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225.6 #1818 DL Qual #1641 11-11-12 6:09PM
***RAK TIME*** Some of you may know my boyfriend is an air brush artist and I will be RAKing off an air brush t-shirt or long sleeve shirt for a child or adult. Winner will be able to pick a character with writing to be done. He is able to pretty much do anything. To enter 1) Must be US entry only 2) Must have 80 MW point or higher 3) And since my grandpa was a Vet ( RIP to him) Tell me if u have or had a family member,or anyone you know serve. Also did they serve Navy, Marines, etc. My grandpa was a Navy Man! Rak end Friday Nov,16 @ 9pm. Oh and you may add for others. Good Luck to All! To see other Disney stuff hes done I posted it on my page a little bit ago :)
Wow that's awesome! Well my uncle was in the Marines. Not too sure how long he served for but I know he joined right after 9/11. Thanks! :) - KladiaDisneyNinja   292.5 #1109 11-11-12 6:23PM Like(1)  Reply
Beautiful artwork! Add me please.. I am in the Army, my sister was Air Force, my niece is Air Force, my dad was Navy.. I could go on, but we're a military family! - mousejedi   310.1 #999 11-11-12 6:32PM Like(1)  Reply
Add me please! My best friends husband was in the army. Recently discharged due to an injury, though. Thanks :) - MrsDisneyMommy29   280.3 #1213 11-11-12 6:47PM Like(1)  Reply
Beautiful work. Add me please. My Dad was Navy RIP Dad. My nephew is An Officer in the Force. - solomouselover   319.1 #937 11-11-12 6:55PM Like(1)  Reply
Enter me please... My dad was a marine... My sons getting recruited by West Point, so hopefully well have an army man in the house soon! Thanks! - HawaiiTink   381.6 #693 11-11-12 7:08PM Like(1)  Reply
What a great RAK. Please add me. My father was in the Army. Thanks for all who serve and have served! - DisneyVacationLover   623.8 #385 11-11-12 7:23PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me. My father was in the Army. So proud of & thankful to him and to all who serve & have served! :) thanks - MissAmericaSings   543.8 #456 11-11-12 7:48PM Like(1)  Reply
Gorgeous! My hubby was in the Air Force 😊 sometimes I miss Langley, but I'm happy in tuba county by Beale AFB now. thank you! - minnieMisty   276.9 #1246 11-11-12 8:06PM Like(1)  Reply
Your camera is fine. Clear enough to see he has an abundance of talent. Add me please. Off the top of my head, Grandpa (RIP) was an army captain. Uncle was a WWII POW in the Pacific, two cousins in the Navy. Thank you for this nice Veterans Day tribute RAK. - TikiBird   199.9 #2167 11-11-12 8:07PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me. My dad was in the army during vietnam,both my grandfathers were during WWII one in the navy and one in the army and my great grandfather was in the army during WWI. Thank you for the awesome RAK - DSNYCheeks3   868.1 #261 11-11-12 8:11PM Like(1)  Reply
Add me please. My Dad was in the Air Force stationed in Japan. Thank you! - goofymom2boys   1546.2 #142 11-11-12 8:12PM Like(1)  Reply
Oh, and my husband's Grandpa survived the Bay of Pigs Invasion (he was very proud of that). Thanks! - goofymom2boys  1546.2 #142 11-11-12 8:14PM
Please add me. Thank you! Let's of my great great greats was in the Revolutionary War (he was militia). Since then, we've had family fight for America in every war except WWI. Somehow we missed that one.... - jmgphx   323.1 #912 11-12-12 8:54AM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me. My uncle served in the Air Fore 12 years,My nephew Marines and My other nephew still Serving Marines 14 years - cyndaws   258.0 #1428 11-12-12 9:18AM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me... my friend Danny Cagle who was part of the army and died serving in Iraq... Thank you! - DISNYLV   177.0 #2466 11-12-12 4:37PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me! :) - youheartbrittx3   242.8 #1607 11-12-12 4:39PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me and my friend was in the air force - NightmareKaren   364.6 #741 11-12-12 9:35PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add my MiniπŸ’—. My Papa was a retired Airforce man. Miss and love him lots!!!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ - TigrLvnMomma   159.7 #2745 11-12-12 9:45PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me. My grandpa was in the navy too :) - booboo23kitty   277.1 #1241 11-12-12 10:24PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me... my brother in law served in 1992 for the navy.... thank you - thegoofster   226.4 #1809 11-12-12 10:59PM Like(1)  Reply
