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813.3 #205 Qual #176 5-23-15 11:04PM
#24hour - Random thoughts about Paint The Night - Loved the homage to MSEP! - not a fan of the music otherwise. Hopefully it will grow on me. - I wonder if this parade will be a classic to my kids generation as MSEP was to my generation.   More...
I feel the same about the music. I'm just not a huge fan of Wreck It Ralph, but love the MSEP music worked into it. - HASMGS   657.2 #272 5-23-15 11:32PM Like  Reply
I can't wait to see it in person though! - HASMGS  657.2 #272 5-23-15 11:33PM
Same with the music. Visually stunning though! - happiestplace   150.8 #2604 5-23-15 11:37PM Like  Reply
It was really crowded first time I saw parade at the 24. I liked it but not loved it, I guess I got to see it again not so tired and less crowded, but must say I loved the new fireworks show! - R2Me2   27.0 #5787 5-24-15 12:30AM Like  Reply
875.5 #185 DL Qual #88 5-23-15 8:21PM
So went into Main Street Cinema around 3:30 am and this is what you would was a bit awkward 😂 #Disneyland #24HourEvent
yay!!  I've totally been missing the pics of sleepers.  Next year I hope they put live feed cameras inside here and the Animation building in DCA  - Linzee   1045.4 #162 5-23-15 8:33PM Like(5)  Reply
And the Lincoln exhibit lol that was my nap area last year!  - thatgirljenn  1428.6 #103 5-23-15 8:46PM
Yes that too 😂  - Linzee  1045.4 #162 5-23-15 8:50PM
Yes!!! Sleeping people!!  - Jess0   248.9 #1284 5-23-15 8:24PM Like  Reply
No wonder the wait time said 120 minutes!  - secretagentangel   1497.8 #98 5-23-15 9:50PM Like  Reply
The reason babies are going without diapers 👶.  - Westcoast   136.0 #2846 5-23-15 10:23PM Like  Reply
3111.6 #40 DL Qual #21 5-23-15 3:45PM
#24hourevent More hard working CM's from yesterday. Bianca was totally acting the princess, Bolt has really smiling and being a love bug and Thunder wanted us to do a selfie but then kept backing away so this really is a selfie of Thunde  More...
Do they recognize you when you come visit them? I'm guessing they do! You look so darn happy with those sweet faces. - DarthTinkerbell   372.4 #562 5-23-15 4:03PM Like(1)  Reply
@DarthTinkerbell Yes, they do. I hadn't been with them though in over a month and they go back and forth with who wants attention. I've had Pongo loose it if I let go while he's scratching his head on a stick, Jane and Penny and Leota will push up against me., the babies are starting to. The horses for sure. They all are moody though. So they may not come up to me at all one day because someone annoyed them earlier. - MrsSchnooks  3111.6 #40 5-23-15 4:18PM
I figured they would recognize you! They must just love all your happy energy and attention. - DarthTinkerbell  372.4 #562 5-23-15 5:49PM
What sweet little faces!  - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad   1029.7 #3 5-23-15 5:17PM Like(1)  Reply
😘 - carminaire   669.5 #263 5-23-15 6:46PM Like  Reply
I do like how the stickers you have featured make it look like the goat is shooting flames out & MJ - UTDISNEYFAMILY   1615.1 #92 5-23-15 6:48PM Like  Reply
3111.6 #40 DL Qual #21 5-23-15 1:45PM
#24hourevent Always remember to look up!!! Last night as a CM walked by I asked what this was and she told me Club 33. No one was around and she showed me different ways of looking in the windows to see some of the artwork and chandelier  More...
