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Please help me welcome our newest Platinum advertiser to the MouseWait family, Amazon Thunder! Platinum level advertisers are extremely important to MouseWait because they allow us to innovate on a daily basis. We employ people around the world who work on MouseWait day and night, and our Platinum advertisers make this possible. We spend thousands of dollars per month just on maintenance alone. Most Disneyland apps rarely push updates, because it's extremely expensive to do so, but MW has been updated more than any Disneyland app in history. Please do everything you can to support our Platinum advertisers; they play a big part in making MouseWait available to everyone, 24/7.

Amazon Thunder manufactures high-quality supplements that are 100% Organic and Kosher Certified, their products are featured in Whole Foods, and other major retailers. There are very few supplement manufacturers who have both Organic and Kosher certifications. Supplements are WORTHLESS unless the manufacturer maintains high standards and is held accountable by third party verification. Their products will keep your family healthy, and at the same time you'll be helping MouseWait. Amazon Thunder is offerring MouseWaiters a 20% across the board, anytime discount - just use this code at checkout amazonthunder. (Currently they are running a buy one get one free promo as well). 

1. Graviola - this has been their number one seller due to recent studies showing that Graviola might be helpful in fighting cancer. Graviola may help to boost immunity, it can act as an anti-bacterial antiviral agent, lower blood pressure, kill parasites, fight Hep C, Lymes disease, it can serve as a natural sedative, help with diabetes, depression, detoxing, and more. Their Graviola (also known as Soursop, Guanabana, Guyabano, Paw Paw) capsules are 10x more potent than any juice version on the market today. Juice versions of Graviola contain high sugar and water content. Amazon Thunder Graviola is made up of the leaves, skin, and pulp of the fruit only, which gives you the potency and effectiveness that is not available in juice form. Current special: Buy one get one free, and you can still take your 20% discount.

2. Their flagship product - Acai Pulp Puree is 100% Organic and Kosher Certified. This gives your body over 20,000 ORAC units in ONE fluid ounce of great tasting juice that your kids will love! You need 3000 ORAC units per day to properly detox your body, so once ounce of this puree gives you almost 10x what you need, while at the same time giving you vital omega acids, boosting your immunity, lowering cholesterol, promoting good cardio health, decreasing inflammation, fighting arthritis, diabetes, leukemia, and more. Order here, they are currently offering a buy one get one free special, and you can also apply the MouseWait discount to this. 

3. Organic Acerola Vitamin C supplement: most people are deficient in Vitamin C, and the Acerola fruit is one of the most potent sources of natural vitamin C and bioflavonoids known to scientists. The body does not store vitamin C and other bioflavonoids so they must be replaced on a daily basis. These two compounds work together to promote circulation and boost the immune system. The berry is also useful in balancing out the pH levels in your intestines, which leads to better digestion. One serving of Amazon Thunder Acerola may be 50x more potent than a whole navel orange. It is an excellent antioxidant source, it increases antioxidant absorption properties, it is 100% all natural, organic and Kosher certified with no additives.

Improve your health with high-quality supplements, boost your immune system, keep your kids healthy, and help MouseWait -- all at the same time! Thank you for your continued support! Bookmark this post, as I will keep it updated with their current specials. 

I predict a 150% increase in MWers running the next Disney half marathon. Welcome, thunder! - ScubaSteve028   835.5 #247 4-18-13 9:28PM Like(2)  Reply
Welcome! - minnieismyhomegirl   167.7 #2539 4-18-13 9:00PM Like  Reply
Welcome Amazon Thunder! :) - MsPirateLisaMarie   173.2 #2448 4-18-13 9:02PM Like  Reply
Welcome Amazon Thunder!! - misschurro   7996.4 #14 4-18-13 9:05PM Like  Reply
Yay! Welcome! - GrumpyPirateDad   1960.8 #95 4-18-13 9:07PM Like  Reply
Welcome Amazon Thunder. - LaPearleNoir   2645.7 #58 4-18-13 9:12PM Like  Reply
Welcome! - RadiatorSprings4Ever   2637.9 #60 4-18-13 9:18PM Like  Reply
Welcome - friendlymouse   728.0 #299 4-18-13 9:18PM Like  Reply
Welcome!!!!! - cuzcontrol   6.2 #16537 4-18-13 9:19PM Like  Reply
Welcome! I will definitely try it out!!! - Boundin   821.7 #252 4-18-13 9:23PM Like  Reply
Welcome Amazon Thunder! :) - MissAmericaSings   442.0 #538 4-18-13 9:25PM Like  Reply
Welcome! - LBChica   2550.2 #63 4-18-13 9:31PM Like  Reply
Welcome! - missariel33   2115.6 #83 4-18-13 10:17PM Like  Reply
Welcome :) - Ariellove   4.5 #21899 4-18-13 10:21PM Like  Reply
Thank you for sponsoring us! And welcome to the family! - PrincessDaisy_FU2Rcm   362.0 #691 4-20-13 2:55PM Like  Reply
They are running a 50% off special right now, you can also get an additional 20% off with the MouseWait amazonthunder coupon code. - Admin   4-22-13 1:43PM Like  Reply