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Sunday July 13 2014
Disneyland Park (Crowd Index 68):8am to 12am
Disney California Adventure (Crowd Index 0):8am to 10pm
Deluxe:Blocked SoCal:Blocked SoCal Select:Blocked
Closed for refurbishment: Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Sun, 13 Jul 2014 4:52 pm PDT

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Sun Jul 13

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BUENA VISTA STREET STICKER NIGHT TUESDAY! This week we travel from Cars Land to Buena Vista Street (background pic courtesy of CobbPR). Don\'t miss MouseWait Summer Sticker Nights in Downtown Disney every Tuesday 8pm at La Brea Bakery. Participate from anywhere in the world via the Lounge Virtual Pre-Party with Churro at 8pm, Sticker release at 9pm, and then meetup afterwards to Gift and Trade in the VOYAGEERS Realm. With MouseWait 7.4 for iOS you can buy Stickers from the new MW Store tab. You can also recharge your Credits inside the app with in app purchases. You can purchase Credits from the TRIVILATOR app, GOAT EFFECT, and you can get them from the MW Store links -- we fixed this system so it should add Credits to your account immediately as long as you hit the "Return to the Lounge" button at the end. We have THREE real-time Lands available (VOYAGEERS Realm links are at the top of the Lounge). You can easily trade and gift Stickers and Pins in these Lands, making them a great place to hang out on Sticker nights, or any time!Thanks again for those who buy Credits--check out the Credits Hall of Fame here. Credits work in ALL of our apps and they follow your MouseWait account wherever you go!Please note that Stickers released on Tues night Sticker Night are EXTREMELY limited and you will probably never see them offered again. Other Stickers that appear during the week are also limited, but they are easier to get (and less expensive) than the premier Tuesday releases.
MouseWait 7.4 for iOS is here with big performance update! We modified the app for speed, fixed a lot of crashing problems, and designed it to use less data by making the app lighter and more responsive. Stay tuned for MouseWait 8 which will be our biggest update since our launch in 2009! It will utilize many of the cutting edge iOS 8 features. Hang in there Android MouseWaiters, we\'re working on a new version that should hopefully be done in a few weeks (we\'re trying to fix the wait time bug in Android 4+). Please remember to update your review for 7.4 as the ratings reset with each new version, this helps us out a lot! Here\'s what\'s in 7.4:- MagicSearch improvements make our exclusive search technology faster. Find anything, FAST!- Improved picture loading-added Last Picture option. - New streamlined left navigation bar. - Improved support module (if you need help or have a suggestion hit the Support button on the bottom of the left nav bar to communicate with us from inside the app via Push Notifications.) - Fixed the order of NEWS on the Dashboard and added new features. - NEW unFORECAST feature coming to the Dashboard and Lounge! - Google+ login added - Improved MouseWait Store, Sticker Collection page update, Gifting - Optimized submit wait time pages to make it easier to enter times. - Food section improvements. - Lounge speed update, uses less data, loads faster. - mousetopia upgrade: Create private and public photo albums, and more! - Don\'t miss MouseWait Summer Sticker Nights in Downtown Disney every Tues night at La Brea Bakery 8pm. You can also participate from anywhere in the world via the Lounge! More about MagicSearch: Want to know the wait time for Big Thunder Mountain? Just type Big Thunder into MagicSearch and the wait time will instantly appear! Works with attractions, showtimes, restaurants, individual food items, and you can even find Characters in the Park! MagicSearch is easy to access at the top of your Dashboard. Access the largest real-time Disneyland stream in the world with a few taps--MouseWait Tags are now searchable through our exclusive MagicSearch technology! Try a search for "Celebrity" and get our real-time Disneyland Celebrity Blog, search for "Food" for quick access to our amazing Food blog. "News" will pull up our real-time news blog. Now, the best Disneyland content in the world is only a few taps away--MagicSearch: Find Anything. Looking for Pellegrino or Smartwater? Just type it in and it will show you which restaurants at the Resort have it along with the price. Need some Monster Energy? Type it into MagicSearch and see who has it. Gluten Free Pasta? No problem, use MagicSearch and get results. Passholder Blockout Calendars, Cotton Candy, Burgers, Pizza, Pickle, and anything else you can think of are accessible from the MagicSearch bar. We\'re adding more things every day to our massive MagicSearch database. If there\'s no result for your search, press the Search the Lounge tab, and we\'ll instantly scour over 500,000 posts to find what you need courtesy of the largest mobile Disneyland discussion in the world--the MouseWait Lounge. MagicSearch is exclusive to MouseWait giving you access to our enormous wait time database (nobody tracks as many wait times as we do), showtimes, character appearances, restaurants, and real-time content. Use our ToDo List Organizer to plan your day: Did you know that our new ToDo List Organizer allows you to add your favorite attractions, restaurants, shows, and more so you can easily manage them on ONE page? Drag and drop them to schedule your day. Instead of jumping from screen to screen, you\'ll have everything you need in one place. ALSO--your ToDo List syncs with your MouseWait account across your iOS devices. Just login to any device with your MW account and your ToDo List will be there in your preferred order! App Store ratings reset with each version. If you love MouseWait please update your rating. Your good ratings make a difference and they encourage us to add new and exciting features! If you\'re having problems with the app, please use our in app real-time support module (Support tab), and we\'ll help you out. Instagram @mousewait