Always a rule to "look up" and discover new things. Awesome find :) - iloveprinceEric   264.1 #1147 5-23-15 2:01PM Like  Reply
How amazing!!! - PixieDustAway   262.6 #1158 5-23-15 2:08PM Like  Reply
I noticed that on my last visit.  My husband was like what the heck are you looking at?? Club 33, silly boy.  - PrincessAuroraMomma   534.6 #354 5-23-15 5:03PM Like  Reply
Always remember to look up, good advice! - CollegeDisneyKnowledgeGrad   1029.7 #3 5-23-15 5:06PM Like  Reply
3111.6 #40 DL Qual #21 5-23-15 12:00PM
#24hourevent Without a doubt one of the funniest and best moments of my day!!! If anyone cares, I have NO CLUE how to use my phone or take selfie. LOL😂😂😂😂 Love these ladies!😘😘😘
love this photo though  - BeatleMike   603.2 #306 5-23-15 12:08PM Like  Reply
Hi! - ShariRenee   6201.7 #14 5-23-15 12:15PM Like  Reply
Great picture!  Hope you had a fun time! - redsoxcarlos   1645.5 #87 5-23-15 3:09PM Like  Reply
I see 4 gorgeous ladies that I love!!  - DisneyDavidEMT   2169.4 #60 5-23-15 7:05PM Like  Reply
3111.6 #40 DL Qual #21 5-23-15 10:33AM
#24hourevent Some fun highlights from yesterday!! Top left = just arriving, getting surprise ears from two of the sweetest friends 😘, bottom left = coffee round one, and then I have no idea all the crazy in this other pic was happening  More...
Awesome! Looks like you had fun!! - TinyDancerTay   112.3 #3260 5-23-15 11:08AM Like  Reply
Looks like you had a great day !  - disneyland4me   246.6 #1311 5-23-15 11:22AM Like  Reply
So glad to see your smiling face! Hope all is going well! Glad you had a wonderful time! Love the pics! - pamntink   41.2 #4842 5-23-15 2:25PM Like  Reply
Love it! - DizneyGirl   720.6 #7 5-23-15 6:24PM Like  Reply
875.5 #185 DL Qual #88 5-23-15 10:25AM
Last nights fireworks was amazing. Do you see some awesomeness in this photo? The big hole in the middle..#24HourEvent
- hkpinay   221.6 #1637 5-23-15 12:52PM Like  Reply
That is awesome. Looks like a painting. - 2nd Star 2 the right   51.7 #4433 5-23-15 7:52PM Like  Reply
1071.4 #156 DL Qual #124 5-23-15 2:14AM
2am hula hooping with fun cast members. #24hourevent
They had a competition between 2 girls and gave them Mickey ice cream buckets for hulla hooping 2minutes - SafariSkewerJessica   1428.5 #104 5-23-15 7:22AM Like(1)  Reply
fun! - MsTikiMermadam   304.3 #818 5-23-15 2:21AM Like  Reply
They were very entertaining.  - mini_MINNIE  1071.4 #156 5-23-15 4:01AM
Fun! - JenGwen323   1563.7 #93 5-23-15 10:15AM Like  Reply
Awesome - cheshirecat26   20.8 #6565 5-23-15 10:20AM Like  Reply
350.4 #617 DL Qual #202 5-23-15 2:07AM
Work Smarter, Not Harder... Got into Disneyland at 8:50pm in 15min. We pulled into Toy Story Parking lot and called Disneyland resort Dining. Booked a 10:00pm Carnation Cafe Reservation. Walked up to the security at 8:35pm and t  More...
"Well played, sis, well played". The dumb will always complain...and blame. - dizneedude   817.2 #203 5-23-15 3:17AM Like(4)  Reply
I also made a reservation at Carnation and got in with no problem around 10:30pm. A CM was able to escort me to the gates - SafariSkewerJessica   1428.5 #104 5-23-15 7:18AM Like(2)  Reply
Yes next time I will def make a dinner reservation!!!  - muppetmama   46.8 #4618 5-23-15 10:34PM Like  Reply
always known you to be a smart 🍪 - MarshaMouse   4177.0 #26 5-23-15 10:42PM Like  Reply
2582.4 #44 DL Qual #43 5-23-15 12:57AM
Conqueror or die... #24hourevent
Thanks for ditching us! 😬😂😂😂😂 - Sonja   6741.7 #11 5-23-15 1:00AM Like  Reply
😁😁😁 - secretagentangel  1497.8 #98 5-23-15 1:40AM
Ummmmmm😂😂😂😂 - MadameLeota  2582.4 #44 5-23-15 1:58AM
Have fun ladies ! - makeitbluesaysmerriwether   27.5 #5741 5-23-15 1:46AM Like  Reply
Hi ladies! - LaPearleNoir   1488.4 #99 5-23-15 7:58AM Like  Reply
Good times - WARLOCK   3708.5 #30 5-23-15 8:28AM Like  Reply
862.9 #193 DL Qual #89 5-22-15 7:44PM
Earlier. Street Tacos from Rancho Del Zocalo #24hourevent. Service is bad around this are.
