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 2418.2 #75 (DL Qual #361

Apr 17, 2011 9:01AM 
Just an FYI if you guys are in the parks and posting RAKs or pics from the park post in DL Real Time. It will make it easier for others that are in the parks to sort through...things get burried fast in the Hub these days

Good tip Toph! Plus sometimes I want to see those things specifically, and it makes them easier to find. - Tom  17297.4 #4 9:12AM
***************FYI************ - MadameLeota  4754.3 #38 9:14AM
 - veronica619  517.7 #472 9:53AM
 - Momof2princesses  154.5 #2817 10:35AM

 271.1 #1297 (DL Qual #1843

Apr 17, 2011 4:16AM 
Mahhaha PUI I got to see Morgan McMichael's tonight and dancing with her  (she's a drag queen if you didn't know)

 17.9 #8653 (DL Qual #5574

Apr 15, 2011 4:33PM 
I gained . 6 oz eh. Lol but anyways I think when I lose 50 lbs I'm going to treat myself to a dl trip 

How did you even measure that? - GodOfWine  521.8 #467 4:39PM
Digtail scale - shina85  17.9 #8653 4:46PM
That's good motivation - soccerdp9  32.0 #6333 4:53PM

 18.1 #8576 (DL Qual #3395

Apr 15, 2011 7:11AM 
Roll Call 4/15/2011 Who's going to be at the parks today?  When and where will you CM's be working? Currently waiting for the park to open with 14 members of my family! 

I will! not until a little later though...the suspense is building! - jacqueMeetsWorld  70.8 #4418 7:12AM
I will be around 4, will have RAK's Grape Soda and Pins. - GoofyJoe  1906.6 #106 7:36AM
i think we need to try harder to keep the day's roll call bumped to keep this problem solved - BLG  1048.9 #219 11:29PM
Good idea BLG!!! I'll try to remember!! - CaptainJill  42.2 #5549 11:30PM

 18.1 #8576 (DL Qual #3395

Apr 15, 2011 6:29AM 
Roll Call! Its early but im so excited! Who's going to be at the parks today? :)  I'll be at the parks with 14 members of my family 

And CM's when and where would we be able to meet you? :) - macyDarling  18.1 #8576 6:31AM
for DMW fyi roll call is for whoever is already at parks and should be done in real time so its easy for those at the parks to pull it up and include the date...enjoy your Friday at the parks - toph  2418.2 #75 6:36AM
Oh thanks! Haha still new to this -_- waiting for the parks to open though! And I'll post in DL real time, thanks or your help! - macyDarling  18.1 #8576 7:05AM

 6.0 #18037 (DL Qual #0

Apr 12, 2011 12:02AM 
Ok so I'm finally going to the parks tomorrow and I'm going to try and do my first in park RAK so I will be posting the info tomorrow I'm so excited hehe

 0.0 #130916 (DL Qual #0

Apr 11, 2011 11:45PM 
I am in dire need of a trip to Disneyland! This place is my sanctuary 

I'm in dire need of some Horchata.  Welcome to the lounge! - PrincessCarmen  2599.3 #68 11:47PM
Pina BANG Por Favor - Butterlina  1653.3 #126 11:48PM
Welcome to the lounge! Let me just say I feel your pain. - KrystalColors  365.5 #725 12:41PM
PC!!!!! Oh and meeee tooooo need me some Disney, and a tall glass of Horchata, oh and Welcome to this magical place =) - vikkimus  199.2 #46 12:43PM

 4843.7 #36 (DL Qual #29

Apr 11, 2011 3:44PM 
Ok all knowing MW'ers... I need your knowledge again. What is the process like (how long it takes, where to go, etc.) on getting a Passport? I'm looking into going to Canada, and I'm sure they won't accept my Disney Annual Passport for that lol As always, TIA 

