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153.9 #2534 Qual #327 1-31-15 8:13AM
#RAK Happy Saturday MW Friends! I haven't been on for a while since I came home from Hong Kong & I have missed MW! I wanted to share my first RAK! I bought some cute Disney inspired hair bows to help support a young entrepreneur. I saved   More...
These are really cute! Please add me, my favorite Disney character is Jack Skellington. Thank you! - 1HitchhikingGhost   217.2 #1670 1-31-15 9:15AM Like  Reply
Added πŸ˜ƒ - LittlePixie  153.9 #2534 1-31-15 3:48PM
 My favorite character is Mickey Mouse. Thank you! - DisneyAnn   3.3 #0 1-31-15 9:19AM Like  Reply
Added πŸ˜ƒ - LittlePixie  153.9 #2534 1-31-15 3:48PM
Please add me! My favorite character is none other than Stitch! Thank you! - montanadj   232.5 #1469 1-31-15 8:17PM Like  Reply
Added πŸ˜ƒ - LittlePixie  153.9 #2534 1-31-15 10:28PM
Please add me! 😁 My favorite is Pooh Bear! - Vaneee   0.9 #65976 1-31-15 10:26PM Like  Reply
2353.1 #50 DL Qual #22 1-30-15 10:36AM
#RAK: Have an extra Slow Sticker for someone with 25 points. Just ask.
 This is the Sticker. - Winnie111286   2353.1 #50 1-30-15 10:37AM Like  Reply
I see no takers yet,I'll take it if you still have it ,thanks πŸ˜€ - Dagopirate5   28.8 #5485 1-30-15 1:13PM Like  Reply
I do still have it. I will send it to you a little later. I am in the park and having phone issues. - Winnie111286  2353.1 #50 1-30-15 3:20PM
Dinner break so I was able to send it.  Enjoy - Winnie111286  2353.1 #50 1-30-15 7:01PM
Thanks  - Dagopirate5   28.8 #5485 1-30-15 8:49PM Like  Reply
You're welcome - Winnie111286  2353.1 #50 1-30-15 9:56PM
424.3 #453 DL Qual #541 1-29-15 8:05PM
#RAK This has been a rough month. I went into the hospital at the beginning with a virus only to be diagnosed a few days later with cancer as well. I had surgery last week and came home a few days ago. It's looking like it was caught earl  More...
I feel Like you should be receiving gifts instead of giving them. I really appreciate you doing this, its awesome of you. No need to add me. I'm praying for you - philliprocks   930.6 #169 1-29-15 9:20PM Like(16)  Reply
Agreed πŸ‘ - Sweet_Irish_Cream  3939.3 #25 1-29-15 10:09PM
πŸ‘†what they said. Prayers for you. - DisneyOnesie  589.4 #301 1-29-15 11:50PM
Glad to hear that this was caught early... I'm a 14 yr cancer survivor! I am praying for you, God was my refuge and strength thru my trial, and He performed a miracle in me, He can do for you to:).  - hatgal76   415.8 #473 1-30-15 11:10AM Like(3)  Reply
😘😘 - LaPearleNoir  1303.9 #106 1-30-15 11:51AM
Bless you, and wishing you a speedy recovery! - Lilogirl1   53.8 #4300 1-31-15 8:53PM Like  Reply
Blessings to you for a speedy recovery - thumpur   261.9 #1135 1-31-15 9:55PM Like  Reply
3475.5 #28 DL Qual #17 1-29-15 7:34PM
#RAK I am RAKing off 500 MW credits to one lucky MWer! Must be interested in buying and using stickers. Please add yourself below. Tell me what you are most excited about in the coming 60th year anniversary of Disneyland, and if you plan  More...