Please enter me - my grandfather was in the Navy in WW II, was present at the signing of the Japanese surrender; my father-in-law was in the Air Force during Vietnam... thanks for an awesome RAK! - kilteddispatcher   338.0 #833 11-13-12 3:46PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me! What a great artist he is! My uncle (moms brother) was in the army, my other uncle (married to my moms sister) was in the marines along with his brother who was killed in Vietnam.. My grandfather was in the Navy and my grandfather in law was also in the Navy, my cousin is currently in the marines... gosh I could go on but I don't want to bore you! I guess we are just a huge military family! - disneymommy0910   234.4 #1707 11-13-12 4:08PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me (I do have over 80 pts., if you click on my name it shows the actual #, Admin is working on the glitch). My grandfather was Navy, (no longer with us), and my uncle was killed in battle, WWII - Army. Awesome RAK, thanks for the opportunity! - DisneyDavidEMT   2835.9 #63 11-13-12 4:09PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me. My dad spent 20 years in the Navy. He served in both Korea and Vietnam and he loves coming to Disneyland! - lovesminnie   704.8 #339 11-13-12 4:44PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me. I have 2 cousins currently in the marines. Awesome Rak. So generous of you :) - Pocahontas89   197.4 #2201 11-14-12 9:46AM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me for the first person to comment on my comment. I wish I could add for all of you!! I'm so appreciative of your/your families' service to our country. My uncle was a Navy SEAL for over 30 years and my little brother is currently in the Army! So proud! - disneymomma87   220.2 #1891 11-14-12 9:57AM Like(1)  Reply
If it's me, then thank you! Thank you to your uncle & lil bro for serving. - goofymom2boys  1546.2 #142 11-14-12 4:51PM
Yes, its you! haha. and thank you so much! - disneymomma87  220.2 #1891 11-15-12 9:04AM
Please add me! My father and uncle were both Navy. My brother -in-law and niece both Army. And thank you!! - erinten   540.0 #460 11-14-12 10:04AM Like(1)  Reply
Please Add...Daughter,Son-In-Law Air Force...THANK YOU... - OOGIE_BOOGIE_MOM   140.8 #3062 11-16-12 4:57AM Like(1)  Reply
That is great airbrushing! Please add me. My gandpa was a navy chef so got to cook everyone good meals to keep them fighting πŸ²πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ - handstamp   167.4 #2624 11-16-12 5:59AM Like(1)  Reply
Sorry my camera phone stinks :( - minniel0verTM   225.6 #1818 11-11-12 6:10PM Like  Reply
Bump for the day :) - minniel0verTM   225.6 #1818 11-13-12 3:44PM Like  Reply
Bump for today :) - minniel0verTM   225.6 #1818 11-15-12 8:15PM Like  Reply
***LAST BUMP RAK CLOSES AT 9PM*** Good luck :) - minniel0verTM   225.6 #1818 11-16-12 12:53PM Like  Reply
Please add me :) I have two cousins in the Army :) - SleepyTortuga   288.4 #1138 11-16-12 12:57PM Like  Reply
Please add me for SleepyTortuga. My father was in the Marines. Thank you! - Vegan7LuvsStitch   1057.7 #220 11-16-12 3:52PM Like  Reply
***RAK WINNER IS JMGPHX*** I will DM you :D - minniel0verTM   225.6 #1818 11-16-12 9:50PM Like  Reply
Congrats JMGPHX - sewedna   579.0 #421 11-17-12 1:27AM Like  Reply
Congrats! - melissa_ficent   322.8 #914 11-17-12 1:35AM Like  Reply
Congrats! :) - MissAmericaSings   543.8 #456 11-17-12 9:53AM Like  Reply