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 579.9 #386 (DL Qual #748

Apr 13, 2011 2:30AM 

what's up WW? - Rob512  756.3 #280 2:30AM
Morn'n - WickedWench  579.9 #386 2:31AM
don't remind me I don't even know why I'm awake looking at feet when I need to go to bed for school tom.!!!!!! - Rob512  756.3 #280 2:33AM
I never knew asparagus would give me so much energy!!!!!! - Rob512  756.3 #280 2:34AM

 400.5 #608 (DL Qual #2483

Apr 5, 2011 10:47PM 
Time to vent! What is your current wah wah/ whining issue today? 

I never got my RAK - Rob512  756.3 #280 10:48PM
Some irritating stuff happening at work.  - LBChica  2550.2 #62 10:49PM
@TigerLily you might not believe this but in 10 years you are going to laugh s out this! Hang in there! - Boundin  820.9 #246 12:47AM
About LOL - Boundin  820.9 #246 12:47AM

 219.3 #1826 (DL Qual #1825

Feb 22, 2011 12:29PM 
Ugh!  I'm @ the DMV...#378 & they've just called 303, I've already been here 10 mins ! As soon as I'm done I'm making a break for DL!  So how's your day fellow MWers? it's more fun than my day! 

My day is fantastic. Got up, worked out, showered now I'm heading to class and then the boyfriend's house. - MuertoM0u53  6.6 #15659 12:32PM
Glad you're having a fantastic day MuertoMou53! You know what else is fantastic...your MW name!  very creative! :) - MinnieYooHoo  219.3 #1826 12:35PM
OMG! I'm freeeee! Now on to DL! :) - MinnieYooHoo  219.3 #1826 2:14PM
CONGRATULATIONS!!! - AlohaMarz  55.6 #4776 2:34PM

 66.8 #4422 (DL Qual #4732

Feb 16, 2011 11:04PM 
can't .. keep up.. getting sleepy .. very very sleepy... 

I'm right there with ya! P.S. Do you really spell your name with an "a?" Which is "normal" spelling for your name? I have a friend with the same name, but she spells it Lindsey. But everything I found that was personalized was spelled Lindsay. Just curious. :) - Amanda  120.7 #3315 11:06PM
idk if "a" is "normal", I was told I was named after Lindsay Wagner aka Bionic Woman, most people I meet have an "e" - lindsayboo  66.8 #4422 11:11PM
eeeeee i like being awesome - Kittymeowmeow  271.1 #1234 11:32PM
ok really tired now, going to sleep for real, nighty night! - lindsayboo  66.8 #4422 11:35PM

 651.8 #338 (DL Qual #2973

Feb 5, 2011 7:27PM 
Tom do you have food poisoning???? !!

I made it home without a technicolor yawn. It sure feels like it. Came on in 60 seconds at The Cove. Thanks for asking Robyn! FYI all, it was not DL food. - Tom  13549.2 #5 7:40PM
Ok I'm very bummed that you're sick but for a minute there I thought you hadn't been able to make it to the meet and I was about to kick butt and take names wherever you got bad food . Feel better!!! - Robynlaurel  651.8 #338 7:44PM
I hope both of you (Tom and Lori) feel better soon!! - MinnieJ  281.9 #1125 8:34PM
I hope both of you feel better! - ally  509.0 #18 8:36PM

 570.4 #393 (DL Qual #674

Dec 17, 2010 6:59PM 
Can't...fight...the...sleepy see you guys later. Night all

good night! - Melli_mo  508.0 #455 7:01PM
Nite nite!!  - Dahulagirl  1055.6 #194 7:09PM
Night!  - LBChica  2550.2 #62 7:11PM
Night Yeti.  - MimiMouse  1049.0 #195 7:22PM

 579.9 #386 (DL Qual #748

Dec 9, 2010 10:21PM 

 - PrincessCarmen  2596.9 #60 10:24PM
Umm emoji thing, emoji bucket, umm emoji thang - Butterlina  1623.4 #118 10:26PM
Laugh emoji Night Butter! - WickedWench  579.9 #386 10:28PM
ah.....NighNigh Frosty glass invisible jet lady - Butterlina  1623.4 #118 10:28PM

 1055.6 #194 (DL Qual #302

Nov 27, 2010 1:10PM 
Whoopsies! I totally forgot to do the drawings for my thanksgiving RAKs yesterday!  I will do them when I get home this evening 