When I got them for my kids it took about 4 weeks. You should be able to google it and get all the info you need. We had to have everything filled out as well as birth certificates and both parents present in order to get them. Oh plus you need a copy of both parents licenses. Hope this helps! - jjwilly  1.0 #72304 3:48PM
Hmmm.... Looks like I'll be needing to do some research then. I never knew my biological father and he passed away. Thanks! I'll check into it. I have until August to get it figured out. - SPandEvLover  4843.7 #36 3:56PM
You need your Birth certificate and a picture for your passports and I believe it takes 6 weeks.You can get your passport at the Post Office and they can also take your photo,they also have the form there - cyndaws  258.0 #1416 4:10PM
you can purchase one at disneyland, right? - GlassSlippers  363.6 #737 4:13PM

 71.7 #4400 (DL Qual #3636

Apr 10, 2011 10:37AM 
Dear MWers in the park: some in park pics would be lovely!! And maybe someone could take a pic of Dumbo for me? much love  JT.

 - JediTrance  71.7 #4400 11:08AM

 286.6 #1143 (DL Qual #4861

Mar 31, 2011 9:54PM 
Finally getting to watch tangled  I want to make a floating lantern!!

So do I!! My daughter would love one. If anyone knows how, please post it - Missshelly  698.3 #340 9:55PM
I've watched Tangled with my 4-year-old three times since we got it on Tuesday evening lol - MedievalMickey  699.0 #338 9:56PM
Search you tube for how to make a floating lantern, I just found a bunch - MrBlue  232.3 #1726 9:59PM
Just don't start any fires, peeps. Lol. - disney42dude(CM)  522.2 #465 10:11PM

 693.1 #346 (DL Qual #348

Mar 31, 2011 2:03PM 
MW and a pedicure. My afternoon is improving 

Sounds like your going to have a good afternoon - cyndaws  258.0 #1416 2:10PM
Like  - calpolyDLlover  252.6 #1466 2:11PM
Sounds like a perfect afternoon :-) - mrssumr  70.4 #4424 2:12PM
@mrssumr did u ever get your RAK? - Mrsblue  693.1 #346 2:14PM

 314.6 #947 (DL Qual #677

Mar 29, 2011 10:01PM 
Hey guys, I've got some free time. Feel free to ask me any Disneyland questions you may have, and I'll do my best to answer them. I, however, won't do my best to answer them correctly. Ask away! 

Why is the popcorn so addicting - skywalker  272.4 #36 10:03PM
How old are the horses that work main street? - sharkbait  423.3 #608 10:05PM
Huh. That would explain the reprimand I got back in 98 when I used the term on a conference call. - Experiment818  1647.2 #127 12:54AM
@CaptJill As stated before, it's actually Krusty Brand Imitation Pineapple. 9 out of 10 tourists can't tell the difference (the tenth died immediately after the taste test. He still probably couldn't tell the difference, but couldn't exactly answer). - John  314.6 #947 1:00AM

 760.3 #306 (DL Qual #1172

Mar 20, 2011 11:40PM 
So on another note... Yeti and I most likely will not be able to renew our passes.  anyone want to buy ours for us? 

Does Military get discounts on APs? - Mrsblue  693.1 #346 11:41PM
I totally would. You know I love you guys! I just need money  - Heather  262.9 #1375 11:41PM
I'm praying that ownage techniques will help you get your tv fixed at least! - Smart.tea  206.7 #2068 12:10AM nanee-nanee-nanee *fist bumps RadiatorSprings4Ever * - FrankenWeenieVelinee  5117.7 #34 11:09AM
Smart you and me both girl! - PrettyPixie  760.3 #306 12:13AM

 388.1 #24 (WDW Qual #1544

Mar 17, 2011 12:04PM 
Big news!! I'm pregnant with a future Disney fan! 

congratulations!!!! yaya!!! cant wait to meet the Future disney baby!!! wooohoooo! - R2Jade2  269.1 #1317 12:06PM
Omg!! Yay!! Congrats!!! - ekwhite  473.0 #531 12:06PM
Congrats to you both! :) - jerzanemama  117.7 #3455 8:13PM
Awesome Congratulations!! - BigD  471.0 #534 8:13PM

 400.5 #654 (DL Qual #2555

Mar 14, 2011 7:32PM 
One time a elderly male CM called me a Princess and it made me blush Do you guys have any little stories about CMs putting the extra special touch on your DLR experience?