Tagged in: Food  
- carminaire   669.5 #263 5-22-15 9:00PM Like  Reply
Thanked by:   Linzee  tinksmom  MsTikiMermadam  spicy 
121.7 #3070 DL Qual #461 5-22-15 5:33PM
#24 Hour Event Was Extremely Exhausting! Camped Out At 10pm & I Couldn't Make It Anymore! But So Glad I Got My Ears 😍💖
Thanked by:   ocmommy  grimgrinninggoof 
862.9 #193 DL Qual #89 5-22-15 3:43PM
AFTER #24hourevent #disney60th
Adorable!!  - adisneyfamily   864.8 #192 5-22-15 3:46PM Like  Reply
  - adisneyfamily  864.8 #192 5-22-15 3:47PM
that turned out fantastic!!  - Lilogirl1   98.4 #3479 5-22-15 3:54PM Like  Reply
- jacknsally8885   24.8 #6010 5-22-15 7:33PM Like  Reply
- magicalflash   23.9 #6144 5-22-15 11:33PM Like  Reply
862.9 #193 DL Qual #89 5-22-15 3:39PM
Omg best Photo Prop Ever #24hourevent. BEFORE
Now you have to post one with you in the pic.  Lol!  - Ldgsg   209.8 #1796 5-22-15 3:41PM Like  Reply
I just did Lol. A before and after pic Lol - iLOVELUCYnDISNEY  862.9 #193 5-22-15 3:47PM
Ugh that's so awesome!!! - Linzee   1045.4 #162 5-22-15 3:46PM Like  Reply
love this wish it would be there in October when I go - calme2   8.7 #264 5-22-15 4:31PM Like  Reply
that is an awesome thing  - Disneyprincessvmk   55.6 #4314 5-22-15 4:52PM Like  Reply
232.2 #1501 DL Qual #291 5-22-15 2:45AM
I got this beauty! 😍 #24hrevent #live
nice! - MsTikiMermadam   304.3 #818 5-22-15 2:48AM Like  Reply
If I leave now to line up will there still be enough for me - KingVictorious   15.0 #7812 5-22-15 2:49AM Like  Reply
Probably no...unless you have a wristband. - dizneedude   817.2 #203 5-22-15 2:51AM
Just for this first 2000 - anaggarciam  232.2 #1501 5-22-15 2:54AM
Wow, that is very limited... Compared yo the 50th handed out at the gate - MickeyLumboCM   1008.1 #169 5-22-15 3:00AM Like  Reply
How many were given at the 50th? - luxkitty  2503.0 #48 5-22-15 3:01AM
Thousands! Everyone got one going thru turnstiles.  - goofygal  8357.3 #6 5-22-15 3:05AM
#ebay. That - KingVictorious   15.0 #7812 5-22-15 3:02AM Like  Reply
3654.6 #32 DL Qual #18 5-21-15 10:38PM
#24HourDay TRAFFIC, PARKING, PARK CLOSURES, TICKET SALES...Please use this post to keep everyone updated on what's happening during the 24 hour day!!! Since ppl are already heading out, I thought I'd post this now. We all know what happen  More...
**Pumba parking lot is full**  - LittlePixie   160.5 #2467 5-22-15 2:05AM Like(10)  Reply
Like so this can float to the top before it gets buried in posts replies & comments^^ - MisFit.Mouse  574.2 #324 5-22-15 2:22AM
Did you find somewhere else to park?  - PrincessTiannaBeignet  298.6 #854 5-22-15 2:26AM
Lockers are full on main street. - tigger12658   1.5 #0 5-22-15 4:54AM Like(3)  Reply
Word on Twitter is disneyland will NOT be admitting anymore guests into the DL for the remainder of the event. Also DCA has ceased alcohol service 3 hours earlier than advertised.  - missmimi90   1838.4 #78 5-22-15 11:31PM Like  Reply
if anyone there can verify this information I'm sure other would appreciate it - missmimi90  1838.4 #78 5-22-15 11:31PM
That was probably smart. If people are starting to get mad and pushy you don't want to add to the problem.  - RadiatorSprings4Ever  1106.4 #149 5-23-15 12:08AM
Looks as bad as leap day when I left at 930pm.  Everywhere people are waiting to get in and complaining to cms.   - Ladizzle29   145.3 #2691 5-22-15 11:32PM Like  Reply
223.8 #1598 DL Qual #804 5-19-15 8:21PM
#NEWS #Disneyland60 #24HourDay For those who can't be there on Thursday blog event for the Premiere of Paint the Night or Forever Fireworks or Friday's 24 Hour day, the Disney Blog will be streaming it LIVE on their website! http://disn  More...