I am excited! Was looking forward to the drawing for days! - TheUser  18.9 #8027 1:14PM
 - Authayma  88.4 #3917 1:22PM
I hope you dont mind but I bumped them a while ago - MozPrincess  582.4 #384 4:08PM
Poi....weeeeere you too beeersy at teeeerget? - Butterlina  1623.4 #118 4:10PM

 263.9 #1302 (DL Qual #1413

Nov 5, 2010 1:57PM 
How do I increase my MW rank quicker? I need to reach 1.0 to unlock motor music. It's sad cause it used to be free and my boyfriend and I would constantly listen to the music thanks for your help everyone

Just start commenting on everyone's post and post some yourself! - honeybear_smacks  50.2 #4993 2:00PM
Post in here and enter wait times at the park - KelBelle  453.2 #524 2:01PM
Awww Ty guys and gals. I  my MW family  - Aurora_2020  263.9 #1302 2:41PM
We love ya too!!! - honeybear_smacks  50.2 #4993 2:47PM

 417.5 #578 (DL Qual #1817

Sep 20, 2010 12:12PM 
Just wanted everyone to know that I may or may not be hostin the GUSOM event tomorrow morning... I'm sure you all understand under my current circumstances  It sounds like many of you will be in the parks anyways so be sure to post and reply the Roll Call Thread so if I am able to make in tomorrow I will know who to wrangle up an where your at  I am super bummed about this an won't  More...

Love ya Jayjay!! Hope it all works out my friend. - MinnieMe  76.8 #4167 12:16PM
Weez alls understandz. Hey, Imma speakin like Bitterlina. - DesperateMousewife  877.7 #227 12:18PM
JayJay i just told Royanna how much i love that show. I need my morning comedy. Please don't do this to me. I am sending some Disney Magic to help you on your way. Hang in there - Gadgetman  288.7 #1065 7:23PM
Jayjay what do you do? Maybe someone on here might know of job. - VillainsFan  1218.5 #158 7:27PM

 417.5 #578 (DL Qual #1817

Sep 12, 2010 10:15PM 
Will someone please bump or post the DL Daily Pic Theme. I never got it so I inadvertently initiated a mutiny and hijacked the theme  I love the idea of the daily theme and didn't mean to change it today. I did however enjoy the discreet and friendy rivalry between me and radiomav today. You stood your ground brotha and I love ya for it lol.....great day guys. I'll look for  More...

I think it's small world, but I can't find a post. - PrettyPixie  760.3 #276 10:20PM
 oh! Lol I only say your post Jayjay! You mean there was another one?! Ooops!  - Duchess_SMK  6603.9 #19 10:23PM
Bumped the original post for you - DisneyPhotoFan  920.2 #219 10:26PM
 - Jayjay  417.5 #578 10:47PM

 417.5 #578 (DL Qual #1817

Sep 2, 2010 8:00PM 
Thank you!! I'm barely recovering  For a second I got a flash back of my uncle losing me at the flea Market and an old man tried talking to me while I was in frantics and I was yelling for help but no one would come quick enough! But one of you showed up and I love whoever you are. Ur my hero!!! No offense to anyone but let's keep the pics Disney related per admins directive. That   More...

I liked the clown pic!  - Zooter  1405.8 #136 8:03PM
Scuurrrry! - RoyannaF  377.1 #646 8:08PM
All non-Disney pictures can go to the Flickr page. We still want to see them, just not in the lounge. Fight On - OutNumberedMom  813.2 #252 8:11PM

 40.5 #5457 (DL Qual #4190

Sep 1, 2010 11:23PM 
My Disney night took a weird twist. So glad to be home. 

Everything ok? - Caylen  14.7 #9227 11:24PM
Yeah it was just car trouble. One of my tires got really low on air and got all wobbly. We had to pull over to a gas station. Once we put air all seemed fine. - @ms_annette  40.5 #5457 11:30PM
Thanx guys! Yes I'm such a girl I need to keep better care of my car. Hehe  - @ms_annette  40.5 #5457 12:13AM
Update! Turns out I had a nail stuck in my tire. I got fixed today tho'.  - @ms_annette  40.5 #5457 6:08PM

 244.9 #1490 (DL Qual #878

Aug 18, 2010 1:42PM 
Someone report the Mary post, I can't report b/c my rank is below 85. 