i cant wait to go see the new shows and possibly try and be brave and be there for the actual 60th birthday! - draven898   577.5 #310 1-29-15 7:48PM Like(1)  Reply
I'm obviously tired. I read that as 'can't wait to see the new shoes.'  πŸ˜‚. Shoes?  60th anniversary  shoes?  Oooh. Maybe they have diamonds on them!  πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - MeridaFan  3475.5 #28 1-29-15 9:45PM
Aww-you are really the BEST honey! Miss ya' - TinkerSchelle   1259.1 #110 1-29-15 7:41PM Like  Reply
😘 - MeridaFan  3475.5 #28 1-29-15 9:41PM
please add me. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's awesome mousewait pictures of all the new stuff!! I won't be attending because I'm planning on a trip in March and May to the parks and I promised my boyfriend we would take a vegas vacation as well!  - Mariela_ela_ela   106.2 #3330 1-31-15 1:13PM Like  Reply
Please add me! Β  I just started and have no credits :( Β I'm not sure what I'm most excited about because every time I think of one thing I'm about to burst, Β then. I go to the next and can't contain myself. Β  I'm just going to be selfish and say ALL OF IT! We are going to be there from the 26-30! Β I can't wait!Β  - jamie.pasillas   10.5 #0 1-31-15 1:23PM Like  Reply
755.6 #215 DL Qual #192 1-29-15 12:12PM
#RAKthankyou - so I'm currently sitting in my broken down car waiting for help so I decided to clean out my car. And I found my RAK from disneyfreak111. I'm so sorry for the delayed thank you, it is not an indication of indifference, just  More...
Great idea, treat yourself! Hope all goes okay with your car! - ShariRenee   5102.0 #16 1-29-15 12:22PM Like  Reply
Thanks! Car went hot immediately and started making  noise. I was right by the train tracks luckily I made it to CVS parking lot. My hubby should be here shortly, hopefully he can fix it and it doesn't need to be towed.  - PrincessDuckie  755.6 #215 1-29-15 12:24PM
Oh and I will be further up in N. County (Oceanside) later if you may need a ride! - ShariRenee  5102.0 #16 1-29-15 12:25PM
@Disneyfreak111 - PrincessDuckie   755.6 #215 1-29-15 3:12PM Like  Reply
Your welcome. Hope the day gets better πŸ˜„ - Disneyfreak111  500.6 #374 1-29-15 3:21PM
Thanks my friend! - PrincessDuckie  755.6 #215 1-29-15 8:32PM
πŸ‘πŸ‘ - LaPearleNoir   1303.9 #106 1-29-15 3:37PM Like  Reply
Hope your car was an easy fix. I dont like car problems. - keepmovingforward   134.7 #2843 1-29-15 5:04PM Like  Reply
Thanks it looks like the water pump but we think its under warranty. We will find out tomorrow. Lol a few hours later our teen daughter got a complete flat on one of her tires that can't be repaired. And my hubby's truck sprang a leak too. It's been one of those days! 😁😁😁 - PrincessDuckie  755.6 #215 1-29-15 8:26PM
Wow, what a crazy day. I hope its all getting fixed easy for you. - keepmovingforward  134.7 #2843 1-30-15 2:23PM
1019.2 #157 DL Qual #76 1-29-15 9:35AM
#RAK πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰Please forgive my excitementπŸ™€πŸ™€ but seriously you guys I am so excited!!!! I've tried to not get too amped up over it because it seemed so far away😌 but in 12 more days I will be standing in the AulaniπŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€!!!   More...
Will you let me know if they finally made a cd of the elevator music? That was the best part of going there! - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper   635.7 #269 1-29-15 5:29PM Like(3)  Reply
I would love to know what music they play! - adisneyfamily  837.0 #189 1-30-15 7:53AM
@adisneyfamily It's Disney songs redone Hawaiian style. Everyone keeps asking for a cd of it, but they don't have one. All they have is one with the lobby music. - HasAnyoneSeenMyGlassSlipper  635.7 #269 1-30-15 8:01AM
Oh I'm soo excited for you!!!  Can't wait to see all your pics!!!  Please add me for my mini.  She's having a hard time right now and I know she would love the surprise!!  Thank you!!  - Ldgsg   208.8 #1784 1-29-15 10:49AM Like(1)  Reply
Thanks lady! Added☺️ - 2BeignetOrNot2Beignet  1019.2 #157 1-30-15 8:11AM
Wow so lucky have fun ! Please add me  - Disney4life   59.2 #4151 1-30-15 8:22PM Like  Reply
Omg! Have fun! Please add me! Thank you! - montanadj   232.5 #1469 1-31-15 8:20PM Like  Reply
998.1 #162 DL Qual #79 1-29-15 9:07AM
#RAK I bought some headband ears that I wanted to rak off. Never worn, just arrived last week. Disney couples on one side, pink with white hearts on the back. Rules: Must have 100 mousewait points and use your manners. Ends Friday Feb. 6t  More...