Haha there was one that did that to my gf at the turnstile!! So funny! - CxD_CM  518.6 #470 7:35PM
aww, that's cute! mine's not cute, last couple times I've gone to DL I've randomly ended up in the same CM's line & when he scans my card, he say's "Amber Alert, where's Amber?" was really uncomfortable the day I went in and there was an actual AA for a baby girl :( I didn't know how to tell him not to do that w/out him thinking I was being rude/ruining the "fun" so I just walked through :( - MinnieYooHoo  219.3 #1896 7:37PM
wow Dave, you were really excited about Ariel's invitation, weren't you?! ;D - MinnieYooHoo  219.3 #1896 8:27PM
Omg Dave  - LaPetiteSirene  400.5 #654 9:24PM

 51.0 #5121 (DL Qual #2921

Mar 9, 2011 6:20AM 
Good MW. I gave up Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare for Lent. I couldn't give up MW or anything Disney since we have a trip DL in several weeks. I know I wouldn't be able to last the forty days without my MW fix or anything Disney 

Hehe nice :$ - Jessyca  1.4 #67610 6:22AM
Good luck!! And I think all things Disney can keep a you busy for 40 days! :) - MermaidWithShears  1025.8 #227 7:06AM
Good luck to you dznymom! - BigD  471.0 #534 7:10AM
I gave up starbucks and rice. Yes. Rice. Good luck to you and me - Disneyaddict  374.7 #706 7:25PM

 4843.7 #36 (DL Qual #29

Mar 1, 2011 10:45AM 
Just taught the goat effect to some Australians 

 - Dahulagirl  1055.6 #217 10:46AM
 - GirlyGirl;)  133.7 #3168 10:48AM
So what the goat effect is, is when you get to the really big hill and there's a goat at the top, you turn around and zone out on the goat and you get a really weird feeling in your stomach, so after that turn you keep lOoking backwards and it does the something on that turn. - GirlyGirl;)  133.7 #3168 10:52AM
If you're Australian, does it make everything spin backwards after the Goat effect? - DisneylandDreamin  365.3 #727 10:52AM

 81.2 #4177 (DL Qual #6592

Mar 1, 2011 8:47AM 
Today in DznyHeart history: I tried desperately to give birth at DL. I demanded my hubby take me just to "walk" around. I convinced him to take me on POTC cuz I needed to smell the water. Alas all I did was ride it and eat plenty of goodies. Went into labor the next morning and delivered on March 3. Oh well I tried 

Sounds like it was a good effort though! - sharkbait  423.3 #608 8:49AM
 I love that lil girl tho!!! - Smart.tea  206.7 #2068 8:50AM
Hahaha good try! - Elaine  411.4 #628 8:51AM
To this day that is Shocks favorite ride. - DznyHeart  81.2 #4177 8:59AM

 400.5 #654 (DL Qual #2555

Feb 23, 2011 7:55PM 
Oh man I am tired. I would love to MW with you all but I am going to hit the hay. I hope you all have a great night! Nighty night 

Goodnight - goofball  475.1 #528 7:57PM
s eat hay - chrissykins  825.5 #272 8:01PM
Goodnight! - Becky  551.2 #433 8:04PM
Heading to bed soon too. Night - TinkTinkTink  305.8 #32 8:08PM

 579.9 #409 (DL Qual #798

Feb 19, 2011 8:21AM 
Do you like waffles....Yeah we like waffles....Do you like pancakes....Yeah we like pancakes...Do you like french toast...Yeah we like french toast...Do-do-do-do, can't wait to get a mouthful! WAFFLES! WAFFLES! WAFFLES! 

What's this about?! Are you trying to out morning song me?!  - Sweet_Irish_Cream  4410.2 #43 8:26AM
All 3 please. - Ht  793.1 #285 8:27AM
SIC my kids sings this song every morning!!! I could NEVER take away your morning song!  - WickedWench  579.9 #409 8:43AM
Little E just learned your song - E-Ticket  1784.7 #115 8:47AM

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