You just have to have 10 in order to report. - tina  1157.8 #170 1:44PM
What? You can report at 84 - KelBelle  453.2 #524 1:45PM
Good use of emojis WW! - Suzie-Q  437.4 #539 1:56PM
Whoa why are you so angry??? Take a chill  - Kittymeowmeow  271.1 #1234 1:58PM

 417.5 #578 (DL Qual #1817

Aug 18, 2010 8:44AM 
GOOD MORNING MW!! it's gonna be one of those days. jayjay need coffee and coffee!!!! How are you all doing today?

Hi Jayjay! Sorry you're having one of those days. Shall we go get a Main Street coffee from Market House for ya?  - DisneyFan  89.8 #3890 8:46AM
Yep and keep the cup and receipt cuz we gonna need refills  - Jayjay  417.5 #578 8:48AM
I am 7 weeks coffee FREE! - RoyannaF  377.1 #646 10:55AM
High Royanna! - toph  2418.2 #67 10:56AM

 244.9 #1490 (DL Qual #878

Aug 17, 2010 2:45PM 
I'm addicted to facebook.  I can't get myself together again. 

But that being addicted to other things - Ms.Mouseketeer  1008.8 #207 2:51PM
I'm addicted to Erin - Dave  13832.5 #4 2:52PM
 - CharLovey  179.6 #2349 6:15PM
This thread brings me joy! - Zooter  1405.8 #136 6:19PM

 244.9 #1490 (DL Qual #878

Aug 16, 2010 9:34PM 
I'm one crazy Merrie Mary monster! I can't handle myself!

Ehhh if you say so - Kittymeowmeow  271.1 #1234 9:35PM
I was a Msgr. Ned monster before, kmm. But I'm a Mary monster now b/c I talk about Mary recently. - ArdySarrafFan  244.9 #1490 9:37PM
HAHAHAHA! Oh man that's good stuff Ant - SplashTheHorseDot  129.2 #3153 10:33PM
Zooter! - RoyannaF  377.1 #646 10:33PM

 592.5 #378 (DL Qual #696

Aug 15, 2010 10:12PM 
Does anyone watch Celebrity Ghost Stories or My Ghost Story on Bio? They're pretty scary. 

I haven't seen them but I do have a fascination with haunted houses - RoyannaF  377.1 #646 10:15PM
I've watched them a few times! Very creepy! - PrettyPixie  760.3 #276 10:17PM
Is it on now - chsrkat77  244.0 #1505 10:19PM
CGS is on now and it's a good one. MGS is coming on after. - Marieeezy  592.5 #378 10:32PM

 417.5 #578 (DL Qual #1817

Aug 15, 2010 8:57PM 
Ok, who else is getting bummed to hear some of our MW fam members may not be able to renew when their passes expire pretty soon. This is no bueno for me. Now I'm depressed!! If I win the lotto know that I will be sprining for all your renewals!! I can't imagine going to the parks without hanging out with some of you who are saying u may not renew 

I know I was getting bumed just reading it to. - Sonja  7143.1 #17 8:59PM
Btw ofcoarse I of all people understand. It's just rough cuzz I have gotten so close to u guys and am starting to get to know some of you better and I want more. Never want it to end  Tantrum in full swing!! - Jayjay  417.5 #578 8:59PM
Me too, I got 200 points just for signing up in December and have since gotten another 55 points, so by the time my bf and I get passes this December we will have close to 300 dollars towards passes! - KelBelle  453.2 #524 10:31AM
I have the Chase Real Cash rewards card. So much easier to score cash back than it is to rack up points on the Chase DL card. - HotDiggityDogDaddy  1113.5 #179 10:34AM

 244.9 #1490 (DL Qual #878

Aug 14, 2010 6:01PM 
I'm feeling very dull, also eating at sizzler right now.  

I know this is weird, but I love their salad bar  - LBChica  2550.2 #62 6:10PM
Me too, LBChica.  - ArdySarrafFan  244.9 #1490 6:11PM
Wow, PEM.  - ArdySarrafFan  244.9 #1490 10:59PM
I'm sorry I can't keep up. You have changed your name to many times tonight, what are we at 4 times tonight. - PieEyedMickey  296.6 #1007 11:03PM

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