! - missariel33  1526.5 #84 6:55AM
Cool! Congrats! - ribidib  1145.5 #121 7:18PM

 261.7 #1118 (DL Qual #1365

Nov 25, 2012 10:18PM 
Disney Fun Fact #6. Disneyland Park does not sell chewing gum, because Walt Disney wanted to keep the park clean and prevent guests from being inconvenienced by stepping in a gooey mess. Source: MSN

 1961.4 #61 (DL Qual #242

Nov 24, 2012 8:38AM 
SantaMike's Top Ten List! We all appreciate the long hard hours Admin and his crew put in to get MW back up and running. Its out of that love and respect that i bring you... the top ten reasons MW went down yesterday. #10 SydneyDisney kept signing up more and more accounts until it crashed #9 Even the program couldn't figure out all name changes #8 It's some secret spy stuff involving Jack Duncan.  More...
We'll be back with Paul Shaffer, ladies and gentlemen! - IMissDisney  1205.4 #114 8:48AM
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - ScooterMike  1961.4 #61 8:49AM
Oops! Lol! - PinkElephants  745.5 #215 8:50AM
All fantastic reasons. I like the secret spy reason. - mousejedi  307.4 #769 8:42AM
Just had to plug Admin's book - ScooterMike  1961.4 #61 9:26AM
Well of course. - mousejedi  307.4 #769 9:38AM
Haha! That was good!! :) - brodysmommy  337.9 #624 8:50AM
I'm still laughing at - Zipper2theRescue  243.2 #1316 9:34AM

 2897.2 #35 (DL Qual #17

Oct 6, 2012 12:21PM 
breakfast at floe was great,loving the details inside the doc wing and i love the eye chart line
I looked at this chart and think there is a meaning to each line.line one I say is for E as in eticket line 2 FP for fasspass lol 4 to 8 easy with #7 is reverse and #6 is in the order of your car park,reverse etc but I can't tell if 3,9,10,and 11 are anything? - pikarich  2897.2 #35 12:35PM

 263.0 #1099 (DL Qual #1198

Jul 14, 2012 10:30PM 
Oh my. I just noticed that I am ranked #666. Should I be scared? 😳😜
As of 1:33am, you are now 664 - otilegna  1792.6 #70 1:33AM
665 now. You're in the clear. - aidensmama  340.1 #615 10:31PM
Just think of it as Iron Maiden! :) 😁 - AnaheimsMom  238.1 #1371 11:12PM
As of 1:33am, you are now 664 - otilegna  1792.6 #70 1:33AM

 325.3 #674 (DL Qual #718

Jul 10, 2012 7:02AM 
Courtesy of Disney Parks Blog... :-) I love walking through the gate at Disney California Adventure park. You truly go back in time to Los Angeles in the 1920s and 30s. Your journey begins when you hop into one of two Red Car Trolleys that traverse back and forth from Buena Vista Street, past Carthay Circle Theatre, through Hollywood Land and to the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Inside and out, t  More...

 4072.0 #24 (DL Qual #23

Jun 19, 2012 9:36PM 
4th of July Pins go to #69 Kshea970 and #15 Jillian for Armenda! Congrats! DM and let me know you know you won, I'll send it out Monday!
Please add me for Chipanddalefan :) - theRealDisneygirlforevr  175.3 #2176 9:42PM
Add me please! That pin reminds me of my hubby! My fav pl to be on the 4th is w my hubby looking into his eyes at dl just like mickey and Minnie on this pin - Disneygirl00  4.4 #18169 9:58PM
Congrats - E-Ticket  1082.0 #136 8:05PM
I was 70 but 69 is my favorite number congrats - Kurt76  67.7 #3907 5:57AM

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