#News- I'm excited to finally announce this! Starting July 9, Frontierland will be hosting a new interactive experience called the "Legends of Frontierland".

Here's the setting: "Frontierland and its neighbor, Rainbow Ridge, are in the midst of a good, ol’ fashioned land feud. Rainbow Ridge – a once-booming mining town – has dried up, and they have their eyes set on Frontierland. The steady, hardworking folk in Frontierland want to keep the town safe and free of rougharound-the-edges, opportunistic types. Rumors are spreading that gold has been discovered in mines belonging to Frontierland, and there is even a rumor that Frontierland itself sits on the motherlode! Whether or not the rumors are true, the folk in Rainbow Ridge have one thing on their minds: take over Frontierland! Thus, the struggle begins …" (Disney Parks Blog). 

"Legends of Frontierland: Gold Rush!" will be a whole new way to experience a land in a Disney Park. Instead of watching a story unfold, guests will be apart of the story, naming, creating, and developing their own characters and influencing the direction of the story. Many lines of Frontierland buisnesses will be involved, from entertainment, merchandise, food and more! 

And make sure to show your Disney Side and choose which side of the fight you're on by using #MyFrontierland and #MyRainbowRidge

"Legends of Frontierland" will be held every day from 11am-6pm, starting July 9th! 

7/9 update! Learn the lay of the land: 

- Trading Post: This is the meeting place and the first stop for any new Frontierland citizens. This is also where citizens can keep up with the latest Frontierland news and swap plans. This is located near the entrance of Frontierland. 

- Hideout: This is the first stop and central meeting place for the citizens of Rainbow Ridge. Located across from Big Thunder Mountain. 

- Telegraph Station: The information Hub of Frontierland, the place to send and recieve important messages. Located outside Bonanza Outfitters. 

- Sheriff's Office and Jail: THis is where outlaws are brought to justice and where lawmakers work to keep peace. Located in the middle of the land, across from Rancho del Zocalo. 

- Talent Agency: Based in the Golden Horseshoe, this is where the new talent is discovered and showcased in Frontierland. Also, there will be a new musical act performing on stage. 

- Card Table: This ongoing card game plays hosts to outlaws and heroes alike. Located just outside of the Golden Horseshoe. 

Earning "bits": "Bits" are the currency of the land. You can earn theses by participating in tasks throughout the land and spend them on land purchases, to get information and for other worthy causes. 

Source: Disney Parks Blog
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