These are so cute please add me for either shelby or ollie.. thank you so much - grumpyinphx   232.1 #1476 1-29-15 9:16AM Like  Reply
πŸ‘Œ Added - LuvsTigger  998.1 #162 1-29-15 12:18PM
Who's Shelby and Ollie? Don't you know number one never wins? So I'd like to add for them too so they could have a winning chance. Now your number one and two. Thank you  - philliprocks  930.6 #169 1-29-15 6:01PM
Beautiful. I've never seen these. Please add me for my Lil One. Much appreciated.  - PrincessDuckie   755.6 #215 1-29-15 9:20AM Like  Reply
πŸ‘Œ Added - LuvsTigger  998.1 #162 1-29-15 12:18PM
Please add me!  - Diz_Mel   92.2 #3524 1-31-15 6:52PM Like  Reply
Beautiful! When my daughter saw these, she said "I need those!!!" Please add me! Thank you!! - montanadj   232.5 #1469 1-31-15 8:22PM Like  Reply
835.1 #191 DL Qual #421 1-28-15 7:31PM
#RAKwinner Congratulations to @1HitchhikingGhost the winner of all five of last night's mystery stickers! Thank you to all who entered and played along.
Very nice of you, congrats to the winner! - ShariRenee   5102.0 #16 1-28-15 7:34PM Like  Reply
Yay! Congrats! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ƒ - Darlingwendi   925.2 #170 1-28-15 7:36PM Like  Reply
- adisneyfamily   837.0 #189 1-29-15 8:09AM Like  Reply
Congrats  - HandMeAChurroImmaFaint   4705.6 #20 1-29-15 8:27AM Like  Reply
2353.1 #50 DL Qual #22 1-28-15 3:48PM
#RAK: I have a Tigger Tail for someone out there. Just have 40 Points and ask.
 This is it. - Winnie111286   2353.1 #50 1-28-15 3:49PM Like  Reply
May I please have it? - room41more   53.5 #4310 1-28-15 4:38PM Like  Reply
Okee dokee - Winnie111286  2353.1 #50 1-28-15 6:26PM
Thank you!  - room41more  53.5 #4310 1-28-15 8:54PM
Sent it to you. Enjoy. - Winnie111286   2353.1 #50 1-28-15 6:30PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   WishIWereThere  JediKitty 
755.6 #215 DL Qual #192 1-28-15 9:45AM
#RAK - "I have a wish" ......"I have a dream" that I will go on "California Screamin" NOT!
- PrincessDuckie   755.6 #215 1-28-15 9:46AM Like(2)  Reply
Please add me! I will never go on Hollywood Tower! - PixiePrincessPolly   6.1 #13764 1-28-15 9:58AM Like(1)  Reply
Added. Me neither! - PrincessDuckie  755.6 #215 1-28-15 10:19PM
Please add me! I refuse to go on Mickey's fun wheel! I HATE Ferris wheels! They're the worse! But I'll ride everything else! Thanks so much! - PrincessRobyn   331.1 #665 1-28-15 2:26PM Like(1)  Reply
Added. Never been either! - PrincessDuckie  755.6 #215 1-28-15 10:21PM
RAK ends on 2/4 at 4:44 pm. Good luck!  What ride will you never go on? - PrincessDuckie   755.6 #215 1-28-15 9:46AM Like  Reply
755.6 #215 DL Qual #192 1-28-15 9:11AM
#RAK - "Love Expert" "The Hoff" thinks you are "Yummy"!
- PrincessDuckie   755.6 #215 1-28-15 9:11AM Like(2)  Reply
Your RAK's are soooo cute and clever this morning. Thanks for the chuckles. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - DisneyGrandma   739.7 #221 1-28-15 9:34AM Like(1)  Reply
πŸ‘ - PrincessDuckie  755.6 #215 1-28-15 10:23PM
Maybe they should go on a boat with a Captain  - UTDISNEYFAMILY   1408.5 #98 1-28-15 3:00PM Like(1)  Reply
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - PrincessDuckie  755.6 #215 1-28-15 10:24PM
RAK ends sometime on 2/1. Good luck! - PrincessDuckie   755.6 #215 1-28-15 9:13AM Like  Reply
755.6 #215 DL Qual #192 1-28-15 7:38AM
Winner - PIXIEPIRATEMAID! #RAK - "Slow Down!""No Walking!""Ponch is going to get you!"