Wonderful news! Thank you so much for the post! ✨😊✨ - Lilogirl1   98.4 #3479 5-20-15 6:46AM Like  Reply
- pamntink   41.2 #4842 5-20-15 7:59AM Like  Reply
3654.6 #32 DL Qual #18 5-18-15 11:29AM
#24HourDay #Disneyland60 Everything you need to know about lining up for the 24 Hour Day from the Disney Parks Blog   More...
Tagged in: NEWS  
This post has been moved to Disneyland Resort News - MouseWaitOfficialAccount   5-18-15 11:31AM Like(1)  Reply
- valj84DisneyAddict   132.6 #2894 5-18-15 11:48AM Like  Reply
- adventurerEnDisneylandia {AED}   875.5 #185 5-19-15 9:50PM Like  Reply
Thank you for this post! I can't go until after work - I know you guys don't have crystal balls but do you think there is any hope in getting in later Friday evening? - mamapeck   67.0 #4042 5-19-15 9:53PM Like  Reply
1497.8 #98 DL Qual #146 5-16-15 8:37PM
All in one Meetup and who's going post for the 24 Hour Pre-Anniversary party this Friday May 22, 2015! We'll post the meetup in line time and Meetup in the park time shortly. Tell us if you're going, have you gone to a 24 hour event befor  More...
Expect it to hit capacity.  Be kind to the CMs.  Be prepared for new traffic flow around Main Street during the parade and pyro.  (There will be guest control on Main Street starting bright and early in the morning!  I don't know what the stipulations and restrictions will be as I'll be content in my temple!) - IDVandalSkipperCM   2356.9 #53 5-16-15 9:48PM Like(6)  Reply
From the Disney Website:Parking Pumbaa lot will open for early arrivals at 10 p.m. the evening of May 21.Mickey & Friends Parking Structure will open at 4 a.m. and Toy Story Lot will open at 5 a.m. on May 22. Pre-Opening Queue Guests may bring games, blankets, chairs, tents and sleeping bags, but guests must return these items to their cars or hotel rooms and return to the line by 2 a.m. At 2 a.m., all guests in line will be moved through Security checkpoints to the Disneyland Resort Esplanade, where they will receive a commemorative keepsake while supplies last.No smoking, fighting or loud music will be allowed in line.All guests in line will be able to temporarily leave the line to use the restroom, purchase food or beverages, and return or retrieve items from their vehicles/hotel rooms. Opening Celebration At 4 a.m., guests who choose to begin their day at Disneyland park will be escorted onto Main Street, U.S.A., to prepare for the opening celebration moment, which will take place at approximately 6 a.m. inside Disneyland park.Guests who choose to begin their day at Disney California Adventure park will be escorted onto Buena Vista Street at 5:30 a.m. - LuvsTigger   1370.2 #110 5-18-15 11:23AM Like(4)  Reply
Is all ur information for sure?? :) - givingutlc  0.0 #106256 5-18-15 11:34AM
She has cited the Disney website, so, it should be--always a good idea to verify and look for yourself though, to see if they change/update anything. - Spoonful_O_Sugar  585.0 #317 5-18-15 12:21PM
I'm tempted to go... - ThorIsMyThunderBuddy   50.6 #4469 5-19-15 3:52PM Like  Reply
💙💎 I AM READY FOR TOMORROW!  Disneyland here I come! 💎💙 - PrincessDuckie   813.3 #205 5-21-15 8:29AM Like  Reply