- PrincessDuckie   755.6 #215 1-28-15 7:39AM Like(2)  Reply
No need to add me - but your sense of humor with this RAK made me smile!  Thanks for sharing! - DreadPiratesRogers   835.1 #191 1-28-15 8:46AM Like(1)  Reply
πŸ‘ - PrincessDuckie  755.6 #215 1-28-15 10:15PM
RAK closed! @PixiePirateMaid you are the winner!  I will transfer the stickers in the next hour. Congrats! - PrincessDuckie   755.6 #215 1-29-15 9:25PM Like  Reply
  - PixiePirateMaid   311.0 #758 1-30-15 7:15AM Like  Reply
πŸ˜€πŸ‘ - PrincessDuckie  755.6 #215 1-30-15 9:06AM
835.1 #191 DL Qual #421 1-27-15 9:21PM
#RAK I am feeling very fortunate having received a beautiful pin from Disneyland Hong Kong from @KennyV and 100 points from @HandMeAChurroImmaFaint at her marvelous pre-sticker party. So I'd like to give a set of stickers from tonight a  More...
Very cool! I am NOT adding for the RAK. Just liking and commenting on the pay it forward effect! Good luck everyone! - KennyV   253.6 #1213 1-28-15 3:13PM Like(1)  Reply
Please add me! Missed the stickers tonight :( Thank you! - pamntink   36.6 #4960 1-27-15 9:29PM Like  Reply
Added! - Good Luck! - DreadPiratesRogers  835.1 #191 1-27-15 9:32PM
- DreadPiratesRogers   835.1 #191 1-28-15 7:08PM Like  Reply
835.1 #191 DL Qual #421 1-27-15 7:11PM
#RAKThankYou @KennyV Yippee! The very gorgeous Disneyland Hong Kong pin has arrived safe and sound after its very long journey (8160 miles to be exact)! Thank you so much! I will treasure it!
You're  I am so glad you like it! It's a fun little token of a far away place that we know well, Disneyland (Hong Kong version)! - KennyV   253.6 #1213 1-27-15 7:31PM Like(1)  Reply
congrats - sewedna   376.2 #542 1-27-15 11:17PM Like  Reply
I thought that pin was gorgeous! - secretagentangel   1325.8 #105 1-28-15 12:59AM Like  Reply
There is so much detail in this pin - I especially love the accent stone on thee castle!   - DreadPiratesRogers  835.1 #191 1-28-15 1:13AM
2353.1 #50 DL Qual #22 1-27-15 1:56PM
#RAK: I have a RAK Sticker for someone with 25 Points. Just ask.
- Sweet_Irish_Cream   3939.3 #25 1-27-15 10:03PM Like(1)  Reply
 This is it. - Winnie111286   2353.1 #50 1-27-15 1:57PM Like  Reply
nice. I don't think I have it lemme ck hold it pΕ‚ease lol  - mickeyat78  1582.0 #88 1-27-15 2:47PM
Holding - Winnie111286  2353.1 #50 1-27-15 2:50PM
:) happy face! Thank you for my new sticker! - PixiePrincessPolly   6.1 #13764 1-27-15 8:34PM Like  Reply
Yay congrats!  - mickeyat78  1582.0 #88 1-27-15 9:58PM
You're welcome. - Winnie111286  2353.1 #50 1-27-15 10:42PM
925.2 #170 DL Qual #159 1-27-15 11:17AM
Update: Congrats to @@Lilogirl1 ✨✨✨ Please DM me your info. 😊 #RAK closed!!! Because I'm so excited to finally have a new updated phone and to be back on MW...I'd love to share an "I'm back" RAK. Tell me which you'd prefer: a DC  More...
As much as I would like the mug, I am not adding myself.  I have to keep looking at the dates to see if you are really back lol!  Feels like old times.  You are such a sweetie, and one of my fav people!  Very generous of you.  Please add me for the first to respond.  Thank you! - snowwannab   699.0 #233 1-27-15 1:09PM Like(3)  Reply
Please be me? - Sugarbuzz  168.8 #2301 1-27-15 2:18PM
@@Sugarbuzz (and this is so sweet @@snowwannab!)😘 - TinkerSchelle  1259.1 #110 1-27-15 6:43PM
Please add me for the first to respond who is outside the state of California. Thank you! I don't drink anything from Starbucks normally but their chai tea is ok - missmimi90   1605.8 #87 1-27-15 12:06PM Like(1)  Reply
Am i the first one? If yes, thank you Mimi :) my sbux drink is SALTED CARAMEL MOCHA! IF not available, i want some Green Tea Latte - otilegna  1856.1 #73 1-27-15 12:29PM
Amd i want a DL mug - otilegna  1856.1 #73 1-27-15 12:30PM
congrats! - OhanaPhoto   3357.8 #30 1-31-15 2:45PM Like  Reply
2353.1 #50 DL Qual #22 1-26-15 11:43AM
#RAK: I have an extra Magical Sticker. If you have 25 points, just ask for it.
  This is it. - Winnie111286   2353.1 #50 1-26-15 11:44AM Like  Reply
Id like πŸ™‹ it please - Luvmydland21   132.2 #2881 1-26-15 11:59AM Like  Reply
It's yours. I will send it to you. - Winnie111286  2353.1 #50 1-26-15 12:29PM
Sent it to you. Enjoy. - Winnie111286   2353.1 #50 1-26-15 12:55PM Like  Reply
Thank you!! I had been wanting that sticker. - Luvmydland21  132.2 #2881 1-27-15 2:43AM
You're very welcome. - Winnie111286  2353.1 #50 1-27-15 7:37AM
Thanked by:   Luvmydland21  MsTikiMermadam 
1143.5 #129 DL Qual #77 1-25-15 8:22PM
Bummed I had to cancel my trip due to the whole being pregnant and measles floating around. Sooooooo why not do a Mystery Rak!? You must have 100 MW to play. Guess which character (doesn't matter which stance) is in the box and it could b  More...
Please add me for Wall-E! Congrats on your baby!! It's a bummer to miss the trip but probably a good decision in the long run. Get a bunch of rest while you can 😊 I'm 6 weeks into mama hood myself and miss sleep - FoolishMortal138   333.1 #656 1-27-15 12:43PM Like(1)  Reply
Oooh please add me!! I seriously hope it's Pumbaa!! Love him! Thanks for the fun RAK! Sorry you had to cancel your trip! - thatgirljenn   1159.2 #127 1-25-15 8:33PM Like  Reply
I wanna play too! Please add me for Alice. Thanks HMF - philliprocks   930.6 #169 1-31-15 9:42PM Like  Reply
Add me for Spiritofadventure for the blue dress bell!!!  - mickeyat78   1582.0 #88 1-31-15 10:01PM Like  Reply
1325.8 #105 DL Qual #163 1-21-15 5:17PM
RAK!!! #RAK Did any AP's get this #disneypassholder gift with a newsletter today? It has this very nice large print/postcard by wonderground artist Liana Hee. RAKKING the print to Frozen lovers. It says there will be more art coming our  More...
Oooh i just opened mine cause i saw ur post Lol. We got 4.  - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY   745.4 #220 1-21-15 5:23PM Like(1)  Reply
I didn't get one yet! Hope I get one too!  - DCMAGurl   138.9 #2783 1-21-15 5:25PM Like  Reply
Do you want to be added? - secretagentangel  1325.8 #105 1-22-15 2:09PM
253.6 #1213 DL Qual #222 1-20-15 4:53PM
In Park (Actually DTD) #RAK! I am on my way to Mousewait Sticker Night @ La Brea Bakery. I will be bringing this Disneyland Hong Kong Mystic Manor "Albert, the mischievous Monkey" KeyChain. I will bring a sign up sheet for this RAK and at  More...
See you there God willing, still have this killer headache but neeeed to meet you all for  a bit of fun and frolic!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ - secretagentangel   1325.8 #105 1-20-15 4:57PM Like  Reply
Don't forget to post for the DLHK Bag, I put that RAK up earlier today....Good Luck! - KennyV  253.6 #1213 1-20-15 5:05PM
What!  Where!  Oh I get these do often from head injuries I usually try to just ignore it for a bit.  - secretagentangel  1325.8 #105 1-20-15 5:11PM
I'm crossing my fingers that you feel better and are able to make it! - KennyV   253.6 #1213 1-20-15 5:02PM Like  Reply
This keychain is so awesome!! I wish I didn't live in SD with all the evening traffic or I'd jump in my car to try and get it, especially after the day I've had! Good luck to all tonight! - DisneyLuvinMama   334.5 #649 1-20-15 5:21PM Like  Reply
Sorry you won't make it, I did post a couple of In App RAK's that you can post for. And I am reserving a couple of things for later In App RAK's for a later date. So keep on the look out! - KennyV  253.6 #1213 1-20-15 5:26PM
Will do! So awesome that you brought all this cool swag back to share with MWers!  - DisneyLuvinMama  334.5 #649 1-20-15 5:49PM
I"m sitting on the patio at La Brea. Anyone else here? - YoPirate   107.0 #3319 1-20-15 8:18PM Like  Reply
Good to have met you! Hope to see you again in the near future! - KennyV  253.6 #1213 1-20-15 9